June 30th, 2011

Nicklas Bendtner & Caroline Wozniacki: Just Friends Or Just A Bunch Of BS?

Arsenal ace and tennis player star Wimbledon

Image Sources: Ciacha.net via www.seoghoer.dk.

He got her tickets for an Arsenal game, she got him some damn good seats for Wimbledon (but was shockingly knocked out earlier this week). In all honesty, we don’t know what the dilly between Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Wozniacki is, Kickettes, other than they were recently seen out grabbing some grub with platonic pals.

Or were they?

Naturally, we defer to the only Danish gossip mag we know of, See & Hear, which paints a different – and mildly confusing – picture of the pair. According to them, the sporting stars were actually on a double date, so don’t let the photos fool ya. Also, they claim the tennis player’s dad believes one of two theories: either the bubby blondies are dating or they’re just being ‘supportive’ of each other’s athletic endeavors.

Gee, that really narrows things down for us.

Meanwhile, Wozniacki – an apparent fan of Liverpool – was recently asked about her relationship status during an interview with the Financial Times of all publications. She played coy and declined to comment, but did add: “I think in five weeks I had six boyfriends. They said a boxer, then a ping-pong player and Nadal … so many I can’t even keep track any more.”

We don’t know about you, dear readers, but we wouldn’t be so quick to DENY! DENY! DENY! any rumours connecting us with men like Rafael Nadal or Nicklas Bendtner.

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27 Responses to “Nicklas Bendtner & Caroline Wozniacki: Just Friends Or Just A Bunch Of BS?”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    I think she just wants to call the attention. Maybe Nicky wants to be closer to his baby imo.

    Nadal? haha good joke. Though the Baroness is by far better-looking than his girlfriend!

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I meant to say "the tennis player" instead of "the Baroness". just a slip of my fingers…I was thinking about Nicky's ex woman!

  2. Wow says:

    Kickette nobody 'Linked' her to Rafa; she wish that was true!!! His gf is classic,smart, and gorge!

  3. Tee says:

    agree with EVERYTHING you said
    respect sister – you just gained a lot :)

  4. tapioca says:

    That's why Shakira tried to make a "thing" happen by casting Rafa in last year's Gypsy video. He shot her down because he's got a girlfriend he's actually faithful to, so she tried to make a "thing" happen by casting Gerard Pique in her "Crapper-Crapper" vid. The rest is history. Dignity-shedding, desperate, attention-seeking history…

  5. Zahara says:

    She went out with Rafa? nooo he has a wonderful gf!

    god he was so good in the gypsy video by shakira!
    so hot.

  6. bree says:

    Actually Nadal has a gorgeous girlfriend and they have been together for years and she is watching his matches in Wimbledon so mentioning him is probably wishful thinking from her.As for Wozniacki,she is pretty and nice but her loss in Grand Slam tournament is hardly a shock.She is just not good enough to win a GS and I find her tennis boring.Seeing her win a GS would be a shock,rather unpleasant one.I hope Kvitova beats irritating screaming unlikeable Sharapova in the final.It could be that Bendtner and Wozniacki are just friends,we will need some proof, like hugs or kisses.

  7. Amber says:

    and she never will women's tennis is so weak right now… she's number one because she doesn't get hurt and can play week in and week out

    • Elsebethynwa says:

      If she wants to win something she should sack her dad as trainer and find someone who actually know what tennis is about. It's nice of her to keep her dad, family spirit and all that, but she needs a pro to help her up her game

  8. emma says:

    jeesh!! a grand slam(less) tennis player and nicklas bendter…….match made in hell!! she can't even keep a boyfriend for more than a week & and he can't stay with one women for more then a few months…….who cares!!

  9. xoWinnie says:

    Nadal and his ass are on a completely different scale of sexy.

    • earidurt says:

      that ass defies logic !!! o-m-g. a thing of beauty. what i wouldn't give to cop a feel or steal a pinch lol.

  10. Justin says:

    They must be dating right?

  11. Justin says:

    She is hot

  12. chay says:

    i don't know anything about tennis and i honestly have no clue who this girl is, but i would jump on bendtner if i had the chance, arrogant danish jerk or not–he is hot! No one said i had to take him home to my family! I would just take him home to my bedroom :-)

  13. earidurt says:

    the fact that she has the number one ranking is mind boggling. her game sucks. she is a pusher. she seems like a pleasant girl with a nice personality but i just cannot bear to watch her play. awful awful awful.

    • Amber says:

      she's only one because she doesn't get hurt. She takes no chances in her game what so ever which is why she can't win a slam. Get aggressive Caro or you're going to get hurt and never come back.

  14. Elsebethynwa says:

    I'm so tired of these 2. He's an arrogant ass and she's so fake. Caro " today I went to dinner with my good friend (insert famous footballer here). Like she is friends with everybody. She's not that popular here in Denmark, we don't really think she deserves to be number one when she hasn't won a grand slam yet. And Bendtner omg. I've been tired of him for a while but since he turned down playing for the u21 team I've started to dislike him very much. he said he didn't want to play because he wanted to spend time with his son, but he's been all over the tabloids with his one night stands with paradise babes and drinking in Las Vegas. Did he bring his son to any of these parties? The truth is that he is so arrogant be couldn't lower himself to play for the u21, when he is already on the senior National team. Didn't seem to bother Christian Eriksen, who is, by the way, more talented and a nicer person than Bendtner.

    OK sitting back expecting a lot of thumbs down :-) I'm cool

  15. *Sunshine* says:

    WTF with Nadal?! It can be true, please :|

  16. Lucy says:

    Nooooo Caro is too sweet and nice for that douchebag!

  17. JA7 says:

    Good god, he is sooooo hot. If they are dating, caroline u are soo lucky >.>