July 30th, 2010

Night Out: Landon Donovan At Boa In Santa Monica

Let’s overlook the fact that Landon Donovan looks like a middle-aged man shopping for cheese sprays in the supermarket and instead appreciate his nice thigh-game in those jeans, yes?

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25 Responses to “Night Out: Landon Donovan At Boa In Santa Monica”

  1. Nicole says:

    I'm late to the party – but Donovan is freakin' hot. And a real cutie.

  2. Berks says:

    I'm with Anja – I find him approachable, adorkable and gorgeous. Much more approachable then some of the European slick and overly coifed superstars (yes Ronaldo, I'm talkin' to you). Could care less about the hair – his pretty face and fitness are good enough for me. Plus – he's just really cute in all the interviews he's given since he's back – and a huge step forward versus where he was only a few years ago (which he even admits, awesome).

    I also love that he's famous now in the US gin-in-teacups – hope he takes himself off to the EPL to do even more.

    Keep featuring him Kickette please!

  3. aps says:

    Meh, he's not hot and his voice is annoying. PASS.

  4. Anja says:

    I think he's hot. I don't like overly pretty boys. He looks like a real man.

  5. EternalDreamer says:

    I can handle everything but the jeans. What's with all the 'ballers with questionable jean selection?

  6. Zinny says:

    As much as I love Donovan for what he has done for soccer in America, where are my two favorite USMNT members, Bocamuffin and Feilhaber? Those two are delicious ;)

    • rslkdl says:

      OMGROFL at Bocamuffin. I love it! I'm sitting in a restaurant and just got a look.

  7. Jo says:

    The caption is killing me! Thanks, Kickette. :D

  8. Sydney says:

    Pretty sure he looks middle-aged due to those parking lots in his hairline…in addition to the ragged hoodie.

    • Lauren says:

      Mean! He can't help his hair.

    • coco says:

      that was funny as heck…. parking lots….(rolling on the floor crying..)

    • SoccerDuckie says:

      :lol: parking lots…funneeee… I used to describe foreheads like that as 'big enough to land a jumbo jet' Where's Bennyyyyyyyy!!!!

  9. tammyv says:

    God I love Boa…it has an almost flawless menu. Kobe Beef corn dogs are to die for.

    I think this is my only comment whenever a baller is papped at Boa

  10. rslkdl says:

    I don't mind the outfit aside from the dumpy grey hoodie. In a different (darker) color, I might be okay with that too, but a jacket would look insanely hot.

    Every time I look at him, I am distracted by how pretty his mouth is.

  11. Liz says:

    i wanna be Landon's stylist!

  12. Carson says:

    It's an LA thing.

    People dress like they're homeless.

  13. Goosie says:

    Oh Landon. You're adorable.

  14. gin_in_teacups says:

    Awwwww, the outfit isn't that bad. A tweak here and there and it'd be pretty hot. I'm so happy that he is legit famous here now. I think that when Americans start thinking of homegrown soccer players as star athletes, people will get way more into the sport.

  15. ASM says:

    whoa..colourful landy..

  16. Lauren says:

    Aw. What is it about his outfit that makes him look middle-aged and shopping for cheese sprays? So handsome, that one.

    • crispy says:

      I think it's the athletic gray hoodie… never appropriate evening wear. The shirt looks like it might be super cute though.

    • tammyv says:

      and the super light colored demin of his jeans

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, it’s the super-light jeans combined with the shoes that look like he walked over from Bay Shore Lanes (bowling) over on Pico without changing his shoes back.

        • Daria says:

          Well, we know he's not gay. No self-respecting homosexual would leave the house in those jeans, hoodie or shoes. lol I love Landy. He can do no wrong. Well, except when he almost knocked up some random stranger Brit.