December 8th, 2010

Night Out: Victoria Beckham At The British Fashion Awards

Images: Celebrity Paradise via The Fashion Spot

Victoria Beckham continued on her quest for world domination last night after being nominated for the Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Though she missed out on the gong to Mulberry, VB still managed to network up a storm, being snapped next to Samantha Cameron, wife of the British Prime Minister.

After dressing stars such as Oprah, Demi Moore and Elle McPherson, perhaps Victoria’s next aim is to dress fierce females in politics?

But lets focus on the dress, no?

Mrs B. wore Brian Atwood heels and a robe dress from her own SS2011 collection, and combined it with the standard jutting out leg pose. We’re not sold on the dress to be honest – though we like VB in laid back and simple mode, this looks a bit too ‘couture bathrobe’ than ‘event dress’.

We’re opening out the debate and we want to know your thoughts. Kickettes, is this look fabulous or fugly?

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37 Responses to “Night Out: Victoria Beckham At The British Fashion Awards”

  1. GracieB says:

    that shoe rocks….i wish i can wear shoes that high!

  2. Nine says:

    You know… she's almost smiling.

  3. Crackers says:

    VBecks + SamCam= Posh and Posher

  4. Eebza says:

    The dress is absolutely gorgeous.
    It is classy, understated, yet the leg showing and the heels add the sexy edge.
    Nice to see VB not looking so plastic barbie.
    Totally appropriate for this event. totally fabulouso!

  5. tempest in a teacup says:

    Baby Bump?????

  6. Carolina says:

    I haven't followed up on Posh's everyday fashion for a while now (bad bad me, I know) but I kinda like this more relaxed feel to her, she was just getting so visually SEVERE that I was starting to tire of her. I agree that the slit is too high, and that maybe it could have been accessorized a bit more (quite a bit, actually) but overall I like the dress. I agree that it's a kind of mature dress, maybe overstepping the understated elegance v. casual line but could have been much worse!

  7. ashmenon says:

    No. No. No. I've seen Posh do better than this, so I have standards for her. Putting a hairclip on the shoulder of a bathrobe does not a gown make, luv. You look like you were actually staying at wherever this is and you ran downstairs mid-bath to inform the concierge that you were out of shampoo and that your rubber ducky's shade of yellow isn't fabulous enough.

  8. Winnie Mata says:

    she has the best legs ever!
    i've always been jealous! she's gonna be like Tina Turner
    with hot legs for the rest of her life!
    AND married to football royalty?
    all hail Queen Vicky B, that lucky b*tch lmao!

  9. Leya_S says:

    I was thinking "bathrobe-y" too, and I think the hair doesn't help.
    Still love her though, and actually, I think the first pic, she looks sort of natural and sweet.

  10. sil says:

    I LOVE HER. But she looks tired… God, Vic! What's happening?

  11. dal says:

    simple, effortless, elegant. that's how I see her in this dress, ha!

  12. LuvinBale says:

    Im glad that she is getting recognition for her work. I think people will eventually forget that she was a Spice Girl and she is making a great name for herself. And its not Mrs David Beckham! Im proud of her!

  13. C16 says:

    I happen to love it. And those shoes.. OMG WANT!!!
    And I like that she isn't that skinny anymore. I think she looks great. Gotta love Posh <3

  14. elcynico says:

    This dress is ideal for the mature woman, and VB is maturing nicely. It's the sort of dress that teases and flirts without being vulgar.

  15. Nihaal28 says:

    Not everyone can pull off a dress like this only posh can she looks georgous

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  17. jellenp says:

    It looks like a Project Runway dress – something she had 8 hours to design and execute.

  18. Lily Montella says:

    I think she looks FAB anything she wears, that dress is border line robe lol that middle part throws it off.

    You rock it VB!~

  19. Alessandra says:

    wow, she pulled this look off fabulously. i really like her look (makeup and soft smile :]) in the first photo.<3 love her!

  20. gi0ia says:

    I think she looks very childlike in this pic. Like a child in a dressing gown, trying to seduce with that high leg – a very disturbing association…

  21. Zina says:

    Full-length and… Fabulous!

  22. rubyqueen says:

    it's too frumpy at the top but below i actually like.

  23. anonn says:

    I've been disappointed with Posh lately. She was always done up to the 9's before, but now it's just a lot of the same unaccessorized, overtanned blandness.

    I love her and think she's a fashion icon, but she's def had 6 months or so worth forgetting.

  24. ac usa says:

    Is this woman ever gonna smile??? She looks so serious on every picture!!! And honestly I never thought she was too beautiful or anything special, and this picture definetley didn't change my mind!!!!

  25. Take off the sparkly epaulets and that IS my bathrobe. Nice to know I can wear it out for the evening!

    • Missy Manchester says:

      LOL…but the question is…would you wear it to a gala night with feathery rhinestoned slippers… or a pair of shiny Loub's?

      (I wonder when the trend for pink cotton waffle-weave bathrobes will hit the runways?)

  26. lilygold says:

    Not a great dress, kind of dowdy but if you look at some of the horrors other women wore to this event she probably looked the best there

  27. Missy Manchester says:

    I personally think the dress is fabu!

    I love how it gathers in the center but I'm not sold on the sparkly epaulet.

    (Side Note: Whoever photoshopped this pic did a great job. I've compared the different photo agency snaps…and some of them always photoshop her before distribution…and others distribute her images "as is"…zits, veins and all.)

    • goldengirlsk says:

      really? they usually photoshop her! Like even the press (who dont benefit from it)…. lucky, had no clue!

      I agree with everything you said about the dress

      • Missy Manchester says:

        It all depends on the stock photo agency/photographer.

        For instance…take a look at this article about Victoria Beckham. You'll see in Greg Brennan's photo at the top that Victoria's legs look horrible. But in the photos from the Xposure Agency…her legs look relatively smooth and her skin doesn't look greasy. All photos were taken within seconds of each other. It's obvious that Xposure retouched the photos before distribution to media outlets.

        Many celebrities (e.g., Mariah Carey) know which agencies/photographers will make an effort to present them more attractively. When they see those photographers at red carpet events or at celeb hot spots…the celebrity will give them more access/face time than the other paps. That's the payoff for the photogs.

  28. Zahara says:

    the dress has a slit that is a liiitle too high.

  29. wow says:

    I like the upper part and the lower part of it, but what is going on in the middle?

  30. BarceLisa says:

    yea the first thought i had when i saw this photo was 'she wore a bathrobe to the British Fashion Awards?'. The dress isn't that bad but for an event like this, she could have done better.

  31. sarrible says:

    I feel like that dress actually is her dressing gown, and she was feeling kind of bloaty and tired and just pulled it on. Come on, that is totally what Posh wears around the manse, right?

  32. Thea says:

    Not over sold on her hair extensions either – think they age her alot, and the dress is nothing amazing.