February 1st, 2010

Night Out: WAGs At The Hilton Opening

Alex Gerrard, Coleen Rooney and Claudine Keane were out in full fashion force last week for the opening of the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool. Let’s check in with the ladies to see what they’re wearing and what they’ve been up to.

Alex Gerrard

Fashion breakdown:
Don’t say she doesn’t recycle. These Balmain Buckle boots are one of Alex’s favourite night-out options. She’s still doing the Balmain shoulder thing with a killer jacket and is carting her lippy around in the McQueen knuckle-duster clutch that has been known to inspire English Bulldog levels of drool.

Any news of note?
Alex has told the Daily Star she’s not up for doing a reality telly show; and her smile is courtesy of the Da Vinci code. For shame if you’ve been using Crest white-strips.

Coleen Rooney

Fashion breakdown:
Coleen’s gone with a nude-hued, drapey Lanvin (we think) dress and matching Christian Louboutin Altadama 140 heels.

News of note:
Coleen is reportedly jumping ship from OK! Magazine and taking her column with her to rival pub HELLO!. We’ve no idea how much they’ve offered to pay her, but let’s assume it’s 15x what we’ve banked in our entire working lives. Magazines with exclamation points in their titles are generous folk.

Coleen says that her 12-week-old son Kai is a happy baby and always laughing, and in a seperate interview confessed her and hubby Wayne will never, ever, never do any photoshoots in their skivvies. Finally, the Rooney’s are being sued to the tune of £4 million in some never-ending legal drama with a sports-representation company.

Claudine Palmer

Fashion breakdown (literally):
Mrs. Keane wore a Temperley jacket and paired it with some slightly horrific Louboutins (note: a designer label doesn’t always make it right, Kickettes).

News of note:
Claudine recently posed with her mother in Ireland’s VIP Magazine and revealed (without revealing anything, actually) that we’ll soon be seeing a lot more of her on the telly. FYI, the above link is so worthy of your time just to witness the height of Claudine’s heels, and the impressive Me/Mini Me situ.  

Thanks M!

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32 Responses to “Night Out: WAGs At The Hilton Opening”

  1. Susie says:

    I really like Alex's look. Its young, sexy, slightly edgy….BUT…she could have dropped the hemline an inch or two. She's got great legs but it must be torture to sit down when your dress is that short. And props to her for not wearing gigantic, fugly boots.

    Coleen looks like a Greek tragedy. The color of her dress compliments her skin tone very well but the draping is weird and unflattering, especially the bottom part which looks like she has fabric stuck somewhere, that needs to be pulled out.

    As for Claudine, her look is complete overprocessed cheese. There's nothing subtle, sexy, fashionable or remotely interesting about this "woman".

  2. aps says:

    Alex always looks the same. I need her to try something new.

    Don't like the dress on Colleen but she looks beautiful otherwise.

    Claudine…JUST NO! P.S. her mom looks nice though but probably just as tacky as her daughter.

  3. Stiliani says:

    Coleen looks pretty but WAY older than 23. I like the dress, but it seems appropriate for someone a lot older than she is. Alex needs to switch it up, I feel like she is always wearing the same thing. She's pretty and has a great figure and could pull off so many different looks. Claudine looks like an Irish Paris Hilton. Fake and vapid.

  4. Sana says:


  5. yfl says:

    Colleen – young and surprisingly fresh n Perky for a new mom. Alex – same as always. Claudine – just looks fake from top to bottom. Pity cause she's quite pretty underneath all that stuff.

  6. FootballerChick43 - says:

    I'm seriously in love with Alex's jacket. Amazing.

    Colleen looks okay. Not a fan of the drapey dress.

    Claudine should hire a stylist.

  7. Lucy says:

    Alex looks like a 20 year old, honey you´re not

    Coleen looks like Wayne´s mother

    and Claudine looks like a plastic doll

  8. MissChelsea says:

    Alex: not over-tanned, nice jacket = OK

    Colleen: The dress looks kind of strange, saggy, but she has a very beautiful face btw=)

    Claudine: No, no and NO!

    • MissChelsea says:

      Not saggy(well, a bit but…) HEAVY, that’s the word i was looking for! Really miss edit button…

  9. CJ says:

    I’m going to buck the trend and say I love the way ALL the Wags look. You’ve got the full range of WAG style (or non style!) Coleen looks great, but I prefer her in black… Alex looks her usual wagalicious self.. .and come on, Claudine is supposed to be a total football barbie! It’s her “brand” lol…

    • Shipra says:

      On reflection, what you say about Claudine is kinda true, although she looks fake. I still prefer Colleen in this colour though.

  10. Shipra says:

    I think Colleen is looking kinda young and cute!!!!! Alex looks a bit old, though fashionable. Claudine doesn’t really deserve a mention.

  11. Nasty implants Claudine, tsk tsk…She seems to be a nice person but she needs to ditch that plasticky image, for God's sake

  12. ClaireG says:

    I love Colleen's shoes too, but what I want to know, is why oh why does Claudine insist on going out looking like an overdone Barbie?! Such a beautiful attractive woman if she – a) put on less slap b) toned down the fake tan (follow these rules ladies healthy looking = good, tango man = bad) and c) wear 1 really good designer item, not 6 really bad ones!

    I totally agree with Fenja thought, it does make me laugh when I see them, money doth not = style or class

  13. Missy says:

    Why is it that I alway covet Coleen' shoes? Oh yeah because they're awesome! I would love Alex's jacket too, only without such extreme shoulders.

  14. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    I. Want. Colleen's. Shoes.

  15. jasmine says:

    love coleen's look,young and fresh like a real woman. Alex looks alright. Claudine well plastic,plastic!

  16. Abbie says:

    I just love Coleens Louboutin xxxx

  17. Kristen (Mrs. Sebast says:

    I love Colleen's shoes!! Alex… meh. :/

    Claudine…words can't describe how overly tan she is. :S

  18. Missy Manchester says:

    1. Plastex Gerrard

    2. Shiny Pretty Colleen (love the clutch!)

    3. Overtanned, Overpainted, Overdone Claudine

  19. Jessi says:

    i love coleen. she's by far my favourite wag! she looks amazing in these pictures. she just seems so normal, albeit far more fashionable and wealthy, that i just want to hang out with her!

  20. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    Coleen is a breath of fresh air, as usual. Alex is growing on me, but only a little bit. It looks like it is painful to be Mrs. Keane.

  21. Ladybird says:

    Claudine looks as though she has been dipped in Ronseal

  22. Lana says:

    Coleen looks classy and cute here. Claudine and Alex look like each other clones. Alex looks better than Mrs Keane through. But Balmain total look = fail

  23. Redgirl says:

    Coleen looks lovely – here is proof in three pix that a discreet flash of shouders and knees can be twice as sexy as too much cleavage and too much thigh. Also that you don't need to apply the kohl with a trowel in order to have a glamorous evening look.

  24. Kickette, you've been scoring PKs with your great fashion gos lately. Okay, to the ladies at hand. Coleen wins this hands down. Gorgeous and real. Her hair is lovely, underdone and soft looking. The dress is flattering to her curves, and I like the understated colour and the sensual draping of the silk. Her trademark Louboutins are always smashing and elongate her legs, and I like the ornate earrings with the easyness of her dress and hair.

    Claudine and Alex. Oh dear. I'm going to limit my critique to the eye makeup. Honestly, far far too heavy an application there. I'll stop there.

    • FirstTeamCoach says:

      got to agree with Fourth on the fashion writing.

      Now to the ladies, Alex looks ok(ish) dont like the shoulders. Coleen looks gorgeous and I have no words for the other that have not already been used! Just Trashy.

  25. HiL says:

    I think Claudine looks like a plastic fake barbie. i really don't like the way she looks.. all tanned and blond and tons of make up.. bad.

    Coleen is one of the few WAGs that actually look like a real woman, and she looks great :)

  26. saffron says:

    Claudine is ,in my opinion one of the least attractive WAGS too thin and far too much slap on .Colleen looks stunning, love love love her dress!!!

  27. fenja says:

    Awww funny, lol… Still I get impressed by how cheap designer cloths can look… Money (or a footie hubby) can't by you any style or even class!!!