December 14th, 2011

Niko Kranjcar: Late Night At C London

Croatian/ Tottenham footballer, Niko Kranjcar, was spotted looking worse for wear after leaving C London last night.

O-M-G Niko. Please have a seat. We need to chat.

You know we lurve you and every inch of your toned thighs and tousled hair.

But this macabre ensembe concerns us. No, we’re not worried that you were out boozing instead of tending to your domestic duties on a Tuesday night. We’re troubled by the high-waisted harem pants that you paired with white trainers and an unkempt beard. Frankly, we are less than thrilled with the homeless chic look you attempted to pull off last night.

That being said, part of us feels like you almost made this work. The drunk part of us, we mean.

If only you didn’t look so down trodden, like a rush hour traffic jam forced you to ditch the chauffeured car in favour of hoofing it to the club on foot, this wouldn’t seem so bad. But you’re a moderately rich to well off footballer, so we know that didn’t happen.

Listen, Pooh bear, it’s time to shape up or ship out. For real, for real. You don’t us want to pull a Cesc on your fine ass, so get your stylist to call our stylists and we can be friends again.

Mmm ‘k?

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22 Responses to “Niko Kranjcar: Late Night At C London”

  1. Cherry says:

    Aw, he's so beautiful. I always love Niko from the very first start

  2. Karla_cro says:

    Yes, he has had same better looks than this one, but he is just so beautiful!! You should consider him seriously for the next finest five edition :)

  3. lone- Brazil says:

    Thanks Kickette For each day even better! I love NICO !!!

  4. lmjt says:

    Niko?? I almost gave up on ever seeing u again..

  5. Mrs Q.Borri says:

    I like him! although what I would change are thoose pants. But he looks pretty hot, and thoose pants completes his look. I like that he is not wearing something expected or that he doesnt have the same style as other ballers. Wich makes him even more intresting! It makes him have his own personality and style -as Shelley said, he looks like a free-whiling french romantic poet- wich is indeed pretty hot and sexy. Although he is a croatian he can pass as a french-man, and you know what they say: french-man are great cooks and even better lovers!

    *I know pretty hypothetical, but who cares.!! lol!

  6. Sennie says:

    Niko could wear a Winnie Pooh Costume, and still look as hot as hell. His spontaneity makes him just more attractive, and interesting… I think this man is underrated in every aspect. Anyway, thanks for the pics! we need more of this majestic man.

  7. JA7 says:

    As an Arsenal supporter, I feel dirty. But I can't help admire his beauty. He is REALLY good-looking. Like wow…and when he talks..lets just say my ovaries are pretty much non-existent.

  8. earidurt says:

    he is soooo beautiful *sigh

  9. thelovehater says:

    I’m in love…again

  10. bertaboo says:

    i think he looks really good from the waist up! his hair and facial hair are totally working for him!

  11. Gladys says:

    I know you meant this to be negative, Kickette, but I just want to thank you for showing these two Croatian NT hotties. I mean, Niko's pants aren't my favorite but I think he still looks hot as hell, and Darijo is just adorable with that perpetual smile on his face (plus I think he's wearing the super styling gray parka I saw him sporting in the stands recently to cheer on his Shakhtar Donestk mates). Merry Christmas to me (and some of the others, from what I read above)!

  12. keane1995 says:

    He looks stoned.

  13. Shelley says:

    Kickette?! He looks delicious. Like a free-wheeling romantic French poet or something. Nico has been in my finest 5 ever since I first saw him. He's still there. I prefer classy guys rather than those fake tanned, tattooed dripping in bling circus freaks. Which is why I prefer Yohann, Nico, Olivier etc. I love a man in a well cut suit rather than a man who wears diamond bracelets or brand names the size of a football on their clothes which look like they have been bought of a market stall.
    I used to love seeing Jose's range of beautifully cut suits, now it's Pep or AVB. Jose has seriously let the side down with his scruffy Adidas training gear and longer hair recently. Why did he change? He needs to sort it out! Satorial elegance might improve his chances against Barca. Nico don't change, you look lovely (nice coat)

    • JA7 says:

      Ommmmg! I love your description of him: "free-wheeling romantic French poet" cause that's exactly what he reminds me of! :) He's really beautiful.

    • Sennie says:

      "A free-wheeling Romantic French Poet" …you've nailed it. ;)

  14. Roger says:

    Heavy on the layers, but why is this such a big deal. He doesn't look that bad! I ching,

  15. NinjaArkRock says:

    The headline under that photo is grossly unfair! First up, C London is an Italian restaurant, not a nightclub. Niko doesn't look 'the worse for wear' and probably just went out for an innocent meal with his mate, Darijo. Perhaps he was a bit miffed at having been 'papped'? OK, I admit that different footwear would have looked better with the rest of that ensemble but, at the end of the day, who cares? if he's comfortable in what he's wearing and he had a good night out, then leave him be!

    Incidentally, earlier in the day, he'd been in his Tottenham tracksuit, at the North Middlesex Hospital, visiting sick children and looked even more huggable than the teddy bears he was handing out as Christmas gifts!

    I must be a weirdo but, personally, I hate my men preened up to the eyeballs. I prefer a bit of homeless chic! Niko looks to be the sort of guy who'd enjoy a pyjama day at home – I like that about him!!

  16. Ana says:

    And now I'm curious what was Srna wearing :P ?

  17. Cherry says:

    I don't care what he wears as long as I get to see him once in a while. Thank you.