November 12th, 2010

Noemie Lenoir: Let Down Your Hair

Last week the ever-gorge Noemie Lenoir took some time out of her busy schedule (which we assume involves being fed grapes by cherubic angels while baby lambs prance around and tinker fairies apply radiance-boosting skin serum to her face) to pop by the Rapunzel Premiere at Disneyland Paris with her son Kelyan. (Papa is ‘baller Claude Makelele.)

Love. Her. Boots.

At left: Bonus pic of Noemie with Inter cutie Samuel Eto’o at Cynthia de la Star Ac’6. (No, we don’t know what the hell that is. And yes, we’ve heard of google search. We’re also quite familiar with lunchtime drinkies on a Friday.) We know Sami is happily married with a trailer load of bubbas, but they look good together, no?

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10 Responses to “Noemie Lenoir: Let Down Your Hair”

  1. aps says:

    She looks stunning as usual and her son is gorgeous. To think she thought about leaving him motherless is beyond me. U scared me their kickette. Thought she was with Sammy now.

  2. Y says:

    I adore this woman's looks. She is absolutely stunning. He boy is very handsome. Wasnt she married to Claude Makelele?

  3. Jules says:

    I love Samuel but being married hasn't exactly stopped him:…
    Noemie can do better.

  4. Alessandra says:

    awww, she does look cute with eto'o!

  5. Alessandra says:

    awww, me too!

  6. Emme says:

    She is so incredibly beautiful. I hope she is feeling happy & healthy again.

  7. SlyMysteron says:

    She, and everything in her sphere, equals perfection. It’s almost not fair to WAGs for her to be one. These pictures along with the “Footy Must Read” pic of Carles Puyol doing whatever it is that he is doing have made my weekend.

  8. Ana;) says:

    She looks gorgeous as usual with her cute bubba! So glad to see her smiling again!

  9. Cammie says:

    Cute Boy

    Pretty lady

  10. Sarah says:

    Cynthia de la Star Ac' 6 isn't a place, Cynthia is a girl's name who attended Star Academy (6th season) which is the equivalent of the X Factor, I have no idea what's the point in it, but I just wanted to let you guys know x