May 22nd, 2009

Noemie Lenoir: On the Carpet at Cannes


Image via Celebutopia

It’s the end of the season. We’re severely depressed. Why fight it? Let’s look at Noemie Lenoir wearing turquoise satin and making it look effortlessly chic. Yeah, that will make us feel better.

Btw, we’ve been hearing rumours that Noemie and her man, Claude Makelele have split up. Apparently she’s been seen in New York with an “unidentified”; man, walking with his arm around her. Of course, this could have been anyone, from a relative to her hairdresser, but we sense something is up…


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23 Responses to “Noemie Lenoir: On the Carpet at Cannes”

  1. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    This woman can do no wrong in my eyes…I want to be her!

  2. Moonie says:

    Wow! she looks fantastic in that colour and is sooo beautiful.

  3. Mrs.De Rossi says:

    Noemie how can I be more like you??????

  4. Becca says:

    Broken Up? :o

  5. TammyV says:

    perfect…flawless… perfect…flawless. That is all

  6. TammyV says:

    perfect…flawless… perfect…flawless. That is all

  7. Susie says:

    Beautifull and classy, as always but looking a little bit too waifish here.

    I hope its due to over zealous digital touch ups and not her own doing.

  8. She looks Gorgeous in that dress.  Really compliments her skin!

  9. Forever Torres says:

    She looks stunning. Oh why does the premier league have to end? :(

  10. Nandia Mrs.The Ramos says:

    I usually find her gorgeous but in this picture she looks too VB skinny for me!!And I dont really like what she's wearing..

  11. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Is that a dress or a top and very flowy pants? I'm hoping for the former. Pretty nevertheless.

  12. striker says:

    she's so tiny!

  13. carly says:

    God I love turquoise and satin. I want to dive into it.

  14. lose that girl says:

    This woman needs to eat. A strong wind and she's GONE!lose that girl blog

  15. Meer. says:

    I think that this ensemble actually made her look a lot slimmer than she is. If she would have worn something more that suited her bodyshape, she would have killed it. ALthough, she could use some extra weight here and there. Her face looks fab, though!

  16. The Fourth Official says:

    Gorgeous and how I want that dress!

  17. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Absolutely stunning … as per usual.

  18. aristeia says:

    It’s rare that I don’t think she looks amazing… and here she really does look beautiful, but I have to agree w/ a lot of you… she’s looking a wee bit skinny. Pack on a few pounds woman and you will be perfect. Her face though– damn! She is stunning.

  19. Emily (Giggsy's Gal) says:

    So very beautiful, but I want to lock her inside a steakhouse and force her to eat her weight in Porterhouse steaks. Too thin. She’s too pretty to disappear! :S

  20. carly says:

    God I love turquoise and satin. I want to dive into it.

  21. Avenath says:

    Gorgeous as always…that colour is amazing on her…

  22. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Love the color of the ensemble (since I’m not entirely sure what it is) on her skin tone, but not feeling it otherwise. Her jewelry and bag are fabulous but the rest of it is just.. meh. Pretty, but… meh.