September 7th, 2012

Off Pitch Exploits: Good Week/Bad Week

WC 2014 santos footballer fauxhawk going bankrupt


Breakfast In Bed, Craig Levein’s: Speaking about his unofficial role as the Scotland NT manager’s pet player, James Morrison confirmed to The Telegraph“That’s all I can say. I give him breakfast in bed.” To keep things in context, Morrison admitted his gaffer might play favourites with him, but it’s only ‘cos he needs the confidence. Yeah. Sure James. Whatever you say.

Fair Play, financially: The continued rise of free-spending clubs and broadcast rights negotiations kept UEFA and the Premier League on their toes. Independent debates about clubs living within their means and player salary caps remained on full tilt as well.

Puppies, everywhere: Pictured cuddling with ‘baller bubbas as well as with their tongues hanging out, man’s best friend had an adorably damn good week.


Salads & Skinless Chicken Breasts, devoured: Wayne Rooney admitted in his new book that he struggled with walking during pre-season training in ’09 because he got fat on holiday. Word to the wise, Nicky Bendtner: leafy vegetables and bland poultry is the way to go whilst in Italy.

Los Angeles, take cover: The Saturdays’ conquest to “take America” soldiered on with their red carpet appearance. Next up: a footballer invades your turf to “surprise” his WAG. Good luck because you’ll need it.

Mood Swings, highly unpredictable: From Oguchi Onyewu’s happiness to Cristiano’s sadness, Cesc’s suffering to Bacary Sagna’s surprise, this week’s emotional roller coaster took our feelings to the cleaners.

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5 Responses to “Off Pitch Exploits: Good Week/Bad Week”

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  2. tammyv says:

    Thanks for the warning LA… but brit bands trying to make it here and ballers on vaca are nothing new – happen like 365 days a year here.

    Actually, I am seeing McFly tonight for their real first show in America…and I fully expect the Beckham kids to show

  3. Jayy says:

    Please Neymar. Please. Just sort out that barnet.

  4. Miss_F says:

    Enzo is the sweetest little boy! :)

  5. gin_in_teacups says:

    Enzo all cuddled up with that pup is TOO much! He is so precious. And he looks so much like his daddy. Bless Marcelo and his Instagram obsession. I'm starting to think there is nothing so bad an Enzo photo can't cheer me up.

    Speaking of things being bad, are we going to discuss the possible Sergio tweet of doom? I am not going to stress until there is more solid proof, but if there is a new WAG hanging around, I am going to need you girls and all the alcohol to get me through it!