January 21st, 2010

Off The Market: Philipp Lahm To Marry Claudia Schattenberg

Philippe, his turtleneck and Claudia back in 2008.

A big congratulations go out to Bayern’s Philipp Lahm and his long time gal, Claudia Schattenberg who plan to marry this summer.

Let’s have a quick run down of the couple deets:

- The pair originally met when they were both 16 through mutual friends but only started dating 2 years ago.
- When they got together, Claudia was a Mercedes employee. Girl’s got taste.
- Philippe is 26, she is… 25. So, if they met when they were both 16, that makes no sense.
- Not unless she hasn’t had her birthday yet or was born on a leap year or something. We’re not googling it. Don’t make us.
- The happy date of nuptials will be post-World Cup (of course) and is slotted for the 14th of July in Bavaria.

Nice one, Philippe! We love it when a ‘baller takes a wifey.

Thanks Rusty!

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10 Responses to “Off The Market: Philipp Lahm To Marry Claudia Schattenberg”

  1. Darren says:

    "Philippe is 26, she is… 25. So, if they met when they were both 16, that makes no sense."

    It makes no sense unless you stop to think that if he turned 26 at any time in the last 364 days, then it's possible he and her were 25 at the same time and thus were 16 at the same time too!

    In Fact just checked and his birthday is 11/11, so unless she turned 25 after the 11th, then it makes a lot of sense! Who writes this stuff?

  2. Piuf says:

    A smart, pretty yet normal type girl not the obnoxious airhead celebrity type like Victoria B. Way to go Lahm!

  3. bla bla says:

    He's got the biggest eyebrows I ever did see… and I'm Scottish

  4. Dana says:


  5. HiL says:

    So happy for him :D congrats!!

  6. margheritina says:

    Congrats to Philipp :D

    But did u notice that many FCB gals look alike? Seems that they r interchangeable *shocking*

  7. Pretty girl! Lovely to hear that they’ve known each other for ages. Perhaps he met her when he had just turned 16 but she hadn’t reached that milestone yet. Is possible.

  8. truly_thata says:

    Congrat Lahmy! XD

  9. Anna says:

    aaaaaaaaw XD. best baller news of the year! and already in Jan XD. I wish them the best, I'm really happy.

  10. Addie says:

    Well, long time gal is an overstatement when they´ve been together for little more than a year, but congratulations anyways :-D She seems very nice and certainly is a very pretty lady…