September 10th, 2007

Off The Market: Giggsy


Well, that was undercover.

Man U’s Ryan Giggs married his long-term gal Stacey Cooke in a secret registry office wedding on Friday.

No paparazzi.  No magazine deal.  What is this world coming to when people want to get married in a private manner?  All is awry in the universe, we are certain of this.

The congregation included the couple’s two children, four-year-old Liberty, and Zach, who is one. It didn’t include Ryan’s father Danny Wilson – a former rugby star who is estranged from the family, nor Ryan’s brother Rhodri, who is said to be “gutted”.

Some bg on Ryan’s love life? Ryan was engaged to Davinia Taylor, but they fell out after some random situation in a nightclub that left her with facial injuries.  (WTF, right?) She then got engaged/married to Jason Gardner, a sports agent.  Giggsy was close with Gardner and was the two fell out after he began seriously dating his sister, Emma and cheating on her with Stacey.  It’s like East Enders with 400x the money.

Your thoughts on getting married on the low, Kickettes?  We personally feel if you’re heading down that dark, long road of monogamy, you might as well go out with a big ass dress and a reception full of drunk relatives and offensive flower arrangements.  We envy those who can do it hush hush; we would sell out to OK in a hot minute.

Link: Giggs Gets Married

(pic is from the WWE this summer, when they attended Michael Carrick’s wedding.)

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28 Responses to “Off The Market: Giggsy”

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  4. Cool, were there bouquets of flowers during the wedding???

    • fred says:

      but wasn't he was caught on camera with Imogen Thomas's mobile phone, naked in her bed ? , you know, the woman that had an affair with Ryan Giggs for SEVEN months, the same Imogen Thomas that Ryan Giggs has a Super Injunction against.

  5. np20 says:

    The girl is too tall and seems unhappy.Seems both of them care too much about other people.

  6. Great pics.
    thanks for sharing with us..
    she looks like she's wearing a bin liner with mustard smeared on the front, but i guess after having 2 kids, white was out of the question

    • fred says:

      that's why ryan giggs shagged the big brother 5lut imogen thomas and then took out a super injunction !
      but wasn't he was caught on camera with Imogen Thomas's mobile phone, naked in her bed ? , you know, the woman that had an affair with Ryan Giggs for SEVEN months, the same Imogen Thomas that Ryan Giggs has a Super Injunction against.

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    Off The Market: Giggsy

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  11. Isn’t she too tall for him ? She’s a beauty with long beautiful legs. But together they don’t look good not only because she’s taller than him… but they have different styles.

  12. ella says:

    What was Giggsy thinking, caling his kid Liberty?

  13. brandy says:

    LOL Tammy V and Anna D!

  14. joeycole<3 says:

    congratulations to Giggs!!!
    i think he may not be hot
    but he is a brilliant role model
    nd its good that his wedding
    was small it shows not all
    footballers are media crazy
    His wifes pretty but i dont
    think much of her hideous dress

  15. S A R A H ;; says:

    I Dont Really Like Her Dress She Could Have Worn Something A Little More Extravagent Lol But I Agree With Johnna At Least Shes Not Too thin x

  16. tammyv says:

    Ok first thought:  Who the hell told them that using Frank and Elen as fashion role models was EVER acceptable.  God that suit is HORRIBLE! Could he not afford a Savile Row tailor? 

    And Chickie D,the dress is a NO. It makes your chest look lopsides and lumpy, which off-sets what it does for your fantastic shoulders. Plus umm, their is a huge paint stain on the front of you garbage bad. It has no shape.

    Second though: Ryan Giggs is that much of a player?  How is that possible?

    Third thought:  She popped out not one but two kids and you couldn’t spring for some flowers and a little party to let to laud it over her friends?  Not cool

  17. LIESEL says:

    Bit confused why was his brother “gutted”. I’ve heard getting married under the radar, but not inviting your brother, bizarre.

    Maybe they still haven’t made up after the fiasco and scene Rhodri made at Giggs’s golf charity match with Max Beasley.

    But good luck to them cause judging by photos that I’ve seen over the years of the supposedly happy couple, they’ll need it.

    Maybe they’ll actually look and behave like a couple now there married.

  18. Robin says:


  19. ballack's missi says:

    definitely, ally. eloping is my first choice.

    old and going grey? well, hand ‘em all to me!

  20. Michaela says:

    I have a soft spot in my heart for Giggsy.  I think he’s just one of the most adorable (in a cute way) footballers.  If he’s happy, then that’s all that matters.

    Stacey who?? Never heard of her in my life.  Is she a closet WAG?


  21. ivanka says:

    don’t mean to be rude but her dress or whatever that thing is, is a fabulous train wreck.
    damn these WAGS have awful,awful,awful taste.

    on the weddin’ my best wishes to both of them and i really never expeted them to hab an extravagant wedding. giggs doesn’t look like that kind of a person.

  22. Ally says:

    I totally love the idea of a quiet wedding, especially when your famous. Weddings become such circuses, and they cost outrageous amounts, and sometimes they don’t even turn out that well (the Lionel Richie fiasco at JTs, crazy relatives, too much champers, an overenthusiastic dj, etc.)

    That’s probably just me though – I think they’re too much trouble and too outrageous.

  23. Johnna says:

    God I love Giggsy. And his wife is actually very pretty, I think she’s just squinting in the sun. At least she’s not a stick thin rail and an actual curvy type girl.

    And that was leaving Gaz’s wedding. I don’t think Giggsy and Stacy went to Michael Carrick’s bash.

  24. Becca x says:

    Who Actually Cares About Giggsy Anyway.. Hes Old And Going Grey…

  25. ches says:

    All I can say is…


  26. AnnaD says:

    a few unconnected thoughts:

    he’s clearly married an unattractive girl, which gives me hope…

    she looks like she’s wearing a bin liner with mustard smeared on the front, but i guess after having 2 kids, white was out of the question…

    Liberty??  let’s hope he has his dad’s speed and can outrun the schoolyard bullies…hell, I’D beat him up if i could catch him…

    never liked giggsy (he reminds me of a hobbit) so, meh, he can get married anyway he wants…