October 7th, 2009

Oguchi “Gooch” Onyewu: Getting Naked for ESPN

Oguchi Onyewu  ESPN‘s The Body Issue is out on Friday, and it features AC Milan’s Oguchi Onyewu – better known as “Gooch” – completely naked.

Well, except for a little body oil.

He’s shy like that.

The DC United boys also got their naked photo session on – they decided to showcase their wall-making skills for the shoot.

Click through to see Gooch in all his NSFW-ish glory.

Do you think he works out?

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41 Responses to “Oguchi “Gooch” Onyewu: Getting Naked for ESPN”

  1. Rusty Craig says:

    I love the games and the players too, but of course not the same as the "like" that the girls feel for them. Anyway, great players and fantastic games to watch.

  2. london2434 says:

    that is some serious perfection. if michaelangelo came back to life, he would roll david statue to the basement and display gooch instead.

  3. AfrikaJay says:

    OMG!!!! Just what I needed to start my day.

  4. Jasmine says:

    More Santino Quaranta please! :)

  5. rachel says:

    oh my… tt picture is such a turn on. look at the muscle. *faints*

  6. cyd525 says:

    WOW…men naked except for socks and shoes: not hot at all…a bit off-putting, actually *shudders* let’s not do that again…

    if only Stevie G played for DC United………dear God, what am i saying????

  7. Jasmine says:

    Yes, yes, yes.

  8. kaya says:

    Too bad he doesn't actually play….

    Sigh, somebody's gotta get this boy some playing time.

  9. ManchesterKitty says:

    I love my DC boys! Bless ESPN for this!!! Go Benny!

  10. Kat says:

    Wow. I know that Gooch looks hot shirtless, but he definitely looks hotter au naturel.

    • Kat says:

      Oh, and the poor DC United boys. They look a bit awkward posing like that in front of the camera in their birthday suits.

  11. shay says:

    Go lawd. Looks like CRon has some competition in the perfect abs dept. Go Gooch!

  12. Louise says:

    That's just pretty! Thanks!

  13. Meer. says:

    Oh, and ESPN = GOD.

  14. Meer. says:

    So when are they doing this same shoot with C. Ron?

  15. FootballerChick43-"Mrs.Ballack" says:

    ESPN = amazing. Officially.

  16. Mariam says:

    omgah!!! wow… this is great. i love espn so much right now

  17. Avenath says:

    Is it possible to be too ripped?…

  18. Matilda says:

    I think he's been hitting the gym lately…

  19. Krys says:

    Dear sweet lord… lovah you gonna make me clutch my pearls.

  20. tammyv says:

    And I am proud to be an American…

  21. Ella says:


  22. Fer_Lahm says:

    oh my *i had a heart attack*

  23. MrsC says:




  24. jo says:

    Muscles can have muscles? Who knew?

    Gooch knew. And he wants us to know too.

  25. Katie says:

    Go on, Gooch. Represent DC!

    Obviously he has a sick physique and I think his face is very handsome…but I still love photos of well dressed men over naked men….even Onyewu.

    • Kaldy says:

      I agree about the well dressed men over naked men

      >>>> a really sexy man should be able to prove without the need for stribbing

  26. HiL says:

    OMG. He looks like a freakin' robot.

  27. Cindy says:

    i have always loved Gooch, but i mean good Lord it's like his chiseled out of marble! i'm getting hot and bothered over here!

  28. Uncle says:

    You can practically see his gooch

  29. gina says:

    woohoo DC boys! Gooch is from our fair city as well :) *beams with pride* lol