October 25th, 2007

Oh Snap: Posh’s Implants Live on Air


Radio 1’s Chris Moyles took it there with Victoria Beckham, live on air in an interview.  He blatantly asked her about her implants, catching Victoria completely off guard. 

We have no proof at this stage if he is still drawing breath or if he has been the victim of a Louboutin heel to the jugular.

Chris Moyles, as we’ve mentioned before, is not one of our favourite radio personalities, but we give him full props for asking questions that are none of his bid-niz.

Chris: “Everybody knows they’re fake, Victoria, just admit it – we don’t have a problem with them. Seriously, you go jogging without a bra and they don’t move.”

Victoria: (laughing uncomfortably) “I don’t go jogging.”

Chris: “I think the surgeon did a great job. I think that you should be really proud of them. I bet David loves them. It’s like a big Christmas present come early.”

Victoria: “He loves them.”

Is it time for Lady V to come clean? Does anyone care anymore?

Leaked legal documents from years back have the implant surgery admitted, but Victoria has consistently denied publicly that she’s had help, saying it’s all the work of a good bra. A bra from the Denial line at Magic lingerie.

Listen to the interview here: Chris Moyles’ show with Victoria Beckham

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15 Responses to “Oh Snap: Posh’s Implants Live on Air”

  1. DottyD says:

    Well if they don't move she won't need any Sports Bras

  2. TIFF says:

    For better or for worse! unless he beats you or you find out he’s really cheated it’s up too you. For as the mutal friend DON’T DO IT!!!! your friend will look at you differently after he would think your a slut after if your going to cheat do it with someone noone knows. pray pray pray ask god to show you if he is cheating it will come to the light protect ur soul don’t make ur life comlpicated and mess up on ur blessing. that him mess up he’s own and you will see Keep ur eyes and heart open

  3. Mike says:

    Lmao..That must have shocked her out.Aguaclara Lingerie

  4. She still can hit the stuff..cant she?.

  5. This is the only well-dressed, social-mannered wonderful famous person I know and read about in magazines. All of the rest have been involved in scandals, break-ups and so on. Victoria has always been a true lady, minding her family’s business and avoiding bad publicity.

  6. Di says:

    Does anybody know who that dress is by? I loove it.

  7. brandy says:

    Props to V on the “I don’t jog” comment. Of course she doesn’t jog, she is a semi-deity for goodness sakes people!

    Wokin’ that dress too. Classy!

    But the “good bra” explanation?! Puh-leez! I knew this other girl who said the same thing and it is so sad. No one goes to Brazil for a month and comes back with hooters up to their chin all of a sudden and then says their mom made her wear a bra to bed once she sprouted. Whatevas….! Just admit it! We won’t love you any less honey…

  8. Johnna says:

    A bra from the Denial line at Magic lingerie.

    Ahhahahaha, nice one!

  9. Johnna says:

    A bra from the Denial line at Magic lingerie.

    Ahhahahaha, nice one!

  10. Bella says:

    She never sounded uncomfortable or the slightest bit upset to me during the interview. I thought it was hilarious when she said, you KNOW I never go jogging! She was a good sport—she hasn’t denied the implants in years, and really how could she be “Posh” if she went around discussing the details of her surgery? She knows Moyles and wouldn’t have gone on the show if she was afraid of a little fry-up.

  11. tammyv says:

    She said on Victoria Beckham Coming to America that after while she was throwing out the first pitch at the Dodger game that she thought the silicone would fly out of her arm as she was pitching.

    It was a cute, albeit slightly painful interview

  12. Ella says:

    Help from a good bra? She never wear bras, I know her nipples better than my own.

  13. SuzyQ says:

    LOL @ Chris! Yeesh, dude leave the gal alone. 
    When has she admitted it, Cherry? Post links!! I’ve only seen stories where she denies having surgery…was there something on her tv programme about it?

  14. Cherry says:

    She has said they are implants. Several times. And of course it’s obvious. I’ve not known her to ever deny it. But I’d not answer that prick’s questions either.

  15. Jenn says:

    I’ve never heard of Chris Moyles, but that is a rude and inappropriate question for anyone to ask.

    She handled the question well!