March 22nd, 2012

Olivier Giroud & Benjamin Corgnet: England’s Most Wanted?

Olivier Giroud contemplates the prospect of snogging Bacary Sagna. Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images.

With Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini vigorously ploughing the Eden Hazard furrow and Harry Redknapp (or REDBAPPS as our cellphone autocorrect amusingly insists) flirting with Loic Remy, Ligue 1 is clearly going to be a heavy contributor to the EPL cause this summer.

And no British invasion of French soil would be complete without plunderer-in-chief Arsene Wenger, who is rumoured to be jones-ing for the services of Dijon midfielder Benjamin Corgnet and Montpellier’s Olivier Giroud.

Well, the potential for geekery is there… Image: JEFF PACHOUD/AFP/Getty Images.

As is usual in footie punditry, commentators are concerning themselves with questions like “will Corgnet be a worthy addition to Arsenal midfield alongside Tomas Rosicky?” and speculation about Giroud’s prospective role – “will he be more than cover for RvP?” – keeps the truly important issues at bay.

Is Corgnet adorkable enough for Arsenal? How are his angry bird impersonations?  Are Giroud and wifey Jennifer capable of producing bubbas as cute as Shaqueel? Will he kiss Bacary Sagna will the same passion as he did Mathieu Debuchy?

Get on it, Kickettes. You are clearly the only people qualified to address these crucial details.

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13 Responses to “Olivier Giroud & Benjamin Corgnet: England’s Most Wanted?”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    If Olivier Giroud plays in Arsenal I'm sure the Gunners will be the hottest team!

  2. PhilippaB says:

    Apparently Aston Villa sent scouts to a recent Montpellier game away at Nancy (who aren't very good) to check out Giroud and defender Benjamin Stambouli. Giroud failed to score, and Stambouli got sent off only 17 mins after coming on as a sub after another defender got sent off. Went down to 9 men, lost 1-0.

    Now, I'm not saying they did that *on purpose* to avoid Big Eck coming in for them, but…

    Giroud's also the 'godfather' of this organisation: which organises performances, art classes, music etc in hospitals and hospices for seriously ill children. Just in case the general hotness wasn't enough.

  3. Vivienne says:

    Gourcuff is having a poor season, and has been notably absent for the last few OL games due to injury [and if you believe speculation, also due to 'psychological problems'). As a result, he probably won't be one of the names going around in the transfer rumour mill this season, even more so because when there were rumours about him transferring to Arsenal a few months back, he stated he had no intention to leave France just yet. That and OL are known to charge a large amount for their players, and Gourcuff has to prove that he is worth whatever price they put on him [OL will defintely want to make a profit from him, especially since they payed €22 million for him, which was widely perceived as being overpriced].

    On a positive note, he is returning to fitness, and his agent has stated that it's just a race against time to get him playing well for the Euros. I've heard that he may be playing for Lyon against Sochaux this weekend, which is good news. Hopefully he can pick himself up and have a good 2012/2013 season, because he really needs to leave the French leagues and play in the Premier League if he wants to fulfill his potential [although I can't really see him doing that, unless maybe it's Arsenal].

    • Vivienne says:

      Just an update, Gourcuff won't be playing this weekend; Remi Garde has stated today that ''Gourcuff, Mensah, Cris and Valverde are unavailable. Regarding Yoann, there are days when he can run and days when the pain is less bearable. I have no idea of ​​the date of resumption. The evolution of his recovery is slower than expected. "

  4. rossanera says:

    Is Giroud married? "Compagne" doesn't mean wife.

    • gigi says:

      Yes, I think he is. :( I read an article somewhere about his wife giving him a wine cabinet or something like that for his birthday.

  5. Lorena_yGp says:

    and what about Gourcuff!!!?? :-)

  6. IrishBlue says:

    I'm finding it very very hard to stop staring at Olivier up there ^^

  7. littlegreenpea says:

    Giroud's eyes are so beautiful :O

  8. Lucy says:

    I´d prefer to have Giroud at Man United!