May 18th, 2012

Olivier Giroud: Burn, Baby, Burn

Image: H/T to readers Oumayma E & Frédéric B!

Picking up the shirtless, nearly nekkid torch from our other favourite Frenchman, Yoann Gourcuff, Montpellier’s Olivier Giroud decided that the best way bring an end to a fine season of footy was by allowing his abdominals to bask in Tetu Magazine’s spring photoshoot breeze. A breeze that will come in handy when he puts out that fictitious fire our hormones started.

Then again, now that we’ve had the chance to playfully cradle and coo at the rest of this Finest Fiver’s photos (appearing in next month’s issue of of the gay mag) during our mandatory nap time, we vote ourselves “Most Likely To Cheerfully Burn In Hell For All Eternity Just To Have 10 Minutes Alone With This Man.”

God bless you, Olivier. Let’s hope this wonderful trend of whatever the hell is happening in these shots continues throughout this summer. And indeed, until the end of time.


Oh no! Olivier fell! No, wait. Don’t panic. He’s doing press ups. On concrete, whilst wearing wet shorts.

Don’t worry, Olivier. Our disbelief is fully suspended in your buttocks.


Now that’s just provocative.

Don’t stop.


Thanks, Tetu. Feel free to continue your excellent, if mildly distracting work.

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27 Responses to “Olivier Giroud: Burn, Baby, Burn”

  1. The Frenchman forward is caught unawares by the background joker as he smiles for a picture during the basketball on Thursday evening.

  2. MadameGourcuff says:

    first yoann now olivier, i need to move to france

  3. xoWinnie says:

    i think i'm having a stroke from looking a these…….i seriously cannot function.

  4. sarrible says:

    I'd like to thank the cover designer who put the words "Les Sex-Addicts" right over Olivier's luscious right pec. Mmm.

  5. LizzyHS90 says:

    I want more!!!!!

  6. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Probably he plays for Bayern Munich next season! Thank God for my place and Mario Olivier in the same locker room, imagine these two together in the shower! Ok I'm wet!

  7. Jayy says:

    Orgasmic. Just plain orgasmic. Green is my favourite colour now.

  8. LHA says:

    THAT man, and THOSE pics, I have been saying "Dios mio" and sighing for like 5 mins already. Que hombre!

  9. Catty women says:

    Beautiful Man, who is the lucky lady enjoying all of that?

  10. Kat89 says:

    OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW!!!! I can't first Hummels than this??? ORGASM DELUXE

  11. Mina says:

    In Germany there are rumours about him coming to Bayern next season. I'd drive to Munich immediately to welcome him! Or imagine him and Mario Gomez celebrating shirtless…mmmh….ok I should stop before my screen gets to wet :D

  12. IrishBlue says:

    I have the most overwhelming urge to lick my laptop screen. Sex on a stick.

  13. AnnMi says:

    Ai Caramba! What a Carne de Boi!!!!

  14. Mmmmmyummy says:

    i approve.

  15. Tephy says:

    brb photoshopping my whole body underneath the 2nd picture. PHOTOSHOP GODS DON'T FAIL ME NOWWWWW

  16. LittleBerba says:

    The hip dip, the butt, the unbuckled belt… I need a drink. A stiff drink. And a defibrillator.

  17. LittleBerba says:

    The hip dip, the butt, the unbuckled belt… I need a drink. A very stiff drink. And a defribillator.

  18. rafaela says:

    Oh God!!! Oh I am thinking so dirty things know!! Sorry God but when I saw the last photo I said “don’t stop Olivier don’t stop”!! Oh I want something to drink and to relax!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

  19. Doles says:

    Yesterday it was Xabi and today it is Olivier…. OMG you are totally spoiling us!
    I just want him to hold me in his arms and that will just make me faint!

  20. Zeeee says:

    I think I just died, and went into an orgasm.

    He is ……. :O

  21. earidurt says:

    This site is gonna give me a heart attack one of these days. He is an adonis!

  22. gigi says:

    OMFG *thud*