July 30th, 2012

Olympic Results: Friendly Reminders & Unfriendly Roars

Ooh, heavens. Honduras just exploded with joy. Image: Stanley Chou/Getty Images.

We’re getting into the Olympic spirit, Kickettes!

Well, we’re making snarky comments about footballers in various states of undress. Does that count?

Great Britain 3-1 UAE

Image: Julian Finney/Getty Images.

The power of Scott Sinclair’s touch was limited compared to the power of his celebratory roar after he came on and scored GB’s equaliser. Poor Tom Cleverley was in Row K moments after this photo was taken and it took him ten minutes to get back on the pitch.


South Korea 2-1 Switzerland

We’re sorry for Switzerland, who now have to tonk Mexico to get out of Group B, but this photo of celebrating South Korean bums and calves is an effective balm. Special congrats to Jaesuk Oh, who has obviously been riding the hell out of the exercise bike.


Japan 1-0 Morocco

Image: Stanley Chou/Getty Images.

More leching opportunities occurred in Japan’s 1-0 win over Morocco, when Otsu Yuki sought comfort in his shirt after missing a shot. He’s inexperienced at this so we’ll let him off, but for future reference, all players should note that facing photographers when revealing skin results in a much more satisfying experience for the casual observer. Cheers.


Brazil 3-1 Belarus

Image: ANDREW YATES/AFP/GettyImages.

That’s it exactly! If you’re not convinced, gents, please note that a chiseled torso and hip-dip combo functions as an effective distraction technique from all manner of horrors – Neymar’s hair and socks for those too nervous to commit to tights included.


Mexico 2-0 Gabon

Image: REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo.

Diego Reyes (r) of Mexico reminds us of an early incarnation of one Cristiano Ronaldo. And before you get all cross and defensive, please remember how some things take more time to blossom than others.


Senegal 2-0 Uruguay

Image: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/GettyImages.

Booed by the crowd and shoved over by the opposition every time he touched the ball, it’s no wonder Luis Suarez had a growly moment. We liked it.


Game day 3 fixtures are here, Kickettes. Exciting and we haven’t even got around to the women’s games yet!

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26 Responses to “Olympic Results: Friendly Reminders & Unfriendly Roars”

  1. my site says:

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  2. I really want to see every events in the Olympics, I don't wanna miss every single action there especially for USA and Spain. The games are getting exciting!

  3. karen says:

    no aaron ramsey pics :(

  4. Alex Muniz says:

    That was an incredible put up! Folks underestimate how much you want relaxation! Everybody sleeps. Few are fortunate to relaxation and rejuvenate overnight. The whole lot you do in life you do higher with a greater nights relaxation, I believe!

  5. YvoYeungGirl says:

    Heard about Spain and is disappointed with the bad rap!

    Did anyone watch Team GB? So many adorable shots of Ramsey! So glad to see my favorite Gunner back in action! But seriously, women's footy is always more interesting at the Olympics (Go Canada!!)

  6. Kay20 says:

    I hope Europeans now have a better understanding of what CONCACAF qualifying is like. It is NEVER "easy" to qualify for the Mexico and US – and you just saw why.

    Credit to Honduras though, and way to represent CONCACAF and MLS boys. The three players who created the one and only goal were all from MLS: Espinoza, Najar and Bengston.

  7. Yanina says:

    Ah, that awkward moment when Spain loses to Honduras in the Olympics. Poor guys, I was so frustrated just watching the game, it's impossible to imagine how they feel. Also I was surprised to see Mata like that as he's usually the one who is composed and modest, but the ref was truly wrong so I don't blame my boys. And can I just say that Alberto Botia is hooot.

  8. Sarah, Madrid says:

    So so so disappionted in the actions! It is ok I don't think Spain have to win the Olympics, we won enough already! however the behaviour was embarrassing for the world to see! I don't know I wasn't that angry about elimination as much as about actions! Sometimes luck and POSTS just don't want you win, Honduras fake injuries was embarrassing as well.

    Anyway, we can't win it all very simple, I just want hug Mata! Maybe, now some fans will remember before 2008, Spain wasn't winning much either, remember that part of history!

  9. xoWinnie says:

    i caught the last few minutes of the Spain game and i was appalled by their behaviour! lack of sportsmanship, crowding and antagonizing the ref…i understand them being upset seeing as they are eliminated, but if i was that ref i would've tossed some red cards out for good measure! that was just despicable behaviour on their part. some of those players really disgraced that jersey, acting as though they're entitled to something because they're the almighty Spain. DeGea coming out of the net to bitch out the ref annoyed me to no end. sigh…that would NOT have happened under Iker's watch, that's for sure.

    • Evvo says:

      Well said.
      Crowding the ref is one of the ugliest sights in the game!

    • ricky says:

      There goes the new generation! Just like the current french team, disrecpetul and lazy and a big sense of entitlement, a mere shadow of the world champions of 98′…

    • Kel says:

      To be fair, I was at the match and I can't blame them for their frustrations at the end. They had two obvious penalty calls ignored and the Honduran players spent most of the game on the ground, wasting time. One of them actually lay there rolling around, being ignored, then leapt up as soon as his team were attacking again. Not to mention the fact that Iker Muniain got angry when he was pushed after the keeper fell down over nothing and for that half the crowd booed him every time he touched the ball.

      • jean says:

        Muniain pushed the red twice, it was disgusting. No matter how bad the ref was, there's no excuse for acting like that. Truly appaling behavoir from the spaniards, and it represents their whole country in a bad light. They got eliminated because they deserved it. Penalty or not, they couldn't score a goal in 180 minutes and that's all there is to it imo.

        • Kel says:

          Don't get me wrong they didn't play really well but that doesn't change the fact Honduras fouled them twice in the area and nothing was given. A team not playing at their best doesn't invalidate their penalty calls if they're fouled or make it ok for the other team to time waste.

          • Gladys says:

            Agree. While I admired Honduras' goal and incredible defending at the beginning, the minute Spain started dominating possession and shooting on-goal they resorted to dirty tackling, time wasting and diving/injury-faking. The fact that the refs kept ignoring it was disgraceful. (I dislike goals resorting from red cards and penalties, but there were definitely several warranted.) That said, Spain's frustration just wore their discipline down and their age showed. If they could have remained calm and kept possession the way they did at the beginning of the second half, they would have eventually gotten a few through. This is what we see from the older NT players.

      • xoWinnie says:

        this stuff happens in every game, it doesn't give the players any right to run wild. have some class, it's not the end of the world. their behaviour at the end was disgusting and any sympathy I could have mustered for them evaporated when I saw all that.

        • Kel says:

          They were hardly running wild and whilst there is time wasting and bad refereeing in a lot of games the amount of it in that match was ridiculous and frustrating. Don't get me wrong, they could have played better esecially in their first game but they're young and most of them not used to dealing with the pressure and level of expectation that they didn't create for themselves but is put on them because of the senior team. I was frustrated watching and I can't blame them for feeling the same. They're only human and they're competative and passionate which is part of what makes them great players. People just want any excuse to hate on Spain right now and are expecting them to act like they're not human.

          • xoWinnie says:

            i love Spain, thank you very much. i would like them to have won, but nothing you can say will convince me that shouting in the referee's face and physically intimidating him is excusable. sorry.

  10. Kate says:

    Neymar, simply mesmerizing.

  11. gin_in_teacups says:

    Ugh, I'm still upset. Poor Juan Mata. It was heartbreaking to watch that match. Sigh… Not sure who to root for now. I think I might need some more of these photos to help influence my decision.

    Meanwhile, now I know who Isco is, because he was #15, and apparently, that's just what I automatically look for now.

  12. IrishBlue says:

    Awh I wanna cuddle that cutie pie Mata so bad!!

  13. hailey says:

    I'm sorry but am i the only one who saw micah richards shirtless at the olympics??? thought he deserved a mention :) http://news.daylife.com/photo/0dFR53mbZ6aIC?__sit…

  14. Gladys says:

    :( Did you have to rub it in, Kickette?! You'll be sorry when after Wed. the Olympics' two most adorable roommates are no longer posing with 7-foot Pau Gasol and tweeting about watching movies together in their room, drained camera batteries, and the overwhelming emotion of the opening ceremonies. (I'm really going to miss Adrian's daily online diary.) And don't get me started about the craziness of the match itself. What a hot mess of missed shots, bad ref calls, time-wasting fakery, and angry young Spaniards.

    Oh well, at least the US ladies are still rocking it! And the Brazil and Japan men's teams, too. Enjoy the games, everyone!

  15. Jayy says:

    I'm glad Chelsea have signed him. Why am I so delighted?
    More TV coverage = more perving opportunities.