February 9th, 2012

OMG Files: Super-Sized Splinter Gets Lodged In Footballer’s Thigh

None of these men are Jose P, amateur futbal sala player (futsal) and member of the Penya Sang Cule (FC Barcelona supporters group), prior to a huge piece of wood getting stuck in his thigh. Rather, we went with a random photo found whilst Googling “futsal” in order to spare those readers of ours who are of faint heart or body from seeing what’s next.

To see the gut-wrenching injury, follow us.


This *is* Jose P., after a super-sized splinter got threaded through his leg, stopping his squad’s match against Cornella last weekend dead cold.

Witnesses recount that he was sprinting up the right side of the pitch when he ran into an opposing player and was sent skidding across the floor.

He’s extremely lucky┬ábecause the wood only punctured skin, it didn’t affect a muscle or, even worse, a nerve or bone. Once at the hospital, they were able to remove the object, clean up his wound, and send him home. His team is considering legal action against the grounds to cover his medical costs.

Yikes. Hoping for Jose’s speedy recovery!

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7 Responses to “OMG Files: Super-Sized Splinter Gets Lodged In Footballer’s Thigh”

  1. DebS says:

    Yeesh! That is just horrible looking. So glad there was no serious damage. Very lucky considering how muscular their thighs are.

    Definitely got the tag right, Kickette. WTF?!

  2. Alone- Brazil says:

    My God that shocking scene, poor, good recovery for him!

  3. April says:

    Well, there goes my desire to ever play indoor soccer again. Oh, and my lunch.

    • littlegreenpea says:

      I know! Indoor soccer seems so dangerous now!

    • Tashinka says:

      Yeah. Ick. Makes my stretched-and-torn ligaments and cartilage damage (from indoor soccer) seem less gruesome now. We never played on wood floors, though. Just turf over concrete. :D

      • April says:

        I've done both… much prefer the turf with walls. To me, the only reason to play indoor is the 12th man (aka the walls). I almost just died again while seeing that picture to come back here to comment. Gah!