February 15th, 2012

On The Web This Week: The Top 5 Things We’ve Been Consuming In Lieu Of Working

We’ve sifted through all the recent viral goodness found throughout the football blogosphere for you, dear readers.

And for the uni Procrastination Planning 101 course that we’re currently enrolled in.

1. Harper Beckham’s Fashion Blog

Of all the sites on the internet – and there are a lot – the one that’s surprised us most is dedicated to Harper Beckham’s style. Though she can’t even walk yet, David and Victoria’s fourth child already has a daily blog dedicated to her social calendar (“3pm: Spit up on mummy“) as well as the chubby little thing’s most talked about ensembles.

With style off features like, “Who Wore Bonpoint Dress Better?”, Harper Beckham’s Fashion blog is our latest guilty obsession.


2. Chelsea Signing Session – Revelations & Red Faces

We like to think that we are ahead of the curve as far as player hotness is concerned. But we have to say that Fernando Torres’ response to the “Who is your hottest team-mate?” question caught us off guard. Suffice to say, we’ve found a new soft spot with the target of his affections, who you can learn the identity of in this vid. As well as a little about Juan Mata’s ability to lie unconvincingly when challenged.


3. Spreading The Love, The Only Way The Boys Know How

We’re not over Valentine’s Day, it’s true. Please check out Vancouver White Caps gesture of ‘love’ to Seattle Sounders, with a side of Bundesliga banter from our mates at KCKRS.


4. When Are We *Not* Talking Balls?

Talking Balls presenter Chris Cohen is a brave man, Kickettes. Not only has he entered into a mutually beneficial working arrangement with us (he asks blokes embarrassing, football related questions in return for… er… well, we haven’t figured that out yet, but we will) but he has done so while embracing our innovative time parameters.

He got our info for the Talking Balls – Kickette Round a mere 3o minutes before filming yesterday, and he coped admirably with the hastily scribbled piece of paper containing info about our WAG rankings (annotated with crayon drawings of Sylvie van der Vaart, obv) that we supplied.

Check out what Chris, regular panelist Jim Smallman and ludicrously hot rapper turned actor, Ashley Walters, had to say about your vote, Sylvie’s ball handling and Clint Dempsey’s adventures in compost purchasing (starting at 30.15).


5. What Else Do You Need To Know?

Newly crowned F5 hottie Olivier Giroud has been filmed speaking French while removing his clothes on 11:00. Then engaging in some manlove on 12:20.

We have @Philby1976 to thank for this find.


Ok, we’re off to fetch us some afternoon tea. We deserve it after spending all that time searching for story links.

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9 Responses to “On The Web This Week: The Top 5 Things We’ve Been Consuming In Lieu Of Working”

  1. xa14 says:

    OMG, that video of Olivier Giroud was SO HOT. And around 11:31, he totally slapped his teammate's ass!

  2. littlegreenpea says:

    @philby1976 you are the greatest!! I have watched this video about 10 times already. :) they make french sound so beautiful. All teams should do… whatever they're doing. Have a camera in the dressing room, I guess.
    I think you guys should know about the awesomeness of Jeremy Lin. It's linsanity! It's not necessarily football per say, but he's worth watching. :)

  3. Gladys says:

    While it just goes to show that straight men have some strange ideas about male attractiveness (either that or none of them really gets the question), I think it's pretty adorable that both Juan and Henrique Hilario choose broken-nosed gentle giant Oriol Romeu– though I'll admit the twenty year old has a curious something about him. Also, props to Meireles for going all "girl" on us and deflecting the compliment by pointing out his so-not-large belly. Yeah, Raul, geez, you should really work out a little more you big fatty. Abrazos to Chelsea TV! ;)

  4. Agnes Wonka says:

    Juan Mata is so cool! his English speaking is great.

  5. April says:

    it's been suggested that poor Nando was confused by what the term "fanciest teammate" meant when he was asked on his Friday Night Live episode, and he thought they meant the teammate that spends the most time on their appearance. I'd wonder who he would say if he knew what they were really asking… maybe it would still be the same person. They do have a bit of man-love for one another. :)

    Love those Chelsea boys and their camera antics!

    • zoraida says:

      raul and nando? no… i dont think they do..
      nando is loyal to his andalucian boyfriend.
      *wink wink

      • April says:

        Oh, Sergio will ALWAYS have his heart. But Nando's body has been had by more than a few. I can't keep track of them all.. he really seems to get around and take his affections as they come!

  6. Natalie says:

    Juan is totally running away from possibility of dancing on camera!! LoLs