July 26th, 2010

City Tour: Shaun Wright-Phillips & Wayne Bridge In NYC

The Manchester City crew are in the States as part of their American tour, and the team stopped off to eat at Bagatelli for lunch on Saturday. We’re not even going to ask why besties SWP and Bridgey are dressed like twins, but we will say we’re feelin’ the headwear Wayne’s sporting. He’s kinda fly, no?

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24 Responses to “City Tour: Shaun Wright-Phillips & Wayne Bridge In NYC”

  1. Mark Voss says:

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  2. sarah says:

    good god wayne bridge is such a tool. i can't see one thing about him that doesn't scream giant douche.

  3. Xannie says:

    Am I the only one that notices Wayne Bridge's cankles?

  4. sally says:

    sean wright phillips probably still gets id'd. i honestly thought he was about 20

  5. lillah says:

    Nice shirts. But oh, where is Roque, I miss him so much!!

  6. Mel says:

    These are D&G shirts, it's funny how footballers and theirs WAGS seem to be sponsored by this brand, you can even see a DG bag at the left corner of the pic :p

  7. Jenna says:

    i live in nyc, why, oh why can’t i just randomly run into a footballer on the street? i’d prob be too shy to say hi but how cool would that be? also, ditto to the request for more llorente :) :)

  8. Lu says:

    They are just too cute.

  9. Pam says:

    Hahaha they look cute dressed like twins.

  10. Ana;) says:

    Ying and yang! Lol the besties are even dressing alike…hmmm…interesting!


    Kickette, no love for Fernando Llorente, seriously like whats up with that?

  12. Steph says:

    lol, I know. They’re dressed practically the same! Did they check with each other before leaving? haha. But yeah, I like his hat, too.

  13. JV says:

    LOL, James Dean shirt and khaki cargo shorts… Wayne fits in with the NYC hipster set way too well.

  14. Lisa says:

    in NYC eh? they certainly give new meaning to the term Chelsea Boys.

  15. Bria says:

    LMAO!!! Cookies & Cream……I'm feeling Wayne though….he looks fly with his hat and all.

  16. tammyv says:

    Is Bridgey really wearing a Robbie Williams t-shirt? or Am I imagining that?


      Lmao, I think it's James Dean.

      • tammyv says:

        I doesn't look like Dean to me but it makes a hell of a lot more sense

        • shay says:

          It is James Dean. The weird part is a couple of days ago I saw a pic of Frank Ribery in what must have been the same shirt. Guess they shop at the same mall Spencers.

          • WagInTraining says:

            yeah i saw ribery wearing it aswell! when he was going into court over the prostitution thing…but i think we all know who wore it better

        • LiL'V says:

          James Dean i think not…looks more like Robert Downey Jnr to me??? I think we need a close up, he may very well need to take off the shirt for a closer inspection ;-)

  17. Sally says:

    Lol that they're so co-ordinated!

  18. kai says:

    how nice, souvenir shirts…his and hers?