August 16th, 2006

on the fence

We can never make our minds up about frank lampard here at kickette.

Is he a cutie or … not so much?

Case in point:

Very cute: signing autographs in flash car; stubble; good shades

Not at all cute: weird pointy nipple thing happening

Cute: with daugher, Luna

Cute: standing next to david beckham, nuff said

No, never, not gonna happen: taking it to the streets

Such are the dilemnas that keep us up at night. That, and trying to understand how he could possibly have missed every bloody chance to score a goal for England at the World Cup. Not that we’re still bitter.

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2 Responses to “on the fence”

  1. Becca x says:

    Scuse Me.. But Did You Wake Up With S**t In Your Eyes Or Something…
    How Can You Cay That This Georgeus Man Looks Like Trevor From Eastenders And Cant Play Football For Toffee… You Have Clearly Never Seen Him Play For Chelsea Hes The Best!! Crouchy…Fit??? How Can YTou Say That.. I Agree About Stevie G But No Way Crouchy!!
    Sort It Out Dahling..
    Love Bec
    Lampard I Love You xx

  2. Emma says:

    My thoughts: Frank does have a tendency to look a little like Trevor from Eastenders (check the bottom pic), and I loathe how all the girls in my year fawn over him like he’s some sort of demi-God when there’s hotties like Stevie G and Crouchie floating about, especially as Mr. Lampard can’t play for toffee, but that still doesn’t make him unsexy. he has piercing eyes, a lovely six pack, a gorgeous hair.

    And he’s so wonderfully paternal around Luna. That’s sweet.