August 22nd, 2012

Opportunity Knocks: Are You The Next Sara Carbonero?

Are you a Kickette Cadet with worldly interests way beyond your 12-16 years? If so, why not take the opportunity to make some use of your energy instead of wasting it perving over hot boys?

The FA WSL (Women’s Super League) are working with ESPN to find the next generation of TV sports reporter. All you have to do is make and upload an original, single-camera 60-second video report on a recent sport event to your own YouTube account and then visit to find out how to submit the URL.

Presumably it needs to be a proper sports report, and not badly filmed outburst of a drunken Kickette staffer crying into her beverage because Sergio Ramos will never love her. There’s a reason why we’re here writing this and not presenting for a living, if you haven’t caught on by now.

And remember, if you’re really good, you might get to follow in the footsteps of Sara Carbonero (or Rebecca Lowe). We all know what happens to her after major sporting events, so good luck!

We swear no one paid us to write this; we genuinely want to see one of our readers ascend to presenter greatness (mainly because we’re wildly competitive and loathe losing, but still). Image: © PA Photos.

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11 Responses to “Opportunity Knocks: Are You The Next Sara Carbonero?”

  1. Carla says:

    Sara Carbonero is really pretty, and i like her, but she doesn’t know much about sports. She just repeats what those around her say. After the Euro semi-final she asked Iniesta if he would’ve of liked to take a penalty, which he did. And she was watching, sitting in the sidelines!
    (P.s. Yeah, why was i aged 12-16) :/

  2. cella.xx says:

    well this is great..good luck to all girls!!

  3. Pam says:

    Unfortunately this is only for children from 12-16 :(

  4. Dr. Heidi says:

    So me extolling my love for Sergio, punctuated by my eternal devotion to his mere existence wouldn't be newsworthy enough to make it to the big leagues? unlike your anticipated 'tears in your beer' emotional meltdown, I would be able to resist such an estrogen fueled ladies moment, and make pursuing Sergio Ramos itself a sport! There you go! Who could resist THAT?????? Genius! It would be a great human interest piece, informative (for all you stalkers in training), would require LOTS of info, photos and video of the subject at hand……what could be more perfect????Eureka~! The perfect news story with the absolutely perfect ending of me capturing him, and the endless devotion then comes from him…..ah yes.

  5. @marynootoo says:

    i had just that outburst recently. good to be among my own kind.

  6. FootballandMe says:

    I got really excited… And then I noticed it was aged from 12 – 16 :(

  7. laligagirl says:

    I love that your title says "Are you the next Sara Carbonero" and not "Are you the next Pastasauce". She gets a lot of hate around here (and everyone is entitled to their opinion – love or hate) but I like her.

    BTW, why is #5 on the Finest Five still vacant?

    • Dr. Heidi says:

      I concur…..why IS #5 still vacant? There was quite the extended discussion about just whom should be given his rightful place….lots for Torres, lots for Gomez……

      • In due time it shall be filled, ladies. Due time – or until we rectify a more pressing HHOF issue.

        • Dr. Heidi says:

          Although that picture of Manuel Neuer you posted on August 17 could throw all that well intentioned and fervent rallying for Nando and Gomez completely out of whack…..