December 7th, 2011

Out & About: Matteo Ferrari Wears Leather & Louis Well

MF, you like tennis? SO.DO.WE! Image taken in Milan, Italy on 03.12.2011.

This man needs to do two simple things to keep us happy and interested in him:

1. Come out in public more often.

2. Leave his gal pal at home more often.

We sure ain’t getting any younger, Matteo, so you need to snap out of this reclusion funk and get your silky smooth booty to street stepping. You can window shop whilst there for all we care. As long as your skinny jeans cling to your thighs for dear life in between strides, you won’t find us complaining.

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2 Responses to “Out & About: Matteo Ferrari Wears Leather & Louis Well”

  1. McRed says:

    wow that lady needs to get her hands on some touche eclat pronto! but I guess we'd all look that knackered if we were going to bed with him every night

  2. EvaW says:

    Oh dear… she sure looks tired.