September 27th, 2007

Pitter Patter: Xabi and Nagore


Congratulations are in order for Xabi Alonso and his partner, Nagore. They are expecting their first child together.

We will not be bitterly or insanely jealous nor will we player hate on this fine couple.  For at least thirty, maybe forty seconds.

We will however, have a very large drink of something alcoholic whilst listening to I Will Survive on the iPod in order to deal.  Xabi really is well and truly off the market.

Thanks Irham for the scoop!

September 26th, 2007

Six Degrees: Ashley Cole and Mariah Carey


So, this is random and may not win you any points at the next pub quiz, but here goes:  Chelsea’s Ashley Cole is related to head diva Mariah Carey.

Mariah says that while checking into her family tree to see if she had any relation to jazz legend Nat ‘King’ Cole she discovered that she shared a family lineage with Ashley instead. 

That seems a bit like searching in the sofa cushions for a lost

September 26th, 2007

Becks, Unsupervised


Victoria Beckham is in Japan and David isn’t staying at home to catch up on his correspondence, that’s fo’ sho.

First, Becks was spotted out at LA nightclub, Hyde, with his Galaxy crew and random celebs (Cobi Jones, Nicky Hilton, Kayne West). He didn’t arrive at the club until after 11pm, and sources say he and his boys were “surrounded by 21-year-olds” and “enjoying the view.“ Actress Leelee Sobeski was there and confirmed as much, but played anything shady down to X17: “He just looked like a dude having a good time.“

The next day, David goes shopping at Ron Herman.  On his way out, when he sees he’s been discovered by a photographer, he legs it – bad ankle and all – back to his car, quick, fast, in a hurry.  Was David concerned Victoria would discover he went shopping without her? Or is it something juicer – as suggested by our favourite gossip, Lainey – was David shopping for someone else?  What’s he hiding?

We can’t remember a time in the history of our long-term Becks-love that David has avoided the paparazzi. Other than the drama after the World Cup red card when he had to get out of the UK before the lynch mobs got him and he rushed to Victoria in America, this isn’t really his style. 

We await your valued opinions, dear readers.  Is this an innocent boys night out followed by a spot of shopping?  Was he just running to the car because he was about to get a parking ticket?  Or is Becks Unsupervised up to something?

Random note: to everyone emailing us about the newly surfaced photos of David naked, straddling the edge of a bed, supposedly for a gay magazine shoot, thanks for filling our inbox with love.  But they are fake and photoshopped to death.  Shame, they’re much better than these ones, aren’t they?


September 25th, 2007

Freeness: Win a WAGs Diary


Award-winning sports journalist Alison Kervin has written her first novel, called The WAG’s Diary. It’s a fictional account of the trials and tribulations that come with being constantly fake baked, stilettoed and drunk, and it’s bloody WAG-chavstic.

The book follows Luton Town head WAG, Tracie Martin, who is appalled at the influx of ‘Slag Wags’ coming in and lowering the high standards of WAG life. Some of the new breed are even wearing flat shoes, which she finds unforgivable, not to mention shocking.  Taking matters into her own acrylic French manicured hands, Tracie decides to write a handbook to guide the way for newbies, wannabes and those who believe in upholding the true WAG code of honour. 

This quote sums up Tracie in one line: “We were all upset when Victoria went for a short hairstyle, but you have to move on from these things.  You have to let the pain go.“

Now this is the type of chick-lit we can get on board with. 

We’ve got three spanking-new copies of the book to give away, and we’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Alison, who has had many adventures following the real-life WAGs around Baden Baden and beyond for her research.  She’s brill, and you’ll definitely get a kick out of her WAG expertise. 

Our interview with Alison will be up on the site Monday, and in the meantime, to win a copy of The WAGs Diary, just drop us an email at wagsdiarycomp (at), with your name, email address and the answer to this extremely tricky question:

Which Liverpudlian lass is engaged to Wayne Rooney?

The WAG’s Diary, by Alison Kervin is out on AVON/Harper Collins in October 2007 and is available for pre-order:WAG’s Diary – Amazon UK

Link: WAG’s Diary Official Site

Winners will be randomly selected and notified when the competition closes on Oct 1.  We’re extremely anti-spam, and your information will never be forwarded or passed on to any one else.  Ever.  Unless we get access to Becks, Lamps or Cristiano’s personal email, in which case we’ll be spamming the daylights out of their accounts on your behalf.

September 25th, 2007

Photo Call: John Terry’s Shorts



Is there any possible explanation for this short/shirt-pulling, self induced front-wedgie action by Chelsea’s main man, John Terry? 

Did we miss a memo about the latest way to celebrate a goal?

Is this related to testosterone and other such manly things we do not have the authority to comment on?

Or, as the lovely Lyzette put it in an email to us: “Whatever he is trying to do in this picture, I don’t want to know, ever. It looks painful to him and is certainly painful to me.“

Amen to that.