July 9th, 2007

Frank Lampard: Nothing Happened, Okay?


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Frank Lampard seems to have gotten himself into a sticky-icky situation in Vegas. Granted, Vegas is a city built for sticky-ickys, so this should come as no surprise, really. Vegas = gambling, alcohol and women. This = a very happy place for the ballers amongst us, who have few other interests outside these areas.

Anyhoo, Lampard has been in Vegas since Weds, on a lads-only vacay with Teddy Sheringham, Wayne Bridge, and Glen Johnson.

Reports are flying that Frank hooked up with an Eastern European brunette and spent four hours with her in the private villa the boys had rented at the Wynn Hotel. Let us just mention here, the boys all had their own suites at the hotel, but booked a villa specifically for other purposes.

Says the croupier at the table where the boys were getting their gamble on:

“They were laughing about taking women back to the hotel’s Fairview Villa.

“I heard several telling girls they had their own suites, but had hired the villa for fun. They called it their ‘P*ssy Playhouse’ and were being quite crude.”

We refuse, on principle, to comment on the name of the playhouse. We simply cannot.


July 9th, 2007

The Best Man Beatdown: Alex Curran


It’s every bride’s not-so-secret fear: the best man’s speech at her wedding.

Let’s be more specific: the fear of the speech is largely based out of the possibility that someone will embarrass the crap out of you. 

Or, even more specifically: fear of the potential drunken ramblings of someone with inside information who happens to be given a huge public platform, like at your wedding which is packed to the rafters with WAG wannabes, player haters and those who are texting the gossip columns every detail of your wedding shenanigans. 

And by shenanigans, we mean the entire room being informed that you have breast implants.

So, after that long-winded introduction, we bring you the snap of the year, from Steven Gerrard’s mate, Boggo during the speeches at their wedding on June 16:

Jonathan “Boggo” Boggan praised the Liverpool ace’s successes, “none more so than when you got Alex’s jugs done”.

The gaffe stunned guests, especially the bride’s gran who did not know about the op.

But Boggo had Stevie, 27, and Alex, 24, in stitches on their big day at Cliveden House, Berks, by adding: “I wish you both the best in the world!”

Embarassing, yes?  But not terribly scandalous, as Alex admitted in 2005 that she moved up from a B cup to a D cup, saying,  “I did it to make me feel better, not for anyone else. Although I’m sure Steven doesn’t mind them!“

Even with her admission, if this happened to us, we’d be introducing Boggo to our friends, beat and down.

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July 6th, 2007

Beck Talk: Spandex, Ugliness and LA



David?  Darling?  Put the spandex down and step away from the 10 speed.

One would think we would be down for this Becks/Spandex situ, but this look does not float our boat. We’re not even at the dock. Still in the boat house having a martini. 

We’ve never known David to rock the bike training before – are these shots of him (on vacay with the family in the South of France) staged for a paparazzi opp, or for real?

Either way, we’re good with not seeing David in any training gear other than his own.  Meaning, no more biker gear, no more American football gear. Aiight?

In other Posh ‘n Becks news, David is officially launched at the Galaxy on July 13, and the US takeover continues with Victoria Beckham booked to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno later that evening. 

Her reality TV show , Coming To America, will be broadcast for North American viewers on July 16.  Tabloids are reporting that Victoria has only agreed to the Spice Girls reunion if everyone flies to LA to rehearse with her there.  Because lord knows, she can’t be away from her family for work purposes.

Oh, and Victoria’s also going to be a guest star on hit show Ugly Betty – playing herself.  She was paid She was paid £70,000 for the spot, which will air later this year.

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July 6th, 2007

The Friday Fit: Daniel de Ridder



Need a reason to head to Birmingham?

Meet Daniël de Ridder.  He’s new to the City, and we’re thinking he might be in need of a welcoming committee.

July 4th, 2007

Beck Talk: Happy Anniversary



Eight years ago today David and Victoria set the bar for WAG wannabes everywhere when they got married in Ireland in a fiercely pompous ceremony of fierce pomposity.

And look, they haven’t change a scratch since these pics.

No, wait… there is something different.  They’re much, much richer.

On that note, here are some images of the Beckham family + nanny getting out of their chauffeur driven Bentley which parked directly on the runway leading to la private jet.

We’re a little concerned by the proximity of the Beckhams to the Easyjet orange lowly peasant travel system dock, but we’re quite sure they don’t make private jets, so we’re good.

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and denden.