February 6th, 2007

Beck Talk: Superbowl



The David Beckham Superbowl interview thing?

Yeah, so it sucked.

It wasn’t an interview, it was a commercial.  And did we mention that it sucked?

However, we have a new appreciation for players in the NFL and are considering branching out into American sports love.  Oh, who are we kidding, we can barely be bothered to update stuff on British players.  But back to the advert.

The suckiness was all around on this one: the random people, for a start.  LL Cool J and Martha Stewart in the same commercial? That’s just plain wrong.

And as for David’s big American introduction, don’t blink or you’ll miss it.  He does look fine though. But, whatevs.

Link: Chad Johnson’s Superbowl Party

February 6th, 2007

Wedding Bells: Gary & Emma

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imageGary Neville and Emma Hadfield will be getting married at Manchester Cathedral this summer.

On the 16th of June.

The. same. date. as. Steven. Gerrard’s. wedding. To. Alex. Curran.

Interesting, yes?

We’re thinking the guest list will be clashing like the lining in a bad designer handbag knock off, but we’re excited about the drama potential.

Gary plays for Man U, and is a very close friend of David Beckham, who has admitted he has few close mates. 

Random fact: at the 2006 World Cup, Gary refused to share a room with Becks because of his obsessive compulsive disorder. Becks has to unpack everything and line it all up neatly, whereas Gary could give a rats arse about that kind of thing.  Plus ,David goes to bed late (around 1am) and Gary goes to bed early (10pm). 

Don’t ask us how we know such things, we just know.

We’re sure David will be invited to be a best man for the Neville/Hadfield nuptials (Gary was his best man in ‘99 when he tied the knot), but sources are saying Victoria will want to hit the WAG fest that will be the Gerrard/Curran wedding.  It looks like they’ll be booking a helicopter so they can hit both parties. 

Link: On Me Wed Son

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February 6th, 2007

gemma atkinson: piss off, I’m still here


imageAfter the reports of Ms. Atkinson getting her groove on with some random soap opera “star” rather than sticking with her hottie b/f, Cristiano Ronaldo, it would seem she’s decided she wants back in the WAG club.  To the naysayers who doubt her relationship with CR, Gemma says it’s still on, they’re still dating and it’s all good – she’s even going to meet the parents at some point in the never-future.

Ronaldo has apparently told his team mates that the relationship isn’t serious and that he’s got a jones for most of the girls from Hollyoaks, the British soap opera Gemma graces our presence with 4x a week. Or more. Or possibly less, as if we’re going to check the listings for that factual information.

Since the initial flurry of activity (ie, the one night), no one has actually spotted Gemma and Cristiano together. 

We’re thinking it’s the sort of dating where after a drunken fling and a few hot and steamy text messages, party A is planning the wedding and party B is planning their next night on the tiles where they can pick up some more random B-list ass and so on.  Not that we know anything about such incidents. 

Gemma’s posted the following on her official site: “Finally, to those who have wished me luck in my new relationship, THANKYOU! I haven’t done badly there girls have I!!!!! Fingers crossed I don’t screw this one up……..“

We have no comment.

Link: Ronaldo Likes “All” HollyOaks Girls

February 1st, 2007

beck talk: stupid pet tricks

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  We were too busy staring into space thinking about the large muscular horsepower of Sir David to consider the potential consequences of his actions in his photoshoot for Disney/Annie Lebowitz.

Like, let’s see: the horse rears, David falls off the horse, breaks his ass, and the LA Galaxy crumples up and folds into the sea.

Read more here, and see the video clip of David hanging on for dear life here.

Well, actually, it’s like 5 milliseconds of David hanging on, but it’s a dramatic 5 milliseconds, we swear.

A word of warning: watch it with the sound off.

Otherwise you’ll have to hear him say, “it’s very honouring… it was very honouring”, or something terribly terrible and you don’t want to lose your Beck-on, dear friends.

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February 1st, 2007

couch potato links: WAGs boutique

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  Hey, so we thought the first episode of the WAGs Boutique was a little sucky, but what did we expect? Only one of these gals has even been to Baden Baden, the true measure of a WAG if ever there was one. TV producers: we need a little A-List up in hee-ure. Shoot, we’d settle for a fly by from Abi Clancy at this point.

Apparently, Cassie Sumner, a WAG on the Better Half squad isn’t actually dating Michael Essien (Chelsea). Or she was, and he got so ashamed he’s now denying any knowledge of her. Either way, it’s not good for the show. Link: A Wag or Not A Wag

Learn more about Cassie and her fabulous real/fake life as a WAG. Link: Cassie Sumner profile.

Since this is turning into a Cassie S heavy post, let’s continue. She first hit the headlines in 2004, after being seen having a drink with Prince Harry at Chinawhite. She later told all to the tabloids about their “intimate” moments. Oh, and she sort of used to be an escort. Eep.
Link: Harry’s Kiss With Cassie

Promo clip for WAGs Boutique on You Tube.

Next week we’ve got a boutique catfight on our hands as Cassie tells Michaela Henderson-Tynne to talk to the hand. Literally. Link: WAGs Get Their Claws Out For The Cameras

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