December 18th, 2006

barton v everyone

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Joey Barton, hailing from the borough of Drop-Trow has beef with several individuals.

He thinks England skipper Steve McClaren should drop Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard and let him get bi-zay on the England squad instead -the next England game is a friendly against Spain in Feb ‘07.

He’s released a rampage of high quality fightin’ words…

“I wouldn’t be like Lampard or Gerrard, who are superstars at their clubs and want the limelight at England.“

“I look at top footballers these days and they’ve lost touch with reality.“

“I’d say 90 per cent of them are from working class backgrounds but they play 100 games in the Premiership, get the car and the house and think they?re upper class. They surround themselves with hangers-on who tell them how wonderful they are every minute of the day and they lose any kind of perspective.“

Joey, honey? Look, well done on speaking your mind and the anger management classes and all that, but any more ish from you about spoiled, rich ballers living large, buying a seat on the nouveau riche train to glory and you’ll get a very pointy Choo in the eye.

Link: Joey Barton’s Damning Verdict

December 14th, 2006

foot stompin’ good times: wayne rooney


image: getty

Wayne and Coleen were macking it at an NBA game in the New York a few days ago (Celtics v Knicks).

They even announced that Wayne was in the hi-zouse to the crowd of thousands, of which three people knew who the hell he was.

Then, a big ass long and tall basketball player fell on his foot.

But it’s all good. The foot is fine.

Just another day in the wild ride life of Mr. Rooney.

Link: Rooney Nearly Re-Injures Foot

Here’s a pic of Wayne and Coleen out at a UNICEF benefit looking mighty dapper. Getting stomped on by a big American obviously did him well.

December 14th, 2006

haters: alex ferguson

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Whatever, Alex.

Man U boss Alex Ferguson has been talking about the players he’s worked with at Man U that he regards as “world class”.

And guess who’s on the list? 

Peter Schmeichel
Ryan Giggs
Eric Cantona

So far, so good, yes?

Wayne Rooney
Roy Keane

Paul Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo were mentioned as some of his other favourites. Actually, he said: “To work with such people has been an absolute pleasure.“

Oh yes, he left David’s ass hanging in the breeze. He really did. And for that, Sir Alex, you are branded a hater.

We’re not discounting the other players – they’re all class acts, even if they’re gingers (PS), rage-filled (RK and WR) or Welsh (RG). But, pull-ease!

Side note: we still wish we could have been there when David got walloped with that footie boot in the Manu U dressing room. Can you imagine the grimacing, angry Becks face? *sigh* So, so good.

Link: Beckham Fails To Make Top Five

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December 14th, 2006

WAG watch: Cheryl Cole

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photo: keystone

Trucker hat that hasn’t been in style since 1998: check.

Wait – trucker hat with gold lame/camo swirl detailing that was never in style: check.

Louis V bag: check.

Requisite skinny jeans with small machine-made rip for hip, street factor: check.

Candy cane striped socks that have nothing to do with this outfit, or any outfit anyone in the entire free world owns: check.

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December 12th, 2006

WAG reality


Oh, snap. The WAG reality tv show isn’t doing very well.

The ITV program, called “WAGs Boutique” (zzz) is struggling to replace several of the higher profile gals who have pulled out.

Alex Curran, Elen Rives, Carly Zucker and Abbey Clancy have all nixed the show after previously agreeing to do it. People, it’s a WAG-boycott. Take cover and run for better quality programming.

The show – due to be aired next spring in the UK – puts the girls in a clothing boutique and they compete to see who can sell the most. The winner gets to launch her own fashion line.

Hey, wake up – we’re not done yet.

The girls that are now going to be taking part include Charlotte Meares (gf to Jermain Defoe), Jadene Bircham, QPR’s Marc Bircham’s wife, Heather Swan (of Michael Chopra fame), and Michaela Henderson-Thynne (Stewart Downing’s missus, pictured above.

Other class acts on board are glamour model Cassie Summer (Michael Essien’s babe) and Nicola Tappenden, who is a page 3 model and her boyfriend, Bobby Zamora of West Ham has a 6 ft wide photo of her breasts installed in their bedroom.

Link: Football WAGs Seek Fame