December 6th, 2006

beck talk: the cash files

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Wow, we really lost our minds earlier when we said the shine was coming off of the Golden Balls. David, we will never speak ill of your wondrous shining 24k balls again.

For at least three weeks.

The British football “rich list” is out. And who is at the top of the table? Who is head, shoulders and thighs above the rest?

David is worth

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December 6th, 2006

WAG watch: VB does LA, etc

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Victoria has been house hunting in LA and all french manicured fingers look like they’re pointing at a move to Cali for the Beckhams. Could David really be ready to let go of his (sputtering) career? He’s apparently told his boss at Real Madrid he’s willing to play any position just to get out on the pitch.

We can think of a few positions for him to play. (ba-dum, dum)

But really, whether David does go to play for the LA Galaxy or not, the shine is wearing off of his golden balls. Wow, we never thought we’d say that.

So, back to Victoria. While in LA she also went shopping at Kitson (West Hollywood’s much loved department store), had lunch with Katie (at the Sunset Marquis hotel), and wore a librarian outfit that we hated.

However, she did look absolutely banging when shopping at Marc Jacobs – redeeming the style points completely lost over her previous fashion faux.

Peep toe Louboutins? *sigh* VB, you have stolen our (imagined) life. And for this, we love/hate you.

* UPDATE Victoria B is in LA to do a “top secret” photo shoot for a big magazine (Vanity Fair??) Could work very nicely as part of the US reveal when she and David make their announcement… Y’all are reading her blog, right?*

Link: Victoria Beckham’s US House Hunt

Audrey Hepburn’s black cocktail dress from classic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s was sold at auction for

November 30th, 2006

WAG Watch: Alex Curran



It’s a slow news day, so work with us people.

Alex has just left WAG staple boutique, Cricket, with her daughter, Lily-Ella, after returning several bags of clothing and picking up some new stuff.

Makes you wonder if a lot of the shopping she does is actually “borrowing”. Lord knows the Liverpool footy gals have put that shop on the map, so maybe they lend her the odd pair of trousers from time to time. Stranger things have happened.

Seriously though, we have no idea. We’re trying to make something out of nothing.

Alex also got a parking ticket. Wow… she says she’s just like a “regular mum”, and now we have proof. Plus, most mums we know wear hats like that when they hit the local shops too.

We said it was a slow news day, right?

November 30th, 2006

victoria beckham: control issues?


photo: getty

Victoria was at the Bambi Awards in Stuttgard causing a whole heap of hoopla about the agreement her people wanted the Associated Press to sign.

The document “would have allowed Beckham to get copies of all photos, with the ability to use them for promotional purposes” and stopped photographers from leaking any “confidential information” that may be revealed during the event.

The Associated Press told her people to kiss their Associated ass. Other agencies agreed, but ignored Mrs. B on the red carpet.

Here’s what we want to know: what sort of “confidential information” would Victoria not want revealed? Isn’t this one of the most photographed women in WAG history? It’s not like she’s camera shy.

Weird, no? Watch this space, kickettes.

Link: Pushy Posh Poo-Poos Pix

November 27th, 2006

the WTF files: david james


Dearest David, ye of former friday fit fame:

Look, we support your need to be creative, we really do. It’s an admirable trait.

But after the reveal this weekend of la barnet?

We have to issue this formal statement:

Hair relaxer is not a toy.

It is not meant for male footy players, especially those gifted with good looks and a half-assed/mostly crappy talent for goal tending.

The comb-over style of hairdressing is for bald men clinging to their three strands of hair. You are not those men.

You could have worked it out. You could have gone with a short, spiky-ish, messy doo. You know, like 99% of the general population is wearing right now. Did you miss that memo?

Wanting to be different = good. This = bad.

Finally, knowing that the relaxer you used is called “Bold and Beautiful” ? Go play in the traffic, you big girl.