September 6th, 2006


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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: if you’re dumb, you better be cute.

Or in this instance, if have trouble with your native language, don’t try to tackle one of those nasty foreign ones.

Case in point, hottest of the hotties: David Beckham.

When asked by a group of Spanish journalists (in Spanish) whether he and Victoria were expecting another child, he said, “yes”. Cue worldwide media pandemonium.

The Sun, UK breaks it down in English:

A journalist asked him: “Congratulations. Is it true that you’re going to be a father?“

Beckham smiled broadly and replied “Yes.“

The journalist asked: “Are you happy?“

Becks: “Yes”.

Journalist: “How are you?“

Becks: “Very well.“

And Victoria? “Good, thanks.“

But when asked “Would you prefer a boy or a girl?“, the star just smiled.

His spokeswoman admitted: “He misunderstood a question in Spanish.“

The spokeswoman explained that David thought the press were asking how Victoria and the babies were.  But if that’s true, wouldn’t his answers have been, “good thanks”, not “yes”?

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