March 22nd, 2011

Pato & Barbara Berlusconi: Caught On Camera


Do these photos constitute a loved-up Pato and Barbara Berlusconi? According to Italian weekly, Today, all signs of catching the couple in the act of their first kiss point to “yes”, but Barbara’s ear-to-ear grin isn’t wide enough to win our WAGdom approval just yet.

Call us harsh, bitter, elitist, et al – only sticks, stones and salt will seriously harm our jawbones, all of which we’ve done a fine job of avoiding since we were 18.

We’re so reluctant to declare all sexual systems “go” on this pair mainly because Lady Berlusconi is about to take her seat on AC Milan’s Board of Directors. Yes, having a power position is very boss of her – even if she didn’t gainfully acquire it on her own merit – but we’re still short on case studies detailing the effects of mixing business with pleasure. We’re merely exercising proper precaution for the health and well-being of Pato’s curly Qs, you see.

Of what little we do know (using Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas’ hogging of the headlines as an example), it’s best to start honing your siesta skills, Kickettes, for there will be enough hearty helpings of news about this couple to fill your plates, bowls and RSS feeds for months to come.

As for us and our stringent WAG club rules, those will loosen once concrete confirmation (as opposed to BB’s earlier romantic denial of Pato) comes our way.

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19 Responses to “Pato & Barbara Berlusconi: Caught On Camera”

  1. tyeqwet says:

    hahahahhahah……nice to see Pato enjoying some italian ass!!! :D FORZA MILAN!!!

  2. robin says:

    i dont have football team,,still i need to chat with you

  3. natalie says:

    whhhhhyy old women???? DUDE!

  4. Ricardo Rami says:

    well i dnt blame pato..barbara is pretty damn hot..anyway congratz pato but stephanie was better for..i cant believe hw culd he left d love of his life since d high school like dat…anyway i hope for him a happy life..forzaaaaaaaaaaaaa milan nd patooooo

  5. Sheck says:

    She's a grown woman, and whether or not she has the qualifications and characteristics aquired for the job, the job is now hers. How she handles her new-found position is
    I don't belive she's dumb enough not to have considered the pros and cons of dating said footballer, and she obviously believes the pros weigh out any negitive backlash she may recieve, I say; go girl! Having Silvio Berlusconi as your father can't be an easy feat, give the girl a break!
    And, if they call it off at some stage, I seriously doubt she'll "remove" him from the club as a result. She got herself into it and she'll get herself out of it!

  6. kuku zeph says:

    allowed them to live thier love in peace want are your concerning pato and her make a good couple has nothing to do with her dad or any other thing than love

  7. Mony says:

    Let's run a little bet. How long before he cheats on her? I say a month,

  8. Sarah, Madrid says:

    With the boss' daugther, hmmm…Pato not a wise move! although if my dad owned real madrid, I would have been trying to be with Pipita for sure, I dont judge Barbara, I would have done it too ^_^

  9. lifesabeach_ says:

    WHY PATO WHY?!?! THE NEO-FASCIST HEIRESS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Lived in Italy last year and paid close to €1,000 in visa fees for what, her pedicures and her father's hair plugs?! NOT IMPRESSED.

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  11. Marika says:

    I think you should never mix business with pleasure. And what happens when she find out that Pato is cheating her with some hot chick… He can`t keep playing in Milan can`t he…

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  13. ehsan says:

    we cant b sure if thats pato….we didnt see his face!!!

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  15. Angela says:

    Is it just me, or are some posts not showing up?

  16. NotPennysBoat says:

    I`m Italian and everyone is talking about them here..Honestly, that doesn`t look like a real kiss to me. They seem more like friends. Why is Pato keeping his hand on Barbara`s stomach?I don’t think she`s pregnant:she already has two little children..

  17. but she's kissing his cheek… did she aim for his lips and miss?

  18. LiLi says:

    Erm Why is Pato holding her stomach? Is she pregnant or is he pushing her away? And thats not really a kiss to me, thats her trying to his him and him looking not that interested.

    Alex, Alex, Alex. What are we going to do with you?

  19. diana says: