July 21st, 2011

Paul Scholes Testimonial: The Stars Come Out

Paul Scholes. Not just a fan’s favourite, judging by the star studded cast lining up to play in his testimonial. Image: Reuters/Daylife

Last night, during Manchester United’s 7-0 tonking of Seattle Sounders, the The New York Cosmos released their roster of footballers who will be gracing the Old Trafford pitch for Paul Scholes’ upcoming testimonial.

The big news? Well, details are sketchy, but we have identified the following things that you might want to keep an eye out for:

- Fabio Cannavaro and Patrick Vieira’s triumphantly quick returns to the pitch.
- The long and short of Robbie Keane.
- Googling players like Moriken Sangary to discover what they’re working with prior to the match.

Full squad list after the jump, peeps. Soz, we know, it’s one extra step, but nothing worth having comes without effort.

- Nicky Butt
- Chad Calderone
- Sol Campbell
- Fabio Cannavaro
- Ibrahim Diaby
- Stefan Dimitrov
- David Diosa
- Brad Friedel
- Marvin Iraheta
- Robbie Keane
- Brian McBride
- Dane Murphy
- Gary Neville
- Yanik Reyering
- Michel Salgado
- Moriken Sangary
- Patrick Vieira

Friday, the 5th of August can’t come soon enough for us, Kickettes. How ’bout you lads and lasses?

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14 Responses to “Paul Scholes Testimonial: The Stars Come Out”

  1. Pierre Lecheminou says:

    And here I thought the Cosmos comeback was going to be a joke and a fraud by using a name which equals overspending like a drunken Abramovich in a league where you are not alllowed to do that.

    Instead they will be using the same kind of hasbeens the original Cosmos went for.
    Viera and Cannavaro and world champions and true legends so this is true to the Cosmos ethos.

    Of course, the only way you will ever be able to see this many aged heroes in one space wearing a Cosmos uniforms will be meaningless friendlies.
    It will be the cadillac of old timer teams.

    They will be able to play Cosmos games all over the planet using a rotating crew of players and like cirque du soleil you will be able to have a Cosmos NYC play some high school tournament in the Hamptons and a Cosmos Asia playing at the same time in Honk Kong against the staff and customers of Luong's Noodle Emporium.

    I knew that this whole thing about youth teams and academies didnt make sense… it was never what Cosmos was all about.
    This solution of having the brand outsourced across all continents with a rotating cast is sheer brillance.

  2. Rossanera says:

    This sounds like it will be awesome. So excited to see Canna play, since he's no longer been on Italian soil we haven't seen much of him.

  3. [...] The New York Cosmos named their roster for the Scholes testimonial. Sadly, about half are kids from their academy. [Kickette] [...]

  4. [...] The New York Cosmos named their roster for the Scholes testimonial. Sadly, about half are kids from their academy. [Kickette] [...]

  5. GourcuffLover says:

    Is this a game thats goign to happen? …..yes I seemed to have missed the memo on this.

  6. USAFan04 says:

    Yay for Brian McBride! McBride was the first footballer I looked up to, so it'll be exciting to see him play again! As for the rest of the squad, I think Eric Cantona and Pelé picked some great players to play in Scholes' testimonial. Paul Scholes is definitely one of the best players (past or present) to have graced stadiums and tv screens all over the world. Should be an interesting match!

  7. Fatima says:

    Dear scholes thank you for being a part of my life… no honestly i literally grew up supporting scholes and company…. it's gonna be weird not seeing him play any more, for the past 16 years i enjoyed watching this amazing legend… wish you all the best!!

  8. Sergz says:

    Scholes is a legend and deserves the respect he gets. In my opinion, he deserves even more respect but since he's probably the shyest footballer & avoids interviews at all costs he's not "that well known" compared to other stars.

    Also, I don't get why someone (or some people) are giving positive comments about Scholes thumbs down. Just because you don't like Man United doesn't mean you can't respect a classy player that Xavi, Iniesta, Zidane etc keep praising.

    • gilly b says:

      Exactly. Scholes has been the 'players player' for a long while, so while he's publicly not given due respect (some media, various Eng NT managers) he is highly thought of by his peers. Zidane once said the player he would most liked to have played with was Scholes. Some on the Spanish NT now (Xavi, Juan Mata) have said Scholes is a player they made an effort to watch and I'm sure it was Pique who said the Barca boys would ask him all about Scholes from his time at Man Utd.

      Petty hate on Utd is no reasons to deny a great player his due. Of course, some people don't recognise greatness unless it is 'confirmed' by Hello! photoshoots and a high public profile!

  9. LindaTuga says:

    Scholes=Legend!! Will miss you terribly Scholesy. Thanks for the memories.x

  10. AndySchleckILoveU says:

    Paul Scholes simply UNFORGETTABLE…One of United's heroes!

  11. McRed says:

    scholes has always been the player's player. i swear Iniesta was more happy about getting scholes's shirt after the champions league final than he was about winning the champions league!

  12. blitzenTO says:

    This is going to be unbelievably awesome.

  13. Chloe says:

    No, Becks? :(