September 9th, 2011

Pep Guardiola: Gold Medal Moralist

Pep Guardiola with gold medal
Pep Guardiola was all smiles yesterday as the Catalan Parliament awarded him the Gold Medal, Catalunya’s highest accolade, for being an excellent representative of Catalan values in the sporting world. There were words of praise and admiration, which almost brought Pep to tears at one point. Since he was accompanied by those closest to him, we got a (rare) good look at his wife & kids. Loving the side-eye action from adorable, 3 year old Valentina. Image via AP Photo/Manu Fernandez.

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16 Responses to “Pep Guardiola: Gold Medal Moralist”

  1. linvinnaar says:

    Awww, what a gem Pep is. I'd marry him.

  2. Mrs Guardiola says:

    I watched his speech….and then I cried. Pep is unique in today's game; a true humanist, philosopher and philanthropist. I can't actually put my love for him into words other than to say he is beyond human, and a true angel on earth. And Valentina Guardiola is the most precious little bug I've seen in my life. Pep is more than a man, he is a way of life, a religion! VISCA JOSEP. xxxxx

  3. Kristina says:

    You would have to look long and hard to find a more intelligent, classy and SEXY man in the world of football. Or in the whole world, in fact. He is so passionate and intense, and at the same time a little nervous and reserved. And so bloody gorgeous! He just gets my heart racing. He deserves every good thing he gets! His wife is a very lucky (and beautiful) woman, and those kids are so cute. I hope the day never comes when he decides to leave Barca!

  4. BlackRose says:

    he's so classy and still gorgeous that I can hardly stand it. I'm the proud owner of a pic taken by his side when I was a girl and he was a young, but already very important and famous, player. His beauty was stunning: huge dark eyes, perfect lips. He was charming beyond words despite being obviously shy. It must be said that he's close friends with several prestigious poets, writers, film-makers and singer-songwriters, and he's an art and literature (and fashion!) lover. It all shows in the way he carries himself. He conveys a lot by using few words. His speech was very moving, and full of double meanings. The whole ceremony made me (us) feel so proud. In short: Pep, please never leave us! T'estimem!

    • Mrs Guardiola says:

      You are incredibly lucky and I don't suppose there is any way you can share the aforementioned photograph with us Pepettes? x

    • Kristina says:

      I was so moved when his father started to cry. They must be so proud of him. And I loved it how nervous he seemed at the beginning of the speech, but then just got carried away and talked in that intense way he does with the players.

      Oh, and you are a lucky girl indeed! i have seen pics and videos of him as a twenty something, and goddam he was adorable!

  5. eve says:

    I though he is not married. She is a partner, not a wife. No?

  6. blitzenTO says:

    Some wonderful people added captions (English & Spanish) to his speech:…


    • k2k2milan says:

      Wow, thanks for posting that link @blitzenTO.

      I was actually inspired by his speech to go out there and do well in my life and aim to have such passion for what I do, as cheesy as it may sound. Came at a good timing in my life to hear that. Lol.
      He certainly has a way with words.
      Imagine how good his talks are in the locker room.

  7. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Mr. Guradiola will alway be my love at the other side!!….

  8. Figgy says:

    Aw wow, what a beautiful family! His wife is stunning

  9. blitzenTO says:

    So proud of this classy, flawless man! He deserves every word of praise they gave him. His speech was very moving and he looked gorgeous as hell giving it. Also, how beautiful is his family??? T'estimems, Pep, and may you stay at Barça forever!