February 29th, 2012

Pepe Reina: Product Shill Foul

Under pressure from the Operation Black Vote, Spanish multinational insurance company, Groupama, has pulled its latest advert starring our beloved Pepe Reina from Spanish television.

Via the HuffPo:

“The commercial depicts black people, in a jungle scenario as “stupid, backward, animalistic homosexuals”, according to the UK racial equality group.

However Groupama, which has a subsidiary here in the UK, stated that they do not consider that the advert “contains either offensive nor any discriminatory content”.

In the words of Scooby Do, ruh-roh.

Kickettes, your take on the above clip as well as the Liverpool goalkeeper’s participation?


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15 Responses to “Pepe Reina: Product Shill Foul”

  1. D0li says:

    For those who don't know, using stereotypes is racist.

    With that said, the add is racist because it is poorly representing African culture – not all Africans live in villages.

    Since I don't know spanish, I'm not sure where the homosexual comment comes from but the way it is stated signifies that the individual writing it has some problem with blacks being seen as gay or lesbian.

    You can thumb me down all you want, but keep in mind that you are looking through a lens of ignorance when saying that this video doesn't offend you, regardless of race.

  2. Imani says:

    I mean, it's like finding a priest in a mountain of sugar. I think it has more to do with Spanish humor. I think that it's terrible for the English press to be condemning a Spanish ad, that is spoken in Spanish. I don't think it's stereotyping people from Africa, because it's not about all of Africa, it's about this particular tribe, if anything the entire series of commercials was stereotypical.

    The first ad stereotypes old people as incapable- bus driver. The second stereotypes adventure/ thrill seekers as irresponsible. Another ad stereotypes all muscle heads as being angry & violent. I mean, you could point out anything you like, the ads are just meant to be funny. If you want to put on your 'racism' goggles, then of course the ad is racist, because that's what you'll see if you prefer to view it that way. But that's comedy, you'd be lying if you said most comedy doesn't offend someone, I mean look at comedians like Dane Cook, or funny man Will Ferrell

    There are two things to point out with Reina's ad, one: the guide is also black. The translator in the commercial is also black, it's amazing how no one is mentioning that. He's the guide, put in a position of authority. I know he's part of a joke involved in this, but it's a joke. The second major thing I think people have ignored is the fact that Spain won a World Cup in Africa not too long ago. The insurance company was probably just playing on the biggest moment of Reina's career. The commercial is so over the top and outlandish that it's obvious it's not meant to be taken seriously.They obviously know this is not what black people are like, or what Africans are like. The commercial is so over the top and outlandish that it's obvious it's not meant to be taken seriously.

    I'm black, I just want to get that out there, very black, and I find it disturbing that people are going out of their way to call something or someone racist when there are so many other obvious instances of racism out there to choose from.

    I don't think it's good to undermine the problem of racism with the ridiculousness we've seen directed at LFC. Which is another point, if Reina wasn't an LFC player, would anyone pay attention to this? I don't really think so, because these ads have been out for months. I think that Pepe Reina plays for Liverpool and that's why the ads are considered racist, if Reina played for Manchester United, the ads would be considered just 'a joke' even a 'bad joke.' It's funny how Luis Suarez was crucified for supposedly being a racist even though there is not a spec of video evidence at the biggest match of the year Liverpool – Man Utd, both clubs have fans around the world that could translate if the exchange actually happened. I mean, you have a french guy, telling a uruguayan native Spanish speaker that he doesn't know how to speak Spanish. I mean, it's a bit ridiculous.

    Secondly, the whole Suarez thing is being used to cover up the fact that John Terry racial abused an England teammates brother. The Captain of the English National Team racially abused a countryman. I love how no one talks about the John Terry incident anymore – oh have there been so many. The English press has a special rule: players from England are never held accountable, players that are foreigners are always up for grabs. Here's the video evidence of Terry calling Ferdinand a "Fucking Black Cunt" http://youtu.be/OfoaoQImtaI

    I just wanted to give people a true perception of what's actually going on here. The English media is the worst, they don't have any journalistic integrity about what they print. They also never apologize for getting the wrong story. Pepe Reina is one of the nicest people in the world. I mean, we as kickettes all know that. He's a good guy, you just have to follow him throughout his career to know that. Reina didn't write the commercial, if anything the insurance company should be blamed for writing the ad. Don't let bad press shape your opinions about people or the world, forget the spin. If the ads were really racist, they would not have run as long as they did. Most racist ads are taken off before the reach the air, or maybe they'd only be up for a week or two. These ads have been running for months. Don't pay attention to this nonsense when there is real racism out there each day.

    sorry for the rant

  3. eva says:

    I'm black American, and to me, this add is just plain insensitive, and ignorant. It also doesn't do much for the reputation of Spaniards being a bunch of racists. I just don't get why it's funny…..is it supposed to be a spoof of old films like Shaka Zulu? Seriously, I know the football federations do a lot of work wiht UNICEF and they help children in Africa. The people I know from Africa wear suits and ties, speak several different languages INCLUDING Spanish, have post secondary degrees, and are well traveled.

    I just don't get why Pepe's handler's wouldn't've given this damn thing the side eye, and kept his image out of it. Hoenstly, his comments during the Suarez affair were no better than Daglish especially after Suarez admitted in a press conference, and to federation officials that he made those comments.

    When I showed my Spanish speaking friends saw this commercial, they laughed and shook their heads. The most common refrain was…'that's f***d up, but; that's Spainards for you'

  4. linvinnaar says:

    How people managed to stay undistracted from Pepe's humour to notice the alleged "racist content" is beyond me.

  5. McRed says:

    I agree that this advert is in poor taste but why on earth have they included homosexual on the list of problems they have with the ad. are they really suggesting that that's an insult on a par with stupid and backward?! seriously?! You would think that a group specialising in equality should know better.

  6. spidey82 says:

    I saw the ad a few weeks ago and it really didn't sit well with me. Of all the dangerous scenarios he could have been put it why narrow it down to ONE SPECIFIC group of people? And after doing so, why would you NOT expect said people to freak the hell out? Pepe's a cutie, but I can cosign this…

  7. DutchGooner says:

    This video is not in the least bit racist in my opinion, its organisations like these that clutch at straws to see everything as being racism when in fact it isnt. These organisations do more damage than good by alienating the very people that should be eradicting REAL racism that goes on.

    And this is coming from a chick whos parents come from Africa.

    • Sam says:

      My parents are African too, and I guess you could say I'm black, and I don't have any problems whatsoever with this. These people need to stop acting like they're speaking for every black person in the UK because it's getting slightly embarrassing.

  8. Maria says:

    This is not racist, it's stereotypical. If that's the case then stereotyping Welsh, Scots, French, Spanish, Americans, etc etc etc is racism.

  9. Sergz says:

    Probably because this is a stereotypical view of Africans.

  10. DebS says:

    Perhaps if I knew Spanish, the ad would make more sense?

  11. Green 4 says:

    How is this racist???????

    • Indifferent says:

      The only thing I found moderately offensive was the fact they introduced him as "the great white man Pepe Reina", which in itself can be referring to his size in height but otherwise I agree with you…

  12. April says:

    I don't think it needs to be said that this ad is also ill-timed, given the club he plays for. :( Hopefully this just stays off-air and doesn't really get attached to the club.