September 7th, 2006

Peter Crouch: The Legs Have It

He’s a lean, lanky beanpole of a fellow, and his on/off girlfriend gives us hives, but Peter Crouch is emerging as a great talent on the England squad.

He scored a fantastic goal in their Euro 2008 qualifier against Macedonia on Wednesday night (final score, 1-0) – his eleventh in ten international matches. That’s some serious daddy-long-legs action.

Granted, Macedonia has a world ranking of 67th and they lost to Andorra who are… well, they’re complete shite, but that’s not the point. Let us not steal Crouchy’s thunder at being the goal scoring star of a winning England squad.

We’ll leave that for his boss, Rafa Benitez, to do:

“I am very happy for Peter but also worried,” Rafa said in an interview. “When people are saying nice things about you it’s sometimes easy to stop working as hard because you think you’re better than you are.”

Look here Mr. Benitez dude: lay off Crouchy. How often do guys that look like this get to be on top? He’s reppin’ for all the freaks and geeks out there. This is a man whose signature move is the robot… a move he does in public regularly, including at the Beckhams’ charity parties. And his girlfriend is a ‘ho. So cut him a little slack, okay?

Link: The Peter Crouch Robot dance (warning, may cause blindness)
Link: England Think It’s All Over

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One Response to “Peter Crouch: The Legs Have It”

  1. Anna says:

    don’t want to be a buzz-kill but benitez has a point. kind of mean him saying that – him being his coach and all.  crouchie may not be good-looking but watching him play is like watching some sort of circus event – totally whack.