September 1st, 2010

Philippe Mexes: The Piggie Prescription

Image: Reuters via Daylife

Mexes: Yes, the sides can be problematic but I find a soupcon of product helps with that. The rest is simply a matter of grab, twist and secure. Hey presto, pretty piggies!

Benzema: You don’t say?!

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10 Responses to “Philippe Mexes: The Piggie Prescription”

  1. zoraida says:

    the man of my life

  2. Inés says:

    Karim looks so cool!

  3. D0li says:

    LOL! Any word about Benzema's legal troubles? I just want to know if he is going to get arrested or found guilty of the crimes that have been put against him..

  4. Lisa says:

    Mexes: "Dude, did you really do it with that underage girl?"

  5. Dee says:

    I think Mexes is cool and all, but the too blond hair is not working for me.

  6. cheryboomboom says:

    I just realized .. Benzema has a pretty big nose…

  7. maria says:

    Sooo excited Philippe is back with France!! Also soooo excited you all feel the same way!!!!

    • SunnyK says:

      Just about to say the same. Finally he can be appreciated on the national team! Allez, Philippe!