February 16th, 2012

Photo Call: Atletico Madrid Met The Pope

Images: AP Photo.

And looked supremely coiffed and well suited whilst doing so.

Well, almost. What’s the deal with hombre far left (lead image)? We think he looks far too messy to make a proper first impression on Pope Benny and refuse to see eye to eye on the “he’s just tousled” argument.

The side of the fashion fence in which you’ll fall on this one boils down to what type of person you are: glass half empty, half full, or doesn’t matter as long as there’s vodka in it.


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12 Responses to “Photo Call: Atletico Madrid Met The Pope”

  1. GOONERGIRL says:

    OOOH!!! They look so cute!! :D I saw them last when Kickette posted about them visiting the hospitals… What is the guys name that is on the extreem left?

  2. Gladys says:

    I am loving the endearingly boys school-esque antics of the Atleti– first the red Beetle cars that seem more California high school than rich baller and now the class trip to see the Pope. The one on the left is clearly that guy who's always late for first period. Can't wait to see where they go next. I'm thinking spring break in Cancun.

  3. DrStrangelove says:

    Nice to see that His Holiness likes 'ballers just as much as the rest of us.

  4. Catie2838 says:

    Aww, he's sort of like the ugly duckling. Or more of a frumpy duckling. Methinks he's of the group of men who are confused by articles of clothing that aren't t-shirts.

    That ensemble aside, this is a group of good looking men. And agreeing with Lars, the guy next to Frumpy is very delish!

  5. Dada says:

    The dude on the left is there simply because he has to. Not everyone feels the need to make a good first impression on Pope.

  6. Lars says:

    Who's the second guy from left to right? He looks gooood!

    • DrStrangelove says:

      I think that's the Catholic Archbishop of Madrid. Serving as Auxillary Cardinal-'Baller Meet Chaperone.

      Or do you mean the chap with the extravagant facial hair undergrowth?

    • Lampsy72 says:

      The one with the beard? Mario Suarez

  7. Jayy says:

    Haha look at them all prim and proper – its like a bunch of school kids meeting their headmaster :P everyone pretends to be good and well behaved! xD
    And kickette i agree with you, the dude on the left needs to sharpen up, you cant meet the Pope sporting a bedhead look!