October 17th, 2012

Photo Call: Xabi Alonso For Emidio Tucci

family WAG wife nagore

Image: Hoymujer.es.

There‚Äôs only one reason to go to a press conference, and it sure ain’t for the news.

real madrid gqmfxabi alonso WAG wife mum family real madrid ex liverpool

hot footballer real madrid dapper well suited photo call spokesperson spokesmanThis afternoon Emidio Tucci, the Spanish label of El Cortes Ingles department stores, announced Xabi Alonso as its new spokesman. For his part, he addressed the crowd whilst simultaneously wearing the hell out of that peak lapel.

His wife Nagore’s big project of the week, on the other hand, was riding public transport around Madrid. In a move normally reserved for the too-poor-for-a-chaueffer set, quelle horror indeed, Kickettes.

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20 Responses to “Photo Call: Xabi Alonso For Emidio Tucci”

  1. Dan T says:

    Oh mi suavecito!

  2. Dan T says:

    My horoscope said my search for a soul mate would be fulfilled today and this is what I wake up to? Oh, my sweet baby-daddy! More adverts for Sr. Alonso!!! Go, kickettes! Work your magick!

  3. fatimah 711 says:

    Ok wow he looks good what eles can expact from a real madrid player

  4. Anna says:


  5. LSL says:

    I actually saw Nagore out and about a few times when I was in Madrid – one of the times riding a bus! She seemed very down to earth and not at all bothered by taking the bus (I was more affected than she was, because Xabi is my favorite player and I think I maybe had trouble breathing at some point)

  6. darkchild says:

    He is so beautiful. I. Can't. Even.

  7. Katie Ann says:

    Guh, can he be anymore perfect? He looks amazing in those photos. Also, Nagore's boots are fierce.

  8. Shelby says:

    I love Mr. Ginger Beard. I think he looked really good in Liverpool red and he should probably try it again.

  9. beenee says:

    this is christian grey !!!

  10. iram1982 says:

    He is simply one of the most elegant people who have ever walked this planet.

  11. Jen says:

    Xabi rocking the suit AGAIN!!! The man is impeccible!! How very daring of Nagore to get on a bus….hope she knew where she was getting off, or did she ride it to the end of the line and back???

  12. bestintheworld_ says:

    Xabi is so perfect *drools*

  13. Carolina says:


  14. dancingapple says:

    I think my brain just broke from Xabi's perfection. Why couldn't he have been plastered all over the ads for El Cortes Ingles when I was in Barcelona this summer?! How unfair.

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  16. Miss_F says:

    Doesn't he look gorgeous in a suit? ;)

  17. Sarah, Madrid says:

    There is Xabi in a suit and there is other footballer in suits

    • Loninha - Brasil says:

      Of course there is Mario Gomez forever! … But Xabi is also perfect suit, shorts, shoes, shirt …………

  18. gin_in_teacups says:

    Please let this mean loads more suited up Xabi photos!

    I dig Nagore taking public transportation. Very of the people of her. Even if she is wearing Chloe boots while doing it.