August 21st, 2007

Photo Call: Coleen McLoughlin’s Do

Do not be alarmed or notify the hairstylist in your speed dial, Coleen was fully conscious and sober when she made this coiffure choice of clips, pins and such. 

Out working the crowds in Liverpool to promote her new fragrance, Coleen wore a nice smart-casual ensemble with (still too long) good jeans and minimal makeup. 

The hair, however, is hurting. It looks like she’s on set for a late night hair infomercial ‘before’ shot hawking a new extension system that involves an endorsement by both Anne of Green Gables and hamster straw caging experts. 

Can anyone shed some light on this style? Are we behind the times and this is a good look for a high media presence activity? Are we focussing on Coleen’s hair rather than her shoes, which quite possibly may need a separate post of their own? 


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13 Responses to “Photo Call: Coleen McLoughlin’s Do”

  1. I hate that i was not born a girl they can wear such cool stuff and accessories and not to mention that clothes are much cheaper

  2. amy...<3 says:

    omg Robin and Sarah iv gt thoes wedges n ther gawjus lol ani 1 can av there own opinion and if u wanna c a gd pic of them typr into google images Christian Louboutin wedges n they might cum up dunno though :O

  3. Becca says:

    Anna I Think You Are Correct.. What Is Happening To The World of WAGS?? x

  4. Dannii says:

    Most girls have a pretty smile and appear to be better looking if doing so. (smiling, that is) But sorry, Coleen, for you it’s quite the opposite way. *smirking slightly to myself*
    Okey, I admit I’m really (very!!) jealous of all that money and bling but, hey! at least I have longer lengs, look cute when I’m smiling and have a much better-looking boyfriend. Haha!!

    As for her hair, I dunno. perhaps a little childish, if you follow me?! I mean, when I was, say 10-12ish I’d love to come to school with my hair looking like that, the more complicated the better… however, that was then…

  5. Robin says:

    Sarah – I guess I’m from a different generation where bobby pins were meant to be used and never ever seen.

  6. Carolina says:

    I don’t like the shoes and again the long long pants!
    About what you said Sarah: “At Least She Isnt Trying To Be Size Zero Like All The Other WAGs In The World”, I think she is trying to be size zero, at least at the photos, because I remember that pic for her perfum were she looked like a half of Coleen. Maybe itsn’t her fault, but if your proud of your body, you can supervice how your pics look.

  7. Sarah;; says:

    I Agree That The Hair Isnt At Its Best But Everyone Has There Bad Hair Days But Robin i Dont See Why Bobby Pins (Or Hair Slides As I Call Them) Have To Be Made Of Plantinum Just Because Shes Got Lots Of Money Doesnt Mean She Cant Use Simpe Hair Slides,
    And Brandy.. I Think There Are Lots Of Girls In the World That Would Love To Look Like Coleen,, She Might Not B Very Tall But At Least She Isnt Trying To Be Size Zero Like All The Other WAGs In The World,, I Would Rather Look Lik Coleen Than Vicky B Anyday!
    Im Not Liking Them Shoes One Bit!

  8. Anna says:

    First Alex. Then Elen. Now this. What’s next Abi making a trip to Cricket wearing overalls and Crocs? At this point, I would not put it past any of them.

  9. Robin says:

    I’m with you on the shoes Kickette. They sort of look like rattan canoes.

  10. kickette says:

    yes, Becca – we’re judging that the shoes are a little crazy by the soles alone smile

  11. brandy says:

    Poor Colleen…. no amount of denim or cork-shoe height is going to make this girl look tall and slim :(


    OK – pity party is over, she probably has a damn black amex too.

  12. Robin says:

    um those are bobby pins. She’s worth millions of pounds and she’s using freaking bobby pins to hold her hair back? 1) bobby pins are never meant to actually be seen – they’re the secret to amazing hair without anyone knowing how you got it to stay up 2) they’d better be made of platinum or something but even that doesn’t excuse the visible uses of bobby pins 3) those shoes look like they might be horrendous.

  13. Becca x says:

    Are You Talking About The Shoes She is Wearing In This Picture Because If You Are I Cant Really See Them In These Photos