May 17th, 2011

Pitter Patter: Alex & Steven Gerrard

Since our record at reporting impending births has recently been confirmed as ‘spectacularly bad’, we thought we’d skip our morning muffin to bring you this breaking baby news.

According to reports, Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard and his wife Alex are expecting their third baby. Alex is ‘more than three months’ preggo, so we could be looking at a brother or sister (the couple don’t want to know the sex, but are apparently hoping for a boy)¬†for Lexie and Lilly-Ella in November time.

Congrats to the family Gerrard, who are reportedly ‘much closer’ since they found out. Which is kind of obvious. Since he put a baby inside her. Hee.

Vintage Stevie & his girls image: AP Photo/Daylife

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27 Responses to “Pitter Patter: Alex & Steven Gerrard”

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  2. pat says:

    and would not strut around and act the way she does she is mutan dressed as lamb and the definition of the fake b*****s that grace this planet no wounder we have become what we have with wags being some kind celebrity and kids wanting to look up at skanks like her you no what though im sure when she wipes of the trouts of makeup and takes of those pathetic
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  3. pat says:

    to be honest they seem like a strange couple one minute they never argue and the next it has brought them closer together they both seem fickle and as this is the last kid she is haveing and had the other ones to keep her on track id say it better work out this time allthough a certain someone is probley just waiting to get over the marital requirment years to be intitled to half of his money i mean she will get money for the kids anyway but she has got too think about how she herself will afford a 8.000 miu miu bag she is pathetic and i will tell you something anyone who loved there man and was not with them for there money or fame would not make there name on the back of there husbands fame. read on

  4. Sassy says:

    Saving our marriage baby if you ask me!

  5. [...] Steven Gerrard will soon be asking a new kid for a cupcake. [Kickette] [...]

  6. [...] Steven Gerrard will soon be asking a new kid for a cupcake. [Kickette] [...]

  7. [...] Steven Gerrard will soon be asking a new kid for a cupcake. [Kickette] [...]

  8. [...] Steven Gerrard will soon be asking a new kid for a cupcake. [Kickette] [...]

  9. Stefania says:

    AW! Congrats Alex and Steve. Even though Lexie and Lilly-Ella are the two cutest little girls, I kinda hope they have a little boy, a future footballer just like daddy!

  10. gin_in_teacups says:

    If you happen to hear a phantom EEEEEEEEEEE that seems to come from nowhere, do not be alarmed. It is just me shrieking my excitement. This news is freakin' awesome! Congrats to Stevie and Alex. Now please be a boy because if there is anything the world needs it's a mini-Stevie running around!!!

  11. Kopite says:

    If it's a boy, I hope Stevie can convince Alex to name him 'Xabi.' (Congratulations to the whole family!)

  12. Jen says:

    OMG that is awesome!! I am so happy for Stevie and Alex!! I hope for a boy too, even if he doesn't turn into a football player, it would be nice to round out their family!! Stevie is already a great dad to Lexie and Lilly, and he must be super excited for another!! Congrats!!!

  13. JA7 says:

    Awwww congratz to the couple! I hope it's a boy for them this time, he'll be handsome & awesome just like his daddy! :)

  14. I'm sure Stevie is a really nice guy, and a great Liverpool captain, but for the love of God what is he doing with this airhead? I don't like kids too much and I dont find Lexie and Lilly-Ella cuter than any other kids. yeah yeah come on give me loads of thumbs down I don't care. Wish more footballers would find some women with more than half a brain.

    • Lynz says:

      I get that you'd rather see footballers appreciate girls for their intelligence than for any shallow reasons, but if he loves her, he loves her. Just because she may not be the brightest person around doesn't mean she's not a good girlfriend or person.

      • Just funny how so many rich man just happen to date models and gold diggers. Looks like a pattern there doesn't it? They just don't fall in love with normal woman do they? Maybe because they don't want to? Why would they want a normal girl when they can have a trophy wife?
        Simon Le Bon, why do so many rock stars date supermodels?" "Because we can."

        • Lynz says:

          Yeah, you're right. I can't blame them that much, though. I can't say I wouldn't be at least a little tempted to choose a gorgeous male model over an ordinary guy…

  15. Summer says:

    The best news that I've heard this week, congrats to Stevie and Alex….I hope the baby will be a boy, I can't imagine a future without a Gerrard in football, maybe he (or she I don't know) will be the next Gerrard…It would be marvellous. Can't live without Stevie!

  16. Red_Girl says:

    Boy, please God. Need this one to be a future Liverpool player.

    Though on a churlish note, Alex's comments – 'he bought me a present and took me to Dubai' – serve to emphasise her 'nice but truly, truly dim' Wag-tasticness.

    • coco says:

      your right… got a weird feeling about that comment also about the one that "this has brought us closer" Ahemmmm guess things not so great this past year. She did also said something "the first one we were shocked" …. well HELLO… girl you just trapped yourself a HOTTIE…

      this girl does not have all the lights on….lol

      But, Congrats to him… hoping he gets that boy…

      • AC_USA says:

        People are probabbly wanna kill me for this, but she seems to me like she only cares about her looks and not much more! Take a page out of Olalla's book! Olalla is such a hands on mom and seems like she would stop the world from turning for her kids! Alex on the other hand-not so much! Sorry. Just my opinion .

  17. Thea says:

    Good news all round! Glad they survived the hoopla they had last summer!

  18. hereforthenando says:

    Eeee!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! Lexie and Lilly-Ella are beyond adorbs, and the addition a new baby to the most perfect family of all time… I am excited, to say the least. A little too excited. Between this and the Beckham baby girl, let's just say that I'll be creeping out everyone in the vicinity with my obsession with children that I don't even know for some time to come.

    Congratulations, Gerrards!

  19. sarah says:

    Now I'm just thinking of that quote Gerrard gave after his recovery from his second groin surgery, "I'm feeling confident about my groin…"

    Well, OBVIOUSLY. Hee. In all seriousness, though, congrats! It'll be awesome seeing another Gerrard baby during the lap of honor at the end of the season at Anfield.

  20. IrishBlue says:

    Congrats to Stevie and Alex!

    Girl or boy, it will another gorgeous little bundle of yumminess for us to go gooey-eyed over :D

  21. I've been wondering if those two would ever have more babies. Congrats to the whole family and I hope she has a happy pregnancy.