July 4th, 2010

Pitter Patter: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes A Father – UPDATED

Baby boy born in June

Image via Tumblr – but will the rightful owner please stand up and claim this beautiful piece of artwork?

We try to avoid posting rumours with no basis on fact (see the Alex Gerrard “sister” joke of a news piece), and work hard to research our stories as much as possible – see our breaking open of the completely mis-reported story on Sara Carbonero, for example. Thus, we held off on posting this until we had heard about the confirmation from Cristiano Ronaldo’s representatives.

Now that Ronaldo’s U.S. representation “confirmed by e-mail that his correspondence with fans is in fact true,” let the gossip begin!

True Facts

- Ronaldo announced the news of his Mini-me on his Facebook and Twitter feeds. The statement read: “It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy. As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship. No further information will be provided on this subject and I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these are.”

- Baby boy Ronaldo is apparently already in Portugal, according to Portuguese TV station SIC. However, we can exclusively confirm that Ronaldo was spotted at Newark Airport’s Terminal B (TAP Portugal) yesterday by airline employees. His manbags were said to be ruffled and this allegedly explains why his announcement came at an odd hour of the night – he was on Eastern Standard Time.

- Ricky Martin posted a congratulatory message on his twitter feed.

- Baby mama is American, and is said to have given birth in June. Rumour has it that the girl got knocked up during his 2009 Los Angeles holiday. This also means the kid will be eligible to play for the USMNT. Interesting!

Our Opinion On This Situ

- Why hide it? Why the secrecy?

- If we were either the high priestesses of skankocity, or good-girls-gone-bad for a night, we’re not sure we’d give up all our rights to our tots for any price. And let’s be real: not getting to brag about hosting Cristiano Ronaldo’s DNA in your lady parts surely has no worth euro amount.

- As much as we commend Cristiano for assuming responsibility for his son, we are more freaked out by the fact that he has removed the child from the HPoS/GGGB in such a manner.

- We’ll continue to update this story as it unravels but does our favourite six-packer now seem like tainted goods to you, Kickettes? Or are you even more up on C-Ron now that he’s a daddy?


- Associated Press reporters in Madrid and Lisbon published a report at 9:14 am EST citing Ronaldo’s Twitter and Facebook feeds as their source. They also highlighted the Correio da Manha‘s earlier story credentials: “Gestifute confirms the veracity of Ronaldo’s statement”.

- Reuters Lisbon released a story confirmation at 12:55 pm EST although no new information has been disclosed.

- Portuguese newspaper, I, reported that Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos was born 17 June 2010 and is now in Portugal with his proud papa. Note: the child bears only Ronaldo’s family name. Congrats!

- In our favourite fantasy place, Freestilettoland, we’re currently pitting Kaka and Sergio Ramos as the front runners to become CR JR’s Godfather. Hee.

- Speaking of which, Daddy Cristiano’s godfather revealed that news of the child’s birth was just that: news to him.

- RTP television channel reported on Sunday that the baby boy weighed 4 kilos/9 lbs and was nearly 21 inches long.

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295 Responses to “Pitter Patter: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes A Father – UPDATED”

  1. Lizzie says:

    I wonder what his girlfriend thinks of all this?

  2. I am not gonna lie to you. After few minutes of searching (while having this almost heart attack) I am convinced that it's a mistake, the comment is surely about Iniesta!

  3. karen says:

    daum! im like idk how to explain it! my brain never searched the though of gaynaldo ever having a child! this is surprising…….

  4. [...] Ronaldo’s fatherdom, no matter how bizarre it might be, people have kids all the time. Kickette made me laugh though. I can imagine Kaka saying 10 decades of the rosary at the very thought of such a [...]

  5. Ava says:

    I don't think he used a surrogate. He's only 25! And if he did use a surrogate, surely he's be with his PLANNED baby right now. I think the mother being under age is more likely.

    • Wendy says:

      Just cause he's 25 doesnt mean he did NOT use a surrogate. Age has nothing to do with it..And if he's not with his child right now is cause he's partying it up with his hoes in NYC.

  6. Trish says:

    Its funny to see how some people are in extreme denial of the situation. “Oh Ronnie would never use a surrogate, he’s to good for that!” lol Really? Gold diggers and one nights stands dont give up their babies cause they want MONEY!! The woman would have gotten paid much more than the $10 million she got if she would have kept the kid, rather than giving him up..With so much reports with specific details as to where, why, when, how, ect the situation happened its no need to be in such denial. I wish he would just come out of the closet and admit it instead of hiding around the bushes.

    • Pam says:

      Exactly. A hooker/one night stand or whomever would have opted to keep the baby instead cause they would have gotten much more money out of it. She would have taken his ass to court to sue him for multi million dollar child support payments! Its financially more beneficial to keep the child. And for him it would have also been better cause he could have paid her off to raise the baby herself. He has a kid cause he planned it out. The procedure was done in a Florida clinic last year.

    • Sherlock Holmes says:

      I was leaning towards surrogate until i heard how much money he shelled out. You don’t pay a surrogate that much or so many people wouldn’t be using them now. No, that’s a “keep this dirty little secret between us” type payoff. and i am DYING to know what the dirt little secret is.LMAO probably underraged, a hooker or both.

      Plus, if he paid that much to have a baby he planned, i would at least expect him to be in the same hemisphere as the kid. Cristiano’s acting like he just tied up a loose end and is now moving on enjoying his life with his latest snatch.

      • Trish says:

        A surrogate is not that expensive. He is not paying $10 mil for the actual surrogacy/baby in itself, no, he’s paying that much money to buy her silence so that in the futute she doesnt say “I am the surrogate to that famous footballer’s child”, or give interviews, writes book, ect. He’s paying her that much to keep her mouth shut forever, cause just cause its a professional surrogate doesnt guarantee she’s gonna keep her mouth shut..

  7. Wow…this was pretty much the LAST thing I would have expected to happen. I first thought it must be some weird hacking thing…but if his manager confirmed it, I guess that’s not the case.

    Now that I’ve had a few minutes to digest it a bit I’m thinking maybe the mother isn’t actually out of their lives and that’s just something he said so people wouldn’t hunt down / hassle the woman. Maybe one of the “nannies” we see in the future is actually the baby-mama.

    Or maybe the woman said she didn’t want to have / keep a baby so he said he’d take it rather than let her have an abortion or give the baby up for adoption.

    Or as others have mentioned, maybe she is a porn star or someone who is unfit to raise the baby, so he paid her off to be able to raise it well.

    In any scenario, he has stepped up in what was likely a less than ideal set of circumstances and even though I’m weirded out by much of this, I’m still proud of him. Also, I feel the baby will be raised with a LOT love and Cris’ mother and sisters will provide the female support in the child’s life and one day I’m sure a step-mother will also. The baby will never want for anything and I truly hope the birth-mother is in the child’s life in some capacity.

    I think we may never really know the truth…..

  8. JV says:

    So late, but I think birth mom is either under 18 or married. Married being a bit more likely…

  9. nat says:

    It's said that Cristiano paid 10 Million £ to the mother so that she keeps silent. (Sources: http://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/futebol-int… http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/3043908/Ronaldo-in-10m-payoff-to-mum-of-his-baby.html)

    I really don't know what to think about this whole story…

  10. lunox says:

    I made that macro bitches, bow down

  11. Canna Fan says:

    You mean he is the father of only ONE child??? That's the only surprising part to me; I always thought he'd have a whole harem of baby mamas.

  12. rania says:

    Ugh, this makes me cringe. This man does not even have a sense of morality when doing what he loves, what he's paid to do – his job, playing football. He cheats and writhes on the floor, acting like a manipulative sissy. He's not a team player. He has no morality in his private life either – he is promiscuous to the extreme. He feels no loyalty – not for the teams he plays or the women he screws. He lives a partying and jet-setting lifestyle.

    Point being – he is NOT a good role model, nor is his lifestyle suited to being a father. He's not just going to man-up all of a sudden and be a good father. The company he keeps are not mother-material either. Bringing women in and out of this child's life will create issues for the child. I hope his family can at least provide some good foundations and stability for the boy, bringing him up without the aid of nannies.

  13. Pam says:

    If the baby was born last month in June that means he was conceived in September 2009. Ronaldo was NOT in Los Angeles or vacationing anywhere in September of last year, cause La Liga had already started since July, he was already playing at R.Madrid.

    • FMOM says:

      Or the baby was conceived at the end of August…….bringing the 40 weeks into June just around when the baby was born.

    • lulu says:

      Wasn’t ronaldo injured at the beginning of last season and spending a lot of time in the states?

  14. Pam says:

    If the baby was born last month in June that means he was conceived in September 2009. Ronaldo was NOT in Los Angeles or vacationing anywhere in September of last year, cause La Liga had already started since July, he was already playing at R.Madrid. Vacations were long over in September, when the baby was supposedly conceived.

  15. Josh says:

    As a gay guy…with superb Gaydar I must say ;-) I have always thought Ronaldo was a bit of a bender lol this only makes me wonder even more…a celebratory message from Ricky Martin? because just like Ricky…Ronaldo has successfully had a surrogate mother deliver him a baby? I think so :P …just wait in 10 years he will reveal what I have always known lol :P just like Ricky

  16. locota says:

    I to for some reason mind this hilarious especially if he used a surrogate which I highly doubt since I can’t imagine him wanting kids this young. But the most exciting part that this kid maybe able to play for the US. WC 2030 CP’s and Donovan’s love child ruling the pitch. We need more lovechilds from other famous soccer players to be born in the states….Messi, Val Preicie, and Torres get at it. I will do my part by having Gourcuff’s babies. Yoann, my overies are very ready and extremely willing so cum on over. Mixed babies are cute so we’d have beautiful kids regardless of what that morphing websites says :) . Call me

  17. l says:

    sorry about all these mini posts but the stories that are being wriiten on this are getting odder and odder:

    http://dn.sapo.pt/inicio/pessoas/interior.aspx?co… – in portuguese

    it's basically from what i can tell the godfather (who found out from the papers about all this) saying that he "smells the marketing" and " If the child is his … congratulations! If not … was a good move"

    this is getting weirder as isn't this the same godfather who talked about the rm move before it happened so obviously he is in contact (and good terms?) with his family?

  18. toots says:

    I understood now as a mother and sisters take care of the child he leaves with his girlfriend, hehe.Com sure he is showing a great dad … He does not like a little drama in your life, a ball inside the magazine gossip will not fall over.

  19. iida says:

    Okay I am officially beginning to get pissed off at the way the media is handling this. I have never admired Ronaldo, but right now I think he’s doing something most 25-year-old guys would never, ever do. He’s taking responsibility.

    And okay, none of us know details of the situation. But isn’t it the most important thing that the baby gets brought up by someone capable of caring for him? And to be honest, I don’t understand why Ronaldo would be any worse of a father than many parents out there. He works a lot? A lot of parents work a lot. He’s young? A lot of people have kids younger than he is now. (I don’t hear anyone moaning about Torres’s inability to bring up a child, and he’s 26.) He’s conceited and superficial? Oh, so you know him well, do you.

    I just wish we could grant him what he wishes for: to be left alone. At least for his son’s sake.

    • Violets says:

      I 100% agree. He has as good a chance of being a good father as anyone else on the planet.

      I think that a lot of the doubting has come up because tabloids have been making him into this extreme character basically since he was a young thing playing for ManU. I'm not saying that he's fought that image that they gave him (because, for the most part, he seems to just go with it), but from what we've seen in actual interviews and things that his teammates have said, he sounds like he might actual be a pretty decent guy. Hopefully, for his son's sake, that is true.

    • Amy says:

      I soo agree with you.. i couldn't of put it better myself.. he wanted a child so let him get on with his life!


      • Lila says:

        He is already failing as a father…he just met his new son and 4 days later he left him with his family so he can be with Irina in Newyork,they were spotted together on sunday in the big apple…that is the type of father ronnie will be ABSENT!!!

        • cescristeven says:

          if reports are to be believed then the mother is American, so he actually went to the US to meet the mother, not his girlfriend…i think he can be a great father. he always talked about how he missed out on his childhood because he had to grow up fast in order to care for himself. people really shouldnt make any judgements till they are aware of what actually will happen.

          • Lila says:

            yes his baby is in portugal and there are photos of him and irina leaving a restaurant sunday afternoon at http://www.justjarred.com, i saw them…his free time now should be spent bonding with his SON…shame on him!

  20. Erin says:

    Hahaha! This whole story has given me a good laugh!

  21. skyblue says:

    Now answer me one thing before Irina was referring to him as my boyfriend, myself, and now the boyfriend turned fiance, and reports the agent tells her they are trying to have a relationship? She said he was not crazy about it and wanted to have children? good son he already know that we've ever had right now if he is crazy about her? why in the pictures they are not together on the yacht seemed a loving couple? if you look at old photos of him with Nereida he looked much more like it, they looked very good but a couple of Ronaldo and Irina?

  22. toots says:

    do not think they spent Sunday together, why on Sunday he announced his son and was with the family and even if she was with you not think quickly on duty would be no paparazzi at her house personally publish what she thought of all this, and his sister said he is in Madrie agent took her to talk about it, coming out that she had talked of marriage and child on the same page facebook Desmet not nothing, and now the child that contradicts what she said he ruled, I think it was just bad to not get her image. and I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo to be seen with a woman right now and Irina in the middle of this mess and a half of a shot at something he was pé.E knowing it was his father on July 17 with the baby was born, was not on Sunday and her statements are that next time if he had talked to her about the paternity, it would not spread rumors

  23. l says:

    ok, i've officially lost the plot with this story:


    • l says:

      on this story i know that it is the sun and they talk rubbish, but on the girl from denmark if it is made up then they have done their research. Portugal's team (incl ronaldo as i don't think he was injured) had a world cup qualifier away game in denmark in the 5th of sept 2009 (9 months and 1-2 before ronaldo's junior arrival) so the dates add up. also if there is some truth and this girl is in question then she's a teen and socialite (so successful and powerful family with a rep to uphold and lots of money already – perhaps, just going on common sense) if true this would be a scandal for both ronaldo and this girl & her family so would explain why she'd want to stay anonymous (family's rep) and sign over sole custody (she sound's very young – future ahead of her) without having to resort to making a fortune off ronaldo. Plus don't a lot of socialites move in and out of the us a lot – she could go to school in the us and be visiting denmark for the match

      this is the sun newspaper so it is probably b*****ks but it oddly adds up (more than the surrogate stories anyway)!

    • caitanya says:

      that is such an unflattering pic of CRon :-\

  24. l says:

    a bit OT but the daily mail has reported this on ronaldo and irina's relationship – it appears he was in NY to see her and they are still together:

    According to a Facebook page in her name she knew nothing of the birth and had been left in tears by her boyfriend's announcement. A spokesman for Miss Shayk later denied she had said anything of the sort, and said the Facebook page was a fake.

    The couple enjoyed a day out together in new York City on Sunday. 'Tthey're trying to create a relationship,' the spokesman added.



    • Lisa says:

      Thats what I had heard that she didnt know of the surrogate/baby situation. He might have not told her. So ofcourse she was crushed when she found out in the news, but I guess thats not enough to make her break up with him. I mean, the money $$ she's getting paid to date him makes up for it..Money buys everything.

  25. Olga Beltran says:

    :0 this is totally amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that big surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 :0 :0

  26. jack says:

    This Irina, who only care when it was first published on the child, her not to stay in the background soon gave way to appear in noticia.pq if he asked for privacy with the subject she would have to be the first to observe that since girlfriend calls to him for the support or show their discontent and not publish on facebook to become news, and realizes that he never spoke of dating or even took it as a girlfriend and she has walked the bride and she spoke it wanted a baby with her, (have a child for sure he wanted to "just forgot to mention that it was not with her) This is beginning to Irina by the attitudes that is with him only by reputation, and logical that it will not stop it because though she is getting another model for Ronaldo in life will be difficult.

  27. Lisa says:

    When a guy gets a one night stand or some random hook up pregnant he does NOT marry her, nor he decides to keep the child for himself. Usually in cases when there in an unwanted/accidental pregnancy the father pays his share of child support payments and the child lives with his mother. This situation here is completely different because the child is in HIS complete custody and the mother is shun out completely! Why would he take the child away from the mother? What mother would allow that? She could have kept the child and raised it herself, while he could of had visitations rights or joint custody..You know she's getting paid anyways so why not just allow her to keep her child too? Its weird situation that doesnt add up, thats why it seems that its a surrogate, he wanted to have a child and did it HIS way by using a surrogate.

    • LaNovena says:

      thats what I thought too. On the other side, his gf, his Godfather and whoever else showed very surprised. When he plans such a massive change to his life hed tell his close ones?

    • Violets says:

      You’re making a huge generalization with those statements. Women don’t always want to be mothers, and men don’t always turn their backs on the children they conceived by accident.

      It’s quite possible that the woman just isn’t in a place in her life where she wants to raise a child. Also, you can’t say that the mother has been shunned out completely because we haven’t heard that information. Legally, “exclusive custody” means that the child will live with Cristiano full time. It does not mean that he will not see/ be in contact with his mother.

      • Lisa says:

        I've read your other posts Violet. Its pretty clear that you defend his actions but you cant turn a blind eye on the situation. The fact of the matter is that the situation is very ODD. I doubt that his fling wouldnt want to keep the baby. I doubt that she herself decided to give him the baby away, to resign to her parental rights for money..Its pretty clear he used a surrogate cause no woman in their right mind would give away their baby for money, not that it hasnt happened before cause it has, but in this situation I dont think so. He paid a professional surrogate.

        • Violets says:

          I'm not denying that it's a weird situation–it's totally bizarre, not to mention unexpected. However, I know a lot of guys who are around Cristiano's age–NONE of them would ever in their right minds pay to have a surrogate carry their child, and they don't even have the crazy partying lifestyle that CRon has. It's just not something that would ever, ever occur to them, and I highly doubt that Cristiano would be any different. It's easy to say that a woman would never give up her child because, for the most part, it's true. However, if you're a young woman, find you're pregnant from a fling with some famous wealthy guy, and realize that you're entire life is about to be turned upside down, you might take the guy up on his offer to raise the child. It's not exactly a pleasant thing to think about, but many mothers give up their children for various reasons every day.

          • FMOM says:

            I agree with Violet….many women give up their children. I know a few that have. I would never do it and may would never do it, but that's not saying there aren't any that would. I believe this person is a young woman with a whole life to look forward too. She probably didn't want a child and didn't want to abort it. Therefore the logical thing was to give it to the father. maybe she comes from a rich family and doesn't need the money and her parents didn't want the tabloids following her every move like Debbie Rowe the mother of Micheal Jackson's two kids. For whatever reason they made this arrangement and it works for them. To say a mother would never give up her child is nonscense since there are many who do it….how I don't know but they do. I just hope this child grows up with lots of love and support because CR will have a lot of explaining to do when he gets older. The one thing I don't agree with is CR being in NY with a woman instead of being at home right now with is new born child…..he will have plenty of time to date and this model girlfriend if she had any morals would be insisting he stay with his child right now instead of galavating all over New York with her !!!!

  28. Ella says:

    2 things:

    First, why is everyone saying the mother is from New Jersey? I thought I read that she is from California and that he was just seen at Newark airport. Just b/c he was at that airport doesn't mean she is from NJ.

    Also, what if the woman chose to remain anonymous and give up the baby b/c she's married to someone else? Maybe she had an affair with Cris…sorry to get soap-opera-ish but I am still trying to wrap my head around this incredibly strange story and make some sense of it. :)

    • LaNovena says:

      haha Ella same here. The marriage argument is interesting, but a pregnancy is usually not being unnoticed. At least not for the woman…. :D

    • Lila says:

      Yes your right he was in Newark NJ but not for the baby momma…for Irina because she lives there and they were spotted together sunday taking a walk. The jerk dumps his newborn son with his mother and sisters to go meet up with Irina…how is that for bonding with his new baby! :(

      • Violets says:

        Yeah, Newark is one of America's major international airports. He probably just flew in there from Europe, and now people are speculating because he's been spotted there.

        • Lila says:

          yes he flew into newark to spend time with irina in newyork,pictures have been posted of them leaving a restaurant yesterday.

  29. LaNovena says:

    really this note leaves a load of question marks. He asks for privacy, but what he will get is a load of paparazzies now. I bet the first pic of the baby is worth some serious money. Really amazing they kept it confidential till now. Or didnt he know of it?

    about the baby mommy, I just dont know. A hook up would fit to his image, but it would be really rare that the girl gives up all her rights on the baby. What mother does that? Also a girl that didnt immediately run to the yellow press to tell them for $$$$ whose baby shes expecting. And still doesnt want to be named. Sure, Cristiano might have payed her a lovely sum, but she might still blackmail him for more or go to the yellow press.

    This lead me to the conclusion of a surrogate what would be logical from the statement that he has exclusive guardianship and that all was kept secretly. But it really doesnt fit to him.

    Maybe its something we didnt consider yet? An adoption?

    anyway, as speculations boil high now. Well hes left that much room for speculations himself…

    I congratulate him and I really think he will mature with that task. I have no doubts he will be a wonderful, loving daddy.

    Whoever has not seen that video yet, should do to watch how sweet he is with kids. Really heartwarming.

    around 3:20
    Q: do your nephews make you want to become a father?
    A: Yes they do, The truth is im now closer to that than I was before….

    That portrait was done in the beginning of June

    • Violets says:

      Lots of women give up the rights to their children every day. It's possible that she's young and not in the position to care for a child right now. Since Cristiano was willing and has the means to do so, he chose to keep the child.

      As for the fact that she didn't run to the press, well, maybe he actually managed to find himself (temporarily) a girl with actual integrity. They do exist.

      I'd be very, very surprised if this turned out to be a surrogate birth. Cristiano is young, famous, wealthy, and obviously enjoying those aspects of his life. Even if he did say that his nephews make him want to be a father (eventually), adoption/purposely conceiving a child just does not fit into what we know about him and his lifestyle.

      • LaNovena says:

        yeah sure, but usually he wouldnt see the kid much while she presses out more and more money from such a rich man. Extremely rare to give the baby so easily. Maybe she might be in a difficult situation, but having a kid from such a superstar, will provide you a lovely life even and especially with keeping the child. Really it puzzles me. But well maybe in a few years when her fond is empty she will call the yellow press or we will never know.

        point is, hes got to care for it now, and with all the paparazzi waiting it wont be easy. His family will support him no doubts about that as he has a tight shedule with RM. Maybe Irina will stand by him, even if Id understand if she doesnt. With him maturing in responsibility, Im sure he will find a mom for that kid. At least with the kid he can be saver that the lady dont just love the money.

        • Violets says:

          Yeah, we don’t really know what situation she’s in. It’s possible that she’s a young woman who just wants to get on with her life, regardless of the lifestyle that she might be able to lead if she kept the child.

          It’ll be interesting to see what Irina does. I wonder if she knew about it?

          • jack says:

            Let's see now how much Irina is the right woman for him, for surely now his family is close and will give support to care for the baby and the boy will need attention and Irina is a model that should is the routine full of work and travel, and for not being the mother of the baby, can not take it with her to work, like most models that have children. Cristiano is now a good father to his full attention now will be facing the child which has only one month of life, and it is worth remembering that Cristiano does not rely much on why Irina did not tell her that you would a child so that the sites are saying and how she learned by everyone and not facebook and twitter liked the news

              • Amy says:

                Is that for real? I have a feeling that girl is a wee bit of a drama Queen! lolz

                • D0li says:

                  What language is that and can someone please translate? CR seems to go for the drama queens. I have a feeling she will stay with him for the wrong reasons.

                  • caitanya says:

                    Doli, jack’s article is from portugal. It says:

                    “Irina Shayk, a russian model who is dating Cristiano Ronaldo, confessed that she was destroyed by the news of the birth of her boyfriend’s son. ‘He broke my heart. Thanks for making me cry. I am unable to talk to you. Why did you do this? I need some time with my family. I am sad,’ wrote Irina on her Facebook page.

                    “Remember that the portuguese used the social networks Facebook and Twitter to divulge news that suprised everyone. According to the player, his first child, a boy, was born in june, the result of a brief relationship with a north american woman. Ronaldo said that the mother of the child preferes to maintain anonymity and that he and his family will have exclusive rights to the baby.”

          • D0li says:

            Maybe I’m just to negative but I still think this is gong to end out badly if it is true. I’m hoping it’s not because someone gave a valid point on another website that he never reported anything about his personal life before so why start now?

            I’ve had a major crush on CR for years, even though the prostitution alligations. I knew when he started dating Kim Kardashian things would just go down south. He looks happy with his new gf, I’m hoping that they continue their relationship and this is just a prank by whatsherface.

            What ever happened to whatsherface anyway?

            • l says:

              nereida is getting married next month i think (never thought she'd end up on the more traditional life route!)

              Has everyone got over the shock yet? – I don't think i have yet as there are loads of pieces that seem to be missing. Prehaps scandal is the wrong word as technically having a child is not a disgrace, in fact it's a blessing, but whatever the whole story is this whole thing is still a controversy, the real question is how big the whole controversy is. Is it a simple case of the mother just did not want the child and connected cr way back to agree on the sole custody (but even that could be controversial depending on who this girl is – she could only just be legal, or have a job not suitable for raising a child) but there could also be a much bigger scandal behind all of this and that ronaldo (& the mother) agreeing on the v extreme route of exclusive guardianship could be his and his managements way of drawing a line under the inital controversy and making sure that a bigger scandal does not come out through her or anyone else (i know the orignal statement said that girl prefers to be kept secret but his management could be being economic with the truth and what actually was the whole story was that girl prefers to be kept secret……because we paid her not to talk and make this worse. Remember ronaldo does have an image to uphold and perhaps his career can withhold this initial story but not the no details bars version – no one really have a clue)

              no one even has a clue when he found out about all this – for all we know he could only be a few days ahead of the papers. dates suggested that this all started out sometime in september when he was in madrid but everyone is reporting that the mums from the us holiday time in june/july. He has a history of meeting girls in varies countries one night and then 2wks/2mths later inviting/flying them over to manchester/madrid for a weekend fling or 2 (that seemed to be the case with letz, gabi, even nereida though that was more long term). it would explain how she was able to contact him after she found out as a fling is more likely to have his mobile no than a ons (i'd imagine that if she didn't have his personal number and had to re sought to getting hold of his management that may take time and they may be less likely to listen/believe her). could be wrong but i don't think that he found out until the 3rd trimester, perhaps even after the birth (though he would of had to take a dna test so perhaps had to travel to the us to take it (though unless madrid knew about this for months as well they wouldn't allow him to travel to the us outside of his xmas/summer break as it would take around 48 hrs to get there and back without getting worn out by the travel too much) or prehaps she came over whilst she still could but i think that dna tests can be conducted from different locations as long as there is the equipment so he could of done his at portugal, her in the us)

              common sense suggests that a decent girl would contact him once the pregency showed (4 or less months) and a golddigger at the non abortiable stage (5+ months?) but unless ronaldo is an oscar quality actor i don't think he could of kept this within his inner circle (immediate family + agent) for longer than a month or 2 before someone slipped/overheard. evidence suggests he's not known for much longer than a month or 2 as his godfather and none of the pnt and crew knew, sources close to him suggest that up till april/may his of field lifestyle was just as active, just more kept behind closed doors (i just think he has any common sense he would cut back/ be more careful to rule out the chance of a 2nd occurance overlapping), getting in a LD relationship 2 months before the birth and not telling irina (or telling her and risk her telling anyone else), and his family comments over the last few months (i don't think he would of sent his mum to dubai on holiday if they where still in the middle of legal stuff). If the mother did not know who was the father was because of overlapping relationships/ons and didn't want to do the riskier dna before birth she could of waited until the child was born and got the other potential fathers tested before making the situ more difficult by informing someone in the public eye, coming to that issue only when it was neccessary (it may explain why this girl may be keeping quiet – not knowing who the dad is doesn't say good things about you)

              the only thing that can be concluded is congrats Cristiano, a child is always a blessing no matter how they come about (good or bad) but i hope that you spend some time just being a dad for a while and in the next few yrs date carefully for month + long relationships (rather than 24 hr ones) and make you happy in the long run, perhaps not so many models – yes they look better than most but we all age and a child cares about not how you looking but how you are with them (if you care about them and can help them), not beauty – take your time and find someone who will love all your qualities and whom you can experience all the joys of pregnancy and family when you both think its the ideal time!

              • l says:

                sorry bout the length – bad habit

              • D0li says:

                That’s really long.. I still can’t believe it! I want it to be fake I really do! IDK I can’t date a guy with baggage at this point in my life, I guess the Russian model will have to deal with him, his family, and the baby. Do you know if they are still together? They seem happy together and a very cute couple.

                Do you think the baby will be seen out in public?

            • Lila says:

              i'm sure nereida was sick to her stomach when she heard that Ronaldo has a son…loool

  30. Tuzhi says:

    I’M BACK~
    KAKA+C-Ron=Karistiano Rinaldo dos Santos lol~XD

  31. Anony says:

    Stop being so shocked people. Take everything in perspective. Babies are born every second and Cristiano was going to have a baby eventually. We're not in his life and we're most likely never going be. So stop acting as if this is somehow affecting your lives. Just go on with your own lives and be happy. I'm pretty sure Cristiano is going to enjoy being a father. From the small snippets that I watch of him in his documentaries, he seems like a very nice and loving guy.

    • Moni says:

      WELL SAID ! :D

    • Nate says:

      I completely agree. From watching a few of his documentaries he seems to be very family oriented. he clearly is very close with his family, and seeing him with his nieces and nephews he seems like he would make a fine caring father. And it isnt like he lacks resources to help raise the child, as well as a very close family.

  32. [...] see: Detailed and regularly updated Kickette pitter patter: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes a Father [...]

  33. Dutch89 says:

    I was shocked when I heard the news yesterday but I think he will make a great FATHER. I’m suprising happy for him esp since am not his biggest fan and am excited to see pictures of Cristiano and baby :) .

    Bring in the media circus though now they will do anything to get a glimpse of mini ronaldo, i hope they get some privacy!

    As for the mother we wont know why shes not in the picture but am guessing it will come out one day. I just hope they wont start looking for the mother, i imagine its a heartbreaking thing to do, giving up your baby, i hope she remains anonymous for her own sake, she doesnt need anymore heartache.!

  34. Kleon says:

    The little boy is a clone, we’ll see him in 17 years plaing in Real madrid LOL

    Just joking x) only the first, be prepare kickettes, that could perfectly happen O.o
    If he wants privacy for his son and the mother is ok, and the best IMO. Congarts for the baby boy

  35. sharan says:

    surrogate baby for crissy and kaka?!! always thought cris’s eyebrows were too perfect!!!

  36. Deina says:

    First of all, congrats to Cristiano! Second of all, as far as I know it takes 9 months from conception to birth( I should know, I have a 2 year old. )Cristiano was in the US in June of last year, if I’m not mistaken…which means that the baby was probably born in February or March… either that or he was conceived at a later date…

    • Ella says:

      I believe a June 2010 baby would have been conceived in September 09. Can anyone confirm if he was anywhere near the US then?

  37. Eli aka NC says:

    Rumors are that the baby’s momma in fact is Spanish and plays for Real Madrid. Yeah, Guti’s the mom..

  38. Aisha says:

    I have loved Cris for 4 years now and the fact that this kind of news comes out of nowhere is really upsetting me. I know I don't know him, but I feel immense jealously and anger. This truly is a heartbreaking story. I have already cried… why Cris, why?!


    • Maria K says:

      Ohhhhhhhh how sweet =) but we r all upset & Sad ,cheer up girl lol =)

    • Miss D says:

      I felt the exact same way =(

    • D0li says:

      My first ever footy love was VIctor Valdes, second was CR, now i'm forced to move to my third (Gerard Pique) because I can't handle this much drama.

    • Amy says:

      Oh dont worry i felt like that too when i first found out and i feel the same for him as you do… i understand you! :) lol

      But then i realized that there are gonna be some really cute daddy and baby pictures for us to look at :D

      Plus this might make him grow up.. i hope only a little bit cuz he can be kind off funny when he's being silly!

      To be honest am still a little shocked.. lolz


    • mamaly says:

      cheer up, i don’t think this is the love of his life

  39. D0li says:

    As much as news reports claim that he paid off the mother to have sole custody, I strongly believe that once the baby is spotted the mother will go out to the public claiming that she is lost without her child and will do anything to get him back.

    This is tragic, I now understand why Cristiano was so distracted during the world cup. I would love to know who the mother is! Was Paris Hilton spotted after the Cristiano hook up? For some reason I think she is the mother. But why would he be in New Jersey? Becauase there are no cameras there?

    I love Cristiano, but this is heart breaking, I mean I feel sad when I think about it becasue i know that child is going to be followed every where he goes.

  40. RoM Reads says:

    [...] Kickette has the latest news on new daddy Ronaldo. [...]

  41. Lisa says:

    btw as soon as I heard the babymama is from New Jersey, I immediately thought of those skanks from The Jersey Shore show. I never thought I'd be so relieved to see the trailer for season two of that show, that means there was no chance either Snooki or J-Woww could be the babymama. Those two make Nereida look like Mother Teresa. Honestly, would any of you had been surprised if C-Ron hooked up with either of them? *shudders just at the thought of it* best wishes to all concerned.

  42. Alejandra says:

    Cristiano's family name is Aveiro. Aveiro is Cristiano's father's last name. Dos Santos is Cristiano's mother's last name.

  43. Miss D says:

    Cristiano doesn’t have the most suitable lifestyle to raise a child. His son will mostly be raised by nannies in Madrid or his mum/sister in Portugal. That doesn’t seem like something we should be congratulating.

    I don’t believe that the mother gave up her baby that easily.

    If it was a one night stand or a surrogate mother – being pregnant for 9months, giving birth and then relinquishing all guardianship/custody would be HARD to say the least, regardless of how much money she got paid.

    No matter how much love this child receives, no love compares with a mother’s love. If Cristiano believes he is mature enough to ‘raise’ a child, he should be mature enough to understand the importance of including the mother in his son’s life.

    Maybe the mother will be a part of the child’s life, who knows? I just want people to consider boths sides and not always see Cristiano as the hero

    • lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

      I agree with you- no matter how love can Cristiano give to this child it can't compare with mother's love

      + if she is not going to be part of his life,imagine this- in few years he will be old enough to find out that what- his mother basically give up on him!?

      but I am optimistic -Cristiano is constantly trying to be the best…Well this will be the most important thing in his life in which he will have to demonstrate his "skills" WISH THEM ALL THE BEST!

      • Violets says:

        I'm sorry, but I do not agree with this at all. Fathers are just as capable of loving their children and providing their children with good lives as mothers. Maybe it's rarer to see a single father as opposed to a single mother, but they do exist. No, they don't actually give birth to them, but that does not mean that the love and care that they give their child is any less than what the mother would give.

        I agree that the best situation for raising a child is with two parents, but it's quite possible that the girl just is not in the position to be raising a child. Women give up their rights to their children every day, whether it's through adoption or custody agreements. Just because the woman has given birth to the child doesn't necessarily mean that she wants to be a mother–not all women actually want that, and she obviously had a choice in the matter. She chose not to keep him, and that's okay. We also don't know if she'll be completely out of the child's life–exclusive guardianship just means that Cristiano will have custody. The woman can still have visitation rights or negotiate custody if she should change her mind.

        • Zlatanista says:

          I agree with you totally. Fathers are equally important for a child. Eventually the kid will know the truth, but if he is given lots of love, respect and recognition i think he will be able to live with it.

        • Ella says:

          Very well said, I agree 100%.

        • caitanya says:

          Thank you, Violets

  44. jax says:

    I'm thinking surrogacy. Ricky Martin sends his congrats (!)……Maybe they can get their little ones together

  45. Lisa says:

    he is not my favorite person in the world but I think all Kickette readers must put jokes and insults aside and congratulate C-Ron. The biggest name in football now has an heir. He should really see this as a catalyst to settle down and put his Playboy lifestyle behind him. I am really interested (as is half the planet right now) to find out who the baby mama is. If she was willing to keep her pregnancy under wraps for nine months AND remain anonymous now, I think C-Ron should marry this girl! As much as his family would be a help, every child needs their parents around, as Chris Rock says "even roaches have kids". Tom Brady is a good example (or a bad one, depending on your POV) at least his kids have three really really really goooodlooking parents. Its too early to say if my opinion of him has changed. It all depends on what kind of daddy he is.

  46. Jessie says:

    I've loved him for 5 years and this was probably a one night stand. i'm heartbroken:(

  47. senora ramos says:

    i'm still a little in shock at the news. congrats cris. proud of you for being a man and claiming the child.

  48. Deinna says:

    As far as I know it takes 9 months from conception to birth( I should know, I have a 2 year old. )Cristiano was in the US in June of last year, if I'm not mistaken…which means that the baby was probably born in February or March… either that or he was conceived at a later date… Congrats Cristiano, especially for being the responsible guy that you are

  49. Kickette Mods says:

    *** Comments in violation of policy have been deleted as were the replies to those comments ***

    Thank you for moderating for us and in the future just ignore the trolls.

    • Thea says:

      Kickette – love, love, love the site but as the new layout feeds more into Twitter that the old one, it's causing all the unfounded rumours from Twitter to be mentioned on here – hence why the comments are getting out of hand on ocassion.

    • caitanya says:

      Thank you for the clean-up, Kickette–it was getting rather stuffy in here with unnecessary hating comments

      Onward …

    • JogaBonito says:

      Yay! Thank you. :D

  50. urbansunflower says:

    Congrats C-Ron! If you need any more babies I'll volunter.. :) You'll be a great dad and extra cred for you taking on the responsibility of having a child not just sending money on a regulat basis.

  51. hoda says:


    • caitanya says:

      This line struck me as funny: “She said the baby boy has dark eyes and hair like his father.” It is so difficult to make any statements about a baby’s appearances at such a young age, but I guess this was the best she could do

  52. Jasmine says:

    aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww That is sooo cute congrats Ronnie! :)

  53. Zlatanista says:

    I really don´t care about Christiano, if he is happy well thats all fine. All i hope is that the child will be alright in this crazy world, that he will be looked after and loved like all children deserves to be.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t know… but there’s a portuguese website saying that his friends are reporting he paid big money for the baby mama to hand him the child. And that the baby was conceived by “accident”

      • l says:

        well I don't think anyone has predicted this to be a planned pregnancy, esp as ronaldo and this girl were never an item. As I think ronaldo is too young to even start considering using a surrogate as he has many yrs still to find at least a miss semi-right and get to know the girl for 6-12 months at least before trying for a child as i don't know many parents to want to do the parent thing alone if there can be a second – whether they are in a healthy relationship or live separate lives – 2 parents (and their sides of the family) are always better than one as in theory the child should be more loved and have more help around them. i think you have to conclude that this pregnancy started as unplanned for both but the women could of become a surrogate like figure later on once ronaldo found out if she wanted an abortion and he wanted the child and they came to some agreement prehaps. I still don't get how any women decent or opportunist could give up all of there rights of a child – financial compensation was always in question even if just for pregnancy and post pregnancy care costs. The only reasons that i could think of for any mother to actually go through the birth and still give up the child (esp to a single parent as surely adoption agencies perhaps find couples stereotypically to be able to create more stability for a child) is that the mother never wanted the child and wanted to make a small fortune off the back (i don't know why even opportunists would do that – surely child support for 18yrs and keeping your child is better unless she liked money but not being in the public eye and didn't want to risk people finding out and saying bad things about her) or for some reason the mother couldn't take care of the child and didn't have the family available to help out (e.g… someone still in highschool if us citizen – below 18yrs, someone who has an illness or disabilty) – if that was the case than surely the mother would be able to retain some custody if she was able to get herself in a better place and in a position to help raise the child (i don't think a mother in that situation would ever be able to permanently lose their rights – a judge would have to review the situation and it's in there best interest that both blood parents are involved in the childs upbringing even if they are not able to do so straight from birth). But the mother would probably be given the casting vote on whether the father gets full custody as all parenting laws still favor the mother. There is a possibility that his team forced her to give over control and compensate her in return but i really hope that there is no man on the planet who would stoop that low. I'm sure ronaldo is delighted to be a dad but i don't see why he should plan it this way – the press complete meltdown and general shock that the media would not even have to spin to make into a scandal has demonstrated that for the last couple of days – i'm sure like the majority of us imagined when he got round to doing this whether in his early 20's to late 30's onwards imagined sharing it with the woman whom he loved so he got to experience the scans, babys kicks, birth etc…

        • caitanya says:

          1: A lot of people do different things for different reasons. From my point of view, I know that I do not want children right now and if i were to get pregnant and the father wanted to keep it, I would willingly relinquish custody to him as long as 1) I knew he could care for the baby properly (which obviously, CRon can) and 2) I could at least have some sort of presence in the child's life. Hopefully CRon will not be a jerk as to completely cut the mother off, just because he has full custody. The child has every right to know his/her mother. "Full custody" means the mother just can't suddenly make demands. Whether or not she truly realises the weight of this decision remains to be seen and it is something she will have to live with, but she made her bed so she must lie in it.

          We can speculate until we turn blue in the face about why CRon did this and why the mother did this as well, but I think whether or not it was surrogate, the fact alone that CRon went out of his way to bring this baby into his life in a proactive way means he wants it and that is a beautiful thing. If you saw the video of him with his baby nephew, you would know he would make a great father. :-)

  54. Aisha says:

    I feel heartbroken.

  55. julia says:

    congrats c-ron! not gonna speculate here, just wanna say im happy for you, luv ;)

  56. MissAnthrope says:

    CR is a bigger man than Jude Law.

  57. Tuzhi says:

    congratulations to Cristiano…and I really dont know why that MR.Sickening came to these web set.

    All my best wishes to that baby, hope he will be healthy and living in a family which full of LOVE.

  58. Jo says:

    zztop, Kickette tried a beta run with a login comments section a while back but it was very glitchy and a lot of regulars were unable to post. I'd hope that the WUMs/trolls would get stuck in the moderation queue but it's not 100%.

    caitanya, I agree. A little restraint would be a good thing.

  59. WantItAll says:

    Congratulations to C-Ron and family. Nice to see a man stepping up to the plate and assuming responsibility. Yeah, any baby with his DNA will be gorgeous. That man needed to procreate, for the good of the human gene pool. :D

  60. caitanya says:

    The best part about this pic of CRon and Kaká is that CRon chose this pic himself on his site and also chose to cut out simão! Portuguese cat fight!

  61. jack says:

    His girlfriend Irina learned through the internet about the baby, if he is so fond of it why dont trust her? or why dont Publier told before the world?

  62. Joanna says:

    True/not true, surrogate/hooker/underage, WHATEVER, that picture with the caption written on it has gotten me every time I look at it.

    Sickening, please continue posting to give me a good laugh as well. I love your type.

  63. neo says:

    I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, haha. Good luck son.

  64. Lille says:

    I'm still thinking its a surrogate mother, cause if it wasnt then why was the mother cut from all ties? why would be he the only one having physical and legal custody of the child? He paid her off so she'd disappear forever, never give any interviews or tell her story. To much secrecy. This sounds like a Micheal Jackson type of situation.

    • Amanda says:

      I know.. it smells too fishy. But I don't think it's surrogate, I don't think he'd plan to have a child in the middle of the World Cup!

      I think he paid her (really) good money and probably made her sign a couple documents to keep this a secret. But I doubt it's gonna stay this way for too long..

  65. Deedz says:

    Holy crap. I find it so odd that she doesn’t want to be identified. I mean, I commend her for not being one of those girls, who, PRAY for sh-t like this to happen every night. And when it does, milk it for everything it’s got. Oh well.

    Who knows? Maybe now he’ll start to tone down the arrogance and/or stupid ass diving.

    • Danielle says:

      I think it is one of 2 things either the girl is underage or she is a hooker/call girl. Or it's just a complete hoax which makes it 3 things. Cris is egotistical enough to pull a stunt like this. Because even if you don't like kids this dude is the richest footballer on the planet with the child support you would get you could get 3 nannies and never even SEE the kid before he is shipped off to college. Call me crazy but I don't see Cris as the type to get a surrogate with all he has going on ie women partying training world cup etc. And another thing I find weird why is his MOTHER and SISTERS the one to get the papers for the kid? Can he not read? Doesn't he have people for that? I understand they will be the ones to actually raise the kid but he can't even get the papers together for the child to come to portugual or spain? Something doesn't smell right we could be getting punked.

  66. Ella says:

    Wow…this was pretty much the LAST thing I would have expected to happen. I first thought it must be some weird hacking thing…but if his manager confirmed it, I guess that’s not the case.

    Now that I’ve had a few minutes to digest it a bit I’m thinking maybe the mother isn’t actually out of their lives and that’s just something he said so people wouldn’t hunt down / hassle the woman. Maybe one of the “nannies” we see in the future is actually the baby-mama.

    Or maybe the woman said she didn’t want to have / keep a baby so he said he’d take it rather than let her have an abortion or give the baby up for adoption.

    Or as others have mentioned, maybe she is a porn star or someone who is unfit to raise the baby, so he paid her off to be able to raise it well.

    In any scenario, he has stepped up in what was likely a less than ideal set of circumstances and even though I’m weirded out by much of this, I’m still proud of him. Also, I feel the baby will be raised with a LOT love and Cris’ mother and sisters will provide the female support in the child’s life and one day I’m sure a step-mother will also. The baby will never want for anything and I truly hope the birth-mother is in the child’s life in some capacity.

    I think we may never really know the truth…..

    • Jasmine says:

      Agreed 100%.

    • Jheanelle says:

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

      I for one thought this was a farce, but within a couple of hours the story has been confirmed by several news outlets. So, I guess it’s true. All we need now are some bubba pictures.

    • Violets says:

      I agree. He has a large family to help him out, and I’m sure that they will. I hope that he manages to keep the child out of the press and give him a relatively normal and happy upbringing.

  67. taelor says:

    so it's confirmed…

    christiano ronaldo is indeed a father???

  68. Carolina says:

    I’m still think that this might be some hacker acting, this history it’s just too weird to be true.

    • EM. says:

      I'm inclined to agree with you. The tabloids are quoting one another and no one has really come out and admitted anything as of now. I must say that I'd be kind of disappointed if this turns out to be a hoax.

  69. Violets says:

    All that I can say is WHAT?!

    As far as the whole surrogate mother/gay rumors go–the guy is in his early twenties, is fabulously wealthy and famous, and was in the middle of the WC in June. Regardless of his sexuality, who the HECK would chose to have a child then?! I would be very, VERY surprised if this turned out to be anything other than an accident.

    While I recover from the shock, I’d just like to say that although it sounds as though the child wasn’t born into an ideal family situation, I admire Cristiano for having the guts to take responsibility. He could have used his money and fame in order to pay off the woman to disappear with the child, and he chose not to. There are a lot of biological fathers who could learn a lesson from him.

  70. Dylulu says:

    Heard about this when he first released the news and I’m still in utter shock! How can Cristiano, a man who is constantly crying like a baby, have a baby?! He has so much ahead of him, I think this was a bit irresponsible and a little too soon. Still love him, but still shocked!

  71. izzy says:

    Holy Shit! I stepped away from my computer for 1 day and he's a father? That one caught me off guard. I blame it on Steig Larsson, I have literally been able to put down his damn book!

  72. Chitalin says:

    Bet a Million dollars 10+ women are going to claim that they're the mother by monday morning.

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  74. Anon says:

    Congrats to Ronaldo and his family. You just have to wonder how much he paid to have her give up her parental rights to this baby/meal ticket.

  75. Vanessa says:

    The main question remains a mistery yet to be unveil by our Kickette: WHO IS THIS LUCKY MOTHER? An american woman? Did he actually pay for a baby? This is very weird an totally unexpected. As far as the gay thing … I can't go for that… with Rick Martin is a differente situation 'cause he never hooked up with any woman whatsoever, but Cris well… he's a womanizer

  76. Anne says:

    This is a very entertaining story, that's for sure. Regardless, congratulations to him.

    • dana says:

      Absolutely! Congrats! and im psyched to see the first cristiano-with-baby paparazzi pics!

  77. dana says:

    hahahahahah! I don't know why but I find this SOO entertaining!

    • Amanda says:

      IT SAYS THAT IT WAS SURROGATE! HAHHAHAHHAH oh my goood… If this is true, it’s gonna fire up the gay rumors!

      • Amanda says:

        actually it only says that in the previous link you sent. But it could be a poor choice of words!

  78. l says:

    update: http://dn.sapo.pt/inicio/pessoas/interior.aspx?co… (use online translator to get jist in english)

  79. MissAnthrope says:

    I know CR baby mama drama is breaking news, but Higuain took his shirt off in the Argentina vs Germany match…please post the pic ASAP!! :D

  80. NinyaC says:

    Awwww, baby Luca will have a new playmate :'))) I am pleased with this news.

    (Although the baby's in Portugal so……

    . . .

    . . . . . . .

    Anyway, congratulations Ronaldo! You can tell how he loves kids so much. This will be amazing. I hope the baby grew up with lots of love.

  81. elnino says:

    OMG. Sergio Ramos might be the godfather. I should be the godmother.

  82. Chestike says:

    I was shocked when I heard the news yesterday but I think he will make a great dad. I'm happy for him and excited to see pictures of Cristiano and baby

  83. Liz says:

    Wow this is crazy.

    Well congratulations. I just hope his girlfriend doesn't leave him over this because they seem like a cute couple. And how can the mother just hand the baby over? So sad.

  84. says:

    what Kaka has to do with it?

  85. says:

    Oh, this is lame. Child under guardianship and nobody knows about the mother? Poor child. Why make a baby if it isn't going to have a loving family and just a bunch of nannies?

  86. Inés says:

    oh god! O_O I'm shocked! why would he raise a baby alone?

    • While conspiracy theories are abound, please be respectful of all walks of life and refrain from posting these types of derogatory and hurtful remarks.

  87. xoWinnie says:

    i'm actually so happy this is true!

    that baby will be cute like WHOA!

    and the pictures that there are bound to be of him with his father,

    cute like WHOOOOAAA!!!

    i know it's puzzling to some people why the mother wouldn't want to keep the child,

    but really, is that surprising considering the kind of girls Cristiano hooks up with?

    i mean, they tend to be those trashy party-girls, and since the fling is rumoured to have taken place while he was on vacay,

    i bet that's EXACTLY the type we're talking about in this case.

    no doubt, she most likely received a hefty sum for the "exclusive" guardianship rights, but she's likely very young,

    and leads a lifestyle which would likely not be suitable for the baby.

    she might regret it one day, but maybe she just didn't want the kid at the moment.

    i'm surprised no one's mentioned Victor Valdes' situation last summer.

    with his son Dylan…this case sounds very similar.

    like the most likely explanation is, the mother probably isn't the most wholesome woman around,

    probably just didn't want the kid, and on the plus side, she probably got paid very well not only for the guardianship, but also to keep her mouth shut for this long.

    • Bria says:

      I agree with you. His track record with women isn’t that good so no one should be surprised about the whole secrecy thing or her giving up her guardianship. Plus it could be that as you said she is a young girl and is probably at University or she doesn’t have a solid environment to raise a baby in. There are a lot of things which could have factored in her making her decision. Really not a big fan of him but when Kickette broke this last night on twitter I almost got a heart attack!! He was trending world wide for heavens sake!! Congrats to him though, at least he took responsibility. I have a feeling this is going to change him for the better because it’s not all about him now, but CR JR as well.

  88. jack says:

    The sites are already talking about the baby and the family is with him in Portugal and she went to New Jersey to catch the child before the announcement and the boy is named Cristiano Ronaldo Santos

  89. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    see, remember when i said that i have a serious love-hate relationship with C-Ron? and that, after watching his mini-documentary on youtube, i would be okay with him until he (eventually) did something really, really stupid? or horrendous? i think this counts…C-Ron, nothing you do amazes me anymore.

  90. Anya says:

    “I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these are”

    By this statement my boy, you’ll receive EVERYTHING besides the respect to your privacy.

  91. lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

    I don’t remember that any news has got me this shocked since……well NEVER!!! I mean i am happy for him but still SHOCKED!!!

  92. crispyfan says:

    there’s now a picture of him at newark airport!!! it’s all true!!

  93. bitterlemon says:

    I am in utter shock! speechless. this can’t be happening to me.

  94. Marzi says:

    He’s probably in New York to see Irina, no? I doubt he would announce this news and then go pick up the baby the next day. That would be risking having the paparazzi being there when he picks up the baby.

  95. I can almost 95% confirm that it was an unplanned, one night stand kind of thing with this American chick. She may or may have not intentionally done it just to be set for life…I mean she’s CRISTIANO RONALDO’s baby moma!!!! I think the reason why he and his camp waited until now to announce this is because they did not want it to overshadow he and/or Portugal’s World Cup performances so they decided to leave until Portugal was done with the World Cup. Either way, good for them…i guess.

    • Ieva says:

      Let us not forget that you cannot have a paternity test until the baby is born. And I am quite sure he demanded that. I guess that's why it took so long for him to issue a statement although the baby is a month old. And let's face it… he probably paid a huge sum. For the mother to keep quiet during the pregnancy, doctors' bills and for her to give up all rights in order to not have her identity to be revealed and another one-night-stand-story to be told.

      Sad things happened that way. Sad that the baby will be brought up by relatives and nannies.I hope the baby and the baby mother will be fine with this decision.

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        Sadly you don't have to wait until the baby is born to get a DNA test. I'm guessing here that he for some reason truly believed that this baby was hi when told about it for the first time. However, there are men who "demand" a DNA test while the woman is pregnant is harmful for the baby because a needle is inserted through the mom's belly button and to the baby's umbilical cord. Saying that, its great that he is taking care of the baby because it appears the mothers doesn't feel prepare or sadly doesn't want a baby in her life at this point. Surely money was involved for whatever reason I wish the baby won't suffer in the long run. RC loves himself way too much in my opinion but will somehow that mean he'll love his mini even more? Wish him and RC Jr. the best!!!

        • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

          Sorry Kickettes… I am watching a scary movie while reading the comments/replying and I noticed I kept repeating the same mistake "RC" instead of CR…

  96. Ana;) says:

    This is so weird (not in a horrible way though) It was only a couple of days ago I was commenting that his realtionship with Irina wasn’t serious, and that he’d marry an unknown portuguese girl and then…this! wow! Quite shocked, but good luck to him. Can’t wait to see how tanned this baby will turn out! lool

  97. This is good news. I bet the kid will be great at soccer too. Would certainly be cool to run into him in NYC today.

  98. Amy says:

    Am shocked.. i know i shouldn't be.. cause we all knew it was going to happen in time.. but still he's a daddy OMG

    Most likely going tobe the hottest Daddy ever.. but none the less still a daddy.. the child won't have a chance.. the things he is going to dress the baby in :O

    I'm sure his beloved KaKa will offer a helping hand lol :L

  99. Yao says:

    It’s so very… MJ, no? I definitely don’t think it’s planned. I can’t imagine he’d given up all the press that a surrogate story would bring. Still, v. v. strange. And such a weird way to announce it, too.

  100. Susan says:

    Two things: first, maybe she's a party girl and there's questions about her fitness as a parent that led to the exclusive custody.

    Second, I'm cutting and pasting a hysterical comment from the article Kickette linked to in the post about USMNT eligibilty. I hope it's ok to do so.

    "2030 baby!! I point to one Thomas Mueller! Ronaldo Jr on the left flank, Donovan Jr. on the right. I approve of the new 20 year plan!"

    • Bria says:

      lmao……hahahaha….hilarious!! I think most USMNT supporters approve of this plan as well!!

  101. Molly says:

    I don’t know what to think about all of this! But he has confirmed it on his Twitter and official sites so I am guessing it is true lol. But I am in shock! Congrats Cristiano! And don’t hold out on the little bubba’s name :) ! And I really hope the baby gets to see his mum. I just don’t understand what mother would give up their rights esp. if she just had a baby to a huge, rich, famous footballer! Like its not as if she not going to have the money now to take care of him. Idk it’s kind of strange to me. But once again congrats to Cron!

    • Thea says:

      I know right – totally Micheal Jackson territory! Having to puruade the baby mama to move completely out of the picture.

      • Molly says:

        I know it is a Michael Jackson move lol! I just don't understand the whole thing. Like fine he had a baby through a one night stand but why does the mother of the little bubba not want to to be known. And I am not talking about b/c she would be known as Cristiano Ronaldo's baby mum but b/c that is her child! What type of mother wants to give up all their rights esp. knowing that he is a very famous footballer who will spend the majority of his time PLAYING FOOTBALL!. And I am not saying that he isn't going to be a great dad b/c I am sure he will be. But his life is football and this baby is probably going to be raised by other people besides him. So why doesn't the mother just take care of him and they can have joint custodty. Obviously I am confused by the whole mother situation lolol. I think the mother is either young like teenager young. Maybe a 18-19 year old uni. student or she is a prostitude lol.

        • Thea says:

          Maybe she's one of those things. I've been to Maderia a few times with work, and he does seem to be a BIG hero out there with a HUGE extended family, so bubba will be taken care and well loved I'm sure. But the baby won't have a mama!

  102. Laurie says:

    Reminds me of the whole “Michael-Jackson-artificial-insemination”-Story.

    That boy is going to be the biggest diva in the world…

  103. jack says:

    I think so, the child’s mother can not take the child (for unknown reason), certainly knew that the CR could be the father of this child, but waited to be born to do the DNA test and I’m sure, much of it is image built through marketing and not to leave him in gossip rather than just assumed the child (which is required of him as father).
    Now another thing for sure Irina did not know, ’cause if she knew that even unwanted pregnancy does not get out there talking nonsense to them (for me Indepedente to be a model she is a sucker, and is enjoying his fame to boost her career, and then she is no top pq never saw Irina in a cover of vogue or publishing a magazine which is the most important medium of fashion) and facebook her what she said (do not know if it’s FAKE) to understand it heard about this as everybody by announcing it on Facebook, being very curious as a person she says she is very fond of it (with two months of dating) and will marry and so on, has not reported this before, with pq sure a pregnancy takes nine months and he has not learned that his father was yesterday, but only became sure she already knew.
    Now it is known whether this novel goes on with his son and certainly more than before aggravating his mother will be around 24 hours a day even to help you create the baby.

  104. rubyqueen says:

    untill i hear it confirmed by cristiano holding a press conference or real madrid confirming it on their website.i don’t beleve a word.!!it’s all far too fishy.!!

    • hoda says:

      me too!!!

    • LaNovena says:

      bbc claims its on RM website:
      but I didnt find anything there.

      • Maria K says:

        i read the article but i couldn't find where they claim that its on the RM website they only say that its on the Correio da Manha site !!

        • LaNovena says:

          …"The news appeared on Real's website and Ronaldo's Twitter and Facebook pages."….

    • cutecurls says:

      He’s confirmed it via his verified twitter a/c. I think, that’s about as official as it gets.

      • l says:

        a lot of people have mentioned that twitter/facebook accounts are relatively easy (if you know how) to hack into and change passwords (so you can't delete messages straight away) which is why some are waiting for the official official gestifute conformation on his agents official website. As gestifute have said nothing all day it's probably 90% (today is a sunday (day of rest for many businesses) and as ronaldo and his team have seemed to be in the US for the last 24 hrs, it's also independence day there which could be slowing down some things) if nothing is on the gestifute site tomorrow on this (or conformation) by 2-3pm his teams time then it's probably safe that this story is strange and out there, but also the 99.9% truth

  105. suzie says:

    Wow….yeah!! Can’t say I’m surprise though…..law of averages and all that, it was only a matter of time. But congrats Cris and I’m sure the bubba/daddy photos will be ovary killers.

  106. taly says:

    i think it's very simple story. Some pretty american girl has some beauty and some footballer has a lot of money. . so she gets her opportunity and then claims the money. One of my friends is in this situation now.His ex is pregnant and demands a serious sum of money to keep her pregnancy knowing that the guy wants this child . A sad reality of our world.

  107. caitanya says:

    Honestly, i am not shocked. I am surprised it didn’t happen earlier. There probably is some illegitimate cristiazinho running around already (more than one, even), but for some reason this is the one the big CRon decided to claim as his own to the public.

    • l says:

      If there are others around then they probably did not pass on the happy news to ronaldo as i think he would want to be involved in any of his future childrens upbring as much as the mother will allow him – this girl is probably the first one to contact his management at some point during the pregnancy so probably the first pregnancy of his that ronaldo has heard of (though on the basic's of the type of girl he has associated himself with in the past it's very likely that if another girl had been pregnant with his child before now, ronaldo would of probably been told and publicly taking responsibility for them too so i got a feeling his has been lucky (in terms of timing and circumstances – not in having a child itself) up till this point)

      How long does everyone think he's know about this pregnancy? – i know a lot think he'd known for a long time but considering that word from madrid were saying that he was continuing on his 'lifestyle' right up till irina showed up (surely he would of cut back on/been more careful his off field activities after this girl told him she was expecting – the last thing he'd want is 2 or more woman pregnant with his child at once) and in interviews it sounded like children were in the near future plans – not immediate plans – i'd guess he found out at the beginning of june/ end of may when the friendlies were starting as that would of given his legal team 4-5 wks to sort out all the negotiations and paper work (he'll probably come out in a few months and say he knew back in the new yr now i've said all that) – any better theories!

  108. mena says:

    Another scenario could be that it was an unplanned pregnancy and the surrogate thing came afterwards. Maybe the woman didn’t want to be a mother to the child of a guy she just had a fling with. Maybe she thought about getting an abortion. Maybe CRon didn’t want her to to do that and convinced her to do the surrogate thing instead.

    Too much to speculate on now, but one thing is clear: a child is a huge responsibility and I gotta respect CRon for taking it on.

    • TristaJade says:

      I am kinda thinking the same thing as you. If she wanted to keep it and stay with him, it would have leaked way before this. But if she called him up and was like “Hey, I’m not going to keep it,” I can totally see CRon as the type of person that would not let her get rid of his son. He is mature enough now that he would have stepped up, and clearly he has.

    • Jasmine says:

      I think this is EXACTLY what happened. I'm glad Ronaldo stepped up and took responsibility for the baby. I hope he'll be a great dad and play a big role in his child's life instead of letting nannies take care of him.

  109. Anonymous to You says:

    Congrats, Cristiano! You have finally found the love of your life! I wonder what he’s going to name him.

  110. anthea says:

    Maybe the girl didn’t want the child, and CRon decided to raise him with his family, rather than have her having an abortion.
    A child is a blessing, that’s nice for CRon anyway!

    • l says:

      surely the choice of an abortion is down to the girl – esp considering how emotional and painful childbirth is – why would you go though something like childbirth if you were giving up all the positives afterwards of seeing him/her grow up (yes i know religion/abortion but if you are that religious prehaps it would be better to keep intercourse to semi long term relationships or more so this sort of situ doesn't come up)

      • anthea says:

        It’s just guessing, we don’t and can’t know what has been going on.

  111. l says:

    “Thus, we held off on posting this until we had confirmation from Cristiano Ronaldo’s representatives.” – just to clarify you got direct conformation from the team at gestifute and are not using the CdM quotes?

  112. EternalDreamer says:

    Wow. The only two options here are it was intentional (surrogate?) or accidental. Giving up rights to child custody is a huge deal. If this were a woman who knows that any time she would be seen with him people would know that is her baby, in a way I could understand why she might want to avoid the attention and simply give up guardianship. Twenty-five seems very young to make the decision to have a child by surrogate though, so I’m going to guess “surprise”. It seems CRon is very close to his family so that should be a huge benefit to the child.

  113. missd says:

    He’s taken responsibility, he isn’t denying paternity or forcing the woman to go to court to get child support or saying he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the kid. That’s good. Bonus points to C Ron for that.

    But … the agreement aspect is disconcerting. I guess the woman in question didn’t want to raise a child (which is her right) so this is a bit like an adoption except the child is actually going to a biological parent. The part that’s a bit icky is the “as agreed with the baby’s mother” and “exclusive guardianship”. Does that mean she was paid to sign away her parental rights? Hmmm, not sure how I feel about that if it’s true.

    • l says:

      The whole thing is a huge shock – perhaps the girl in question was of a very dodgy nature (such as a porn star/hooker – you wouldn’t put it past him) and a combination of him and his agents not wanting her name/activities associated to him, her being more interested in making money than raising a child, wanting to have major say in the childs upbringing and to lower the scandal levels to just having a child after a ons, perhaps his management though it’d be best off buying the women in question off for a 6/7 figure sum and in return she’d never talk about the whole thing and never contact cr or their child again (ronaldo and his management striking a line under this scandal before it became something his image could not recover from.

      many people thought this was a hack job last night as why would any mother agree to exclusive guardianship (which is the the most significant intervention would mean that one parent is granted exclusive guardianship and parenting powers and the other parent is no longer informed about the child and no longer has contact with the child. The child would reside with one parent who would make all of the decisions for the child. This type of situation is very rare) which the majority of woman wouldn’t agree to i’d imagine (motherly bond and all) esp as they would get child support. A women who would sign over those extreme rights would 99% want something pretty major in return (i know the facebook quotes made it look all arable but i’d imagine there were things going on behind the scenes that his pr didn’t want on print)

      Also i don’t think any of ronaldo party knew till very recently as he seemed to talk about having children in the near future, not a baby being born 1/2 months after the incredibles quotes. plus why would he get into a serious overseas relationship with irina 2 odd months before he knew he was going to be a single father – plus why would irina start something that a situation like this could make her look not very clever. plus i doubt this babys mom did not have ronaldo number after a ons and found out about the pregency 2-4 months in so she may not of got hold of cr’s management till 7-8 months in – this whole thing reads hasty and badly planned out.

      even though gestifute have not comfirmed this story – considering the non conformation and kickettes sources it seems like this is true but i don’t know why so many people are praising ronaldo for having a child from a ons – having a baby outside of a relationship can never be called a more positive thing and yes the guy is stepping up but because of the way that the custody agreement is, that child is not going to have a mother at the most important time of it’s life, getting two parents is always better than one even if they live in separate places or the one parent you have is supermum/dad – 2 is always better than 1 (yes i know the child could get a good step mum but dating someone who’s a single dad with a child from a ons is much harder than dating someone with no baggage or children from a past long term relationship (ie planned children)) add onto that this child is only getting half the grandparents,aunts, uncles, cousins, etc that by right they should have and no matter how good ronaldos intentions are he is withholding his child from half of his blood family (and the half which is not in the public eye and can offer a bit more of a life away from the lens at times in that childs life – better than ronaldo can on average)

      bottom line is that no matter how much his pr spin it and how well he does in the next few yrs, i think even ronaldo may admit that this situation that he has put himself in is messed up and time will tell how much of his future he could of potential messed up now because of this situation. I’m sure that he would of rather had his future children with the same one women in a long term relationship, not worrying about being a parent rather than a young adult for another 2 to 4 yrs, and how he now has to fit in extra training/promotions around a small child. Part of me feels sorry for him, but those men/women who chose to be intimate with others on a regular basic’s for some time have to be prepared in case their luck runs out in avoiding the stocks package and if the tabs have been reporting along the right lines for the last 6-7 yrs ronaldo’s luck was/had run out.
      Hopefully this will be the kick he needed and he will be more serious/open minded when trying to find the one in the future – perhaps sacrificing on looks and figure slightly and looking for qualities in woman such as kind, understanding, witty, etc… and moving away from these model types to the nice & reliable girls with the kind faces!

  114. liv says:

    This is just what is needed in the world right now, another CR9 running around in terrible ensembles! Congrats cr9, but i hope that boy bring your good looks, and athletic abilities that is all, and also name him after your father! Good luck.

  115. AmericanaLove says:

    The child’s mother is American….Ronaldo is currently in New Jersey

  116. romina says:

    this is heartbreaking, i mean congrats to him but still heartbreaking for our daydreams…

  117. Dasha says:

    Ok this is weird now i know hè is really gay Have Nothing against it. But now i know

  118. iida says:

    I don't honestly care at all about whether or not Ronaldo has a kid. As long as the child gets to grow up in a loving environment and away from the paparazzi, I'm fine with it.

    But I must admit, the thought of a mini-Ronaldo is endearing.

    And Kickette, I love you for using that photo. When I saw it making its rounds on Tumblr last night, I cried with laughter.

  119. der_lutscher says:

    That's the masterpiece of conspiracy.

    Anyway, I guess this is a fantastic engagement present. Especially Ronnie's bride is going to be delighted, isn't she?

  120. Nicolle says:

    To say I was shocked when I saw this on another website is such an understatement, but I am so happy/excited for him! A mini CR…oh my god hahaa. He does seem like he'll be a good dad, but I wonder why the mom gave him primary guardianship…anyway congratulations to him! I guess this made up for his poor performance in the WC hahah

  121. Rosey says:

    I'm not shocked…well I am in the sense that it took this long for a kid! I was thinking with all those sluts he screws he would have 2 or 3 by now :-)

    Congrats to him.

  122. Alisha says:

    Congrats to Cristiano :) Am I the only one who thinks this makes Macheda even more like Ronaldo now? The whole lookalike thing/simliar personalities and now secret babies?

    • Barcelista says:

      Haha you’re so right :D Didn’t think about it before now!!

      Oh I almost forgot: congrats to CR9!

  123. Amy says:

    Here's a theory on why the mother's identity will stay hidden- she's underage.

    It's not much of a stretch to imagine him hooking up with a 16 yr old he met while partying in LA…but just a guess

    • juventina says:

      You know, that actually makes sense!! Never thought about it, your probably right!

    • Jasmine says:

      I don’t think she’s underage, I think she’s either a hooker that caught the big break and got pregnant with CR’s baby. Then, Ronaldo paid her a LOT of money to keep her quiet and to hand over the baby.

      Or, the baby momma is a college girl that is too busy/not experienced enough to take care of a baby right now. Ronaldo probably agreed to take care of the baby and the girl probably wants to keep quiet and not be known for the rest of her life as CR’s baby momma.

    • CR7 says:

      Everyone in Portugal knows that the mom of the baby is south-american and that CR7 paid almost 20 million for the baby and for the identity of the mother never to be revealed or the money would have to be returned (on top of her being sued for breaking the agreement)

  124. simone says:

    I like him even more now

  125. amanda says:

    I don't think it's a surrogate situation, he's 25, young, wealthy, playing it up. It just doesn't fit the profile of people who do surrogacy. Good luck to him, it's great he's taking responsibility. Hopefully he'll be a great dad, maybe he'll try harder to settle down now.

  126. C16 says:


    Congratulations to Cristiano ♥

    Yeah, this is all a little weird but the guy is taking responsability and I appreciate that.

  127. EM. says:

    I've yet to get past the "WTF…what? no what?…" stage. Not really surprised but still… what?

  128. jess-mfc says:

    all i can say is… WOW :O

  129. jack says:

    You know what's funnier before Irina was referring to Ronaldo as your fiance and he wanted you children with her now after she heard this story like all of us through facebook and the like, she began to talk and my boyfriend no more my noivo.Essa Irina is Nereida russa.hehe

  130. vickyvivot says:

    i don't think it's a surrogate, why would he plan a baby during the world cup?? it doesn't make any sense, i guess it was a little accident, i'm sure he will be a great dad!

  131. jack says:

    I think so, the child's mother can not take the child (for unknown reason), certainly knew that the CR could be the father of this child, but waited to be born to do the DNA test and I'm sure, much of it is image built through marketing and not to leave him in gossip rather than just assumed the child (which is required of him as father).

    Now another thing for sure Irina did not know, 'cause if she knew that even unwanted pregnancy does not get out there talking nonsense to them (for me Indepedente to be a model she is a sucker, and is enjoying his fame to boost her career, and then she is no top pq never saw Irina in a cover of vogue or publishing a magazine which is the most important medium of fashion) and facebook her what she said (do not know if it's FAKE) to understand it heard about this as everybody by announcing it on Facebook, being very curious as a person she says she is very fond of it (with two months of dating) and will marry and so on, has not reported this before, with pq sure a pregnancy takes nine months and he has not learned that his father was yesterday, but only became sure she already knew.

    Now it is known whether this novel goes on with his son and certainly more than before aggravating his mother will be around 24 hours a day even to help you create the baby

  132. Maria K says:

    Okay i'm shocked but i think it was an accidental pregnancy & maybe they r trying to play down the scandal by keeping the mother's identity secret maybe she is a prostitute or a stripper as r the usual CR's fligs !!

    • LaNovena says:

      uff that would be a hit, with his buddy Kaká campaigning against prostitution.

  133. Mona says:

    First of all, God Bless them and Good Luck. A child is a wonderful boon and C Ron will remember this tremendous personal joy in 2010.

    Since the baby isn't in NY, perhaps he came to sign some paperwork with the mom or because NY Red Bulls signed him. Honestly, Madrid isn't big enough for Mourinho AND C Ron.

    W.r.t. the "exclusive guardianship", maybe the mom is REALLY young or doesn't have a family to help guide/support her? In the press, he frequently mentions feeling sad about missing out on typical teenage boy stuff so I'm not sure how NOW he feels ready to have exclusive parental rights to a child. Of course he can rely on his mom and sister and housestaff. I mean, how does Irina feel about burp cloths? He's going to need the complete dedicated support of someone to fully raise this child. He needs a partner. I say bring the mom over and make it work. Something where at least the two are in the same postal code.

    • Anonymous to You says:

      Yeah, his mother will most probably be with him more now. But he also has Ze (his good friend) that he lives with.

      • Mona says:

        ah Bromance! Its the new model of power couples! J/K. I look forward to seeing the little man run out in a mini Ronaldo jersey. My whoo-haa is already grinning :)

  134. elnino says:

    Kickette, let me correct you, the Facebook/Twitter statement said, "It is with great Shock that I inform you that I got's a kid now. As agrred with my baby momma, who doesn't want to be known Just Yet, I'm keepin' my boy. No further information about me fathering a child given up by his mum will be provided. I request that the paparazzi and nannies willing to stand by me and help me raise my child and live in my house respect my right to privacy (and Baby C. Ron) at least on issues as personal as these are.

    • Anonymous to You says:

      If it was shock, he/his representatives wouldn’t have made those posts on Facebook and Twitter.

    • lklk123 says:

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  135. Amanda says:

    Smells fishy. I don't like the fact that he took the child away from his mother, specially at such young age. But hey, if she was willing to hand him the baby for money, than maybe she's not the better person to raise him anyway.

    • elnino says:

      Totally agree.I didn't think C.Ron was so responsible..guess I see him in a different light now.

  136. batso says:

    WTF? :o

    I'm speechless. ……

  137. Tessa says:

    The Irina facebook thing was from a FAKE Irina page. She has an official one through her agency and there was nothing said on that.

  138. cAshley says:

    I personally believe that Cristiano is being very responsible about the whole ordeal. He didn't make a big deal about it and I think that this will improve his image as being portrayed as arrogant. That child is very lucky to have Cristiano Ronaldo as a father. He will be an amazing, caring, and loving father. Best of luck to Cristiano! Congratulations!

  139. Rehana :) says:

    I wanna know baby's nameeeeee!!!!

    • Jasmine says:

      Same, I just hope it doesn't turn out to be Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. I hope he gives the name some thought and care.

  140. Lolinha says:

    I find it funny that you compared him to the Jersey Shore folks and now it turns out that he has a Jersey(?) baby…

    Anyway congrats are in order though the situations sounds a little fishy. I can't see a mother giving up a child for even a huge amount of money, at least very easily. Since they were able to keep this matter private she clearly doesn't want people to know. (I'm assuming that he knew about the pregnancy) Maybe she's a minor/illegal immigrant (I'm fishing with this one)/too young to have a baby/didn't want to have a baby in the first place (not everyone wants to be a mom).

    Is your official source that Ricky Martin tweet. LoL that was totally random. :)

    • EternalDreamer says:

      I think that you may be on to something. A lot of people seem to think it is either surrogacy (which seems unlikely at his age/stage in his career) or that he paid her off to take the baby. If it was ALL about the money, she could take him to the cleaners for 18 years and get media money as well. Although possibly traumatic to deliver a baby and then give up guardianship, there could be any number of reasons why she would rather see the baby go to CRon rather than care for him herself. Perhaps he gave her money, but I don't think we can automatically make that assumption.

      • Lolinha says:

        In my opinion this surrogacy talk is bs. So suddenly, nine months ago he went and decided it was time to have a baby (alone) and went overseas to rent himself an uterus and buy some eggs. And then just slept around and partied for the heck of it. 'Cause that man gets laid. A lot. Which to me suggests it was an accidental thing (especially since he currently has a girlfriend). Condoms aren't 100% secure, accidents happen and wasn't there that one prostitute who said they didn't even use anything. So there you go. Plus he currently has a girlfriend. Who probably wasn't aware/or they're just having fun for now and she isn't going to stick around.

        There are a lot of people assuming the girl will just ride that alimony pony and Cristiano had to hop on a plane ASAP so she wouldn't sell her story or yap to anyone willing to hear her. Not every woman puts money first. Not everybody's dream is to snag a rich man and use a child to get to his money and then just life off him. I also don't believe (yet, anyway) she gave up her rights to the child. He could have asked for the paternity test and now that it's confirmed he wants to get involved. And probably do what he can to get the baby closer to him (Europe) and keep things as quiet as they can which I don't think they'll be able to do for very long.

        I wonder if people will start talking about him and his live-in friend Zé and the baby. :)

  141. G says:

    Last night I thought all this was a hack or a joke… wasn't expecting it. I'm in shock!!! Bet his naming him Ronaldo…everything's just weird. Hopefully we'll get more info soon. Anyone has the link on Irina's facebook?

  142. imhereforthenando says:

    Personally, I'm really excited. My mind is racing with hilarious images of C Ron as a father. I'm sure that it will be ovary-exploding adorable.

    Congratulations, Cristiano. I'm so proud of you!

  143. Jenna says:

    And where's Irina's message? I can't find it on facebook!

  144. jecca says:

    Oh, I do hope he cleans up just a tad for baby. Also, can't wait to hear the name.

  145. gaielle says:

    man i want to strangle cris bt i cnt bt though congrats we r still mad cuz i was not expecting this. omg i chocked on my cake!!!

  146. Lola says:

    This so reminds me of Ricky Martin using a surrogate for his children and that was before he officially came out. Weird that he commented on it as well.

    I don't wan't to be judgy, but I can't understand why any mother would give away her child to live on another continent just so she can keep her privacy and anomymity? The only way I can understand it if it's a surrogate situation.

    • l says:

      she could just for a little child support and give ronaldo some visitation rights and still live a relatively quiet life.

      I like my privacy but i could never give up my child once it was born, esp to someone frequently in the media as seeing them with the child but not being able to hug or communicate with him or her would absolutely destroy me – i can't understand how this woman is able to do it (even if she was getting a 6/7 figure sum in return – it's madness to me)

      • Lola says:

        Yes, it’s difficult to understand. Especially because she’s probably going to see her son’s face in the papers every week. The press attention on this boy will be enormous.

        Let’s hope they haven’t cut off contact completely and that the boy will know who his mother is.

        I sound like Alex Ferguson, talking about ‘the boy’ lol.

  147. ruby says:

    This is all really weird but I don't think it's a surrogacy arrangement like some people are suggesting. Why would he plan for a baby to be born during the World Cup? No, I think it's a genuine accidental pregnancy, which I'm honestly surprised hasn't happened to him before now. I just can't work out why the mother is just giving the baby up, it's her behaviour that's odd to me, not his.

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      Agreed. I think all here hope the best for the baby. Question that just came to me, will CR try to make the baby a Portugal citizen? As a man I'm sure he'll want him to be like his daddy. Love the baby shoes on the pic by the way. A woman NEEDS to have strong reasons why to let go of a child especially when the distance is so far away.

    • Black Rose says:

      we’re presupposing that the baby was born during the World Cup, but we don’t know that. We know the baby was born “recently”, which could mean weeks, or even months ago. Nowhere does it say the baby was born “today/yesterday/on Thursday”.

  148. AmericanaLove says:

    Ricky Martin!! lmao

    Congrats to Ronaldo! Being a parent rocks!

  149. beri says:

    I really don't know what to think about this. This is so weird….I think I'm in shock. Yea…

  150. Amy says:

    Best come back Everrr X

  151. helen says:


  152. Amy says:

    Oh Boo you… leave the hot single Daddy alone!

  153. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    actually, not really :) if the girl is underage as a lot of ppl think, then yes, im upset, but if she isnt, then congrats to him

  154. Tara says:

    Only thing I’m shocked about is that there haven’t been more.

  155. Amanda says:

    He is a God.. have you seen those abs? I’m thinking about opening a church for him! :D

  156. cambria says:

    Actually.. CR7 is the name of his fashion line and he opened up a store by that name in Madeira. He’ll most likely come out with another line and call it CR9.

  157. cambria says:

    I definitely missed something because I don’t see anyone here saying CRonaldo is Lionel or Zinadine. Ok, he couldn’t “lace up their boots.” So…what? I don’t get what your point is… first you say we shouldn’t like him because he’s ugly, then because he can’t lace up other people’s boots… what’s your bag? Why do you care so much what readers of this site care about a football player? Why are you so invested?

  158. Johanna says:

    I agree with you 100%. It has to be a surrogate because no other woman would allow this without getting money from him and keeping the child for further payments. He loves children immensely and this was his way of obtaining one without the headache of having to deal with the mother. In the end it’s sad for the kid because he won’t have a mother to look up to and his dad will never be at home most of the time. Hope things go well for him even though I’ve never liked him, but I respect his love for children.

  159. OMG says:

    I agree with you. The more i think about it, the more sense it seems to make that this was a surrogate(which means CR isn’t as dumb as i thought he was in this deal). Even with her being from America, i doubt a regular woman being pregnant with his child could be kept this tightly under wraps for 9 months. i mean really there wasn’t even a rumor about him having someone pregnant. Not one friend blabbed? i just can’t see it.

    If he really wanted a baby, i can’t blame him for going this route. No worries about child support, custody and most importantly having a woman permenantly connected to you that likes to tell all your business in the press or tries to pimp the baby for fame(like all his girlfriends end up doing with him). It’s sad, but i can see him being weary of the women in his life. Everyone he’s dated turns out to be a famewhore.

  160. Lila says:

    Go ahead admire a man who uses women and has no respect for them!

  161. bellaformadrid says: