August 25th, 2011

Pitter Patter: Neymar & Davi Lucca

Image via Twitter. Cheers for the head’s up, J!

A few months ago we blinked, took a deep breath and broke the news that 19-year-old Santos striker Neymar was expecting his first child. As tends to happen in these cases, a baby has indeed turned up.

Born yesterday morning in a local area hospital, Neymar shared the news of Davi Lucca’s arrival with the world even before the infant was ready for his close-up.  The proud papa later described his nummy baby boy as ’2.8 kilograms (6 pounds) of pure happiness’.

That is just too cute for words!

By the end of yesterday we hard that baby Davi and Mum – Carolina Nogueira Dantas (age: 17) – were doing ‘just fine’ once the kid was able to remove his matching headwear and let his mohawk grow in peace.

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42 Responses to “Pitter Patter: Neymar & Davi Lucca”

  1. xLarissaManuela says:

    Ohmygosh! Soooo freaking cutee!<3333

  2. sahil says:

    it way too early…

  3. bri_saldana says:

    So this is what he looks like when that hair is under control!

  4. DebS says:

    Speaking of babies, wasn't Higuain supposed to become a father a few months ago?

    • cami28 says:

      yeah, that's what i thought too. i think that was just a rumor.

    • LaNovana says:

      that was his brother who became a father. not him. Pipita spoke very proudly in Suzana Giminez' show at the start of the summer about the lil baby whos actually his godson.

      • LaNovana says:

        oh and wanted to say that story around his rumored fatherhood was obviously made up, which is sad, especially when you read trough all these the reactions. =(

  5. A to L says:

    Typical young footballer sleeping with everyone without considering the consequences. Also typical wannabe wag, happy to sleep with a footballer so even if the relationship doesn't workout you still get there money.

  6. Kate says:

    They made a mistake, but if they're willing to give all the love and care to that child, then we shouldn't be saying bad stuff. I hope the best for them!

  7. littlegreenpea says:

    it's sad that a nineteen-year old is impregnating a seventeen-year old, but the baby IS adorable…

  8. shevaughn says:

    idk why people are talking about catholics and catholic countries and catholics not having sex before marriage. number 1 no CHRISTIAN is supposed to have sex before marraige. you could be catholic, anglican, methodist, protestant, WHATEVER christian denomination the bible says no sex! full stop. i don't know if Neymar is catholic or even a practicing christian but getting a girl 17 years of age is sooooo wrong. their priorities are twisted

  9. Green 4 says:

    Such a beautiful photo. We have no right to judge. Accidents happen even when you are being safe. They could be better parents than all of you put together.!!!!!!!

  10. Common Sense says:

    This is great news… not only because of the blessing for the birth of a child, but because at the rapid rate "modern football" is changing the beautiful game, I don't doubt the child will make his debut at 12-13 years of age in his father's retirement match at the ripe old age of 32!!!

  11. Arianna says:

    for all of you who are defending the young couple, be honest and admit that your reaction wouldn't be quite as approving if it was Kevin Miller (19 years of age) and Becky Smith (17 years of age) from around the corner. Hypocrites!

    • Ori says:

      There is a little (big) thing that separates this case from 90% of others – There is no lack of money here, and 2 parents willing to raise the child (Which is not the case in many others story).
      I wish them well and this child is too damn adorable for words!!!
      And how do we know that the didnt use birth control of some sort? it's not that unlikely that the birth control didnt work!!!

      • keziah says:

        Its not lack of money but rather the abundance of it that could be cause for concern. And also the fact that if they decide to stay together and he gets a zillion dollar transfer to La Liga or the EPL it means a 17 year old mother moving to a country where she doesn't speak the language, knows no-one and has a million foreign women slutting all over her man. Either that or the kid grows up without a father… great options.

        I wish the best for them and we can only hope they make it through strong without hurting each other or the baby but seriously lets not pretend its a great situation they're in.

  12. JA7 says:

    Awwww yaaaaay kickette used the picture i sent!!! You're welcome :D

  13. luz says:

    in brasil and all south america even if you are catholic you know about birth control, that has nothing to do with it. She is probablly like any other teen getting pregnant, it has nothing to do with being catholic.

  14. Lucy says:

    kids having kids, sad

    • L.S.R. says:

      it's the sad new trend that I hope fades fast.

      • AC_USA says:

        Agreed!! I mean, is it even legal for them to have kids? Shouldn't they be at least 18?? I am confused :(

        • DebS says:

          It probably depends on the country/state as to whether it's legal.

          Sadly, there are kids having kids in high school in my area. If the male were an adult and the girl a minor, he could be charged with statutory rape but I don't believe that happens in every case. Maybe only if the girl's parents decide to bring charges?

  15. ChristinaLFP says:

    omg stop judging them. Yes they are young and it was probably not the best time for them to become parents. The good thing thing is that he obs loves his baby im sure momma does too. and well he has the safety net of a good paying job ( big european clubs chasing after him ) let them be and enjoy their baby.

  16. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Awwwww, it is cute! we can agree on that!

  17. Tapioca says:

    Cute little meal ticket! Only 17 and the mother never has to work EVER in her life, ker-ching…

    Oh, don't tell me you weren't all thinking the same thing – it's not exactly hard to take a pill once a day!

    • Yo. says:

      Birth control isn't as common is Catholic countries as they are in the States or Europe. Birth control and abortion is a big no no for some oeple, so don't judge her if you don't know her background.

      Yes, she can be a gold-digger. But she can also be a girl that slept with a guy and now has to deal with the consequences.

      • Yo. says:

        *in Catholic countries

      • Tapioca says:

        Birth control is very much available in Brazil and 17 & 19 is old enough to know that if you're not using contraception then you're effectively trying for a baby, d'oh!

        • Yo. says:

          Didn't say that it wasn't available. Just saying that if this girl is Catholic (which I think is a very popular religion in Brazil) then she probably didn't use contraception (having sex + being against condoms is an oxymoron, I know, but it's common).

          Also, my niece was born even though the mother was on the pill. So everything is possible.

          • Tapioca says:

            True Catholics don't have sex before marriage (see: Kaka), so she's obviously not that Catholic!

            I'm just pointing out that Jack Wilshire's ex-girlfriend got a lot of heat for "missing a pill" and if Nereida Gallardo had gotten knocked up by Cristiano or Sergio you'd all be falling over yourselves to call her a "gold-digging slapper". Why not this chica?

            Oh wait, you did, and on this very website too! What's changed?

            • DebS says:

              Tapioca, sex before marriage is taboo in other religions too but that doesn't stop people from doing it. As with any religion, there are people who strictly adhere to the teachings of that religion and others who don't. It doesn't mean their any less Catholic as you might believe.

              It is well known that many Catholics believe that birth control is against the teachings of the Church. I know many people of Irish descent here in the US that feel that way and thus have large families.

              And before we lay all the blame on the girl, Neymar would be just as culpable as there are methods of male birth control too. ;)

      • Kyrrdis says:

        >> But she can also be a girl that slept with a guy and now has to deal with the consequences.

        And? If you have sex you always have to deal with the consequences! That doesn't excuse anything! o.O
        I understand and respect people who want to wait with sex till the are married because they're catholic, one of my best friends does this too.
        But if you don't want a baby and don't want to use birth control (because you're catholic or whatever) than just don't have sex. It's an easy thing!
        I don't want to judge the mother as I don't know anything about her (maybe she wanted a child?!) but I just can't stand this "excuse" for getting pregnant …

        But I've gut to say the baby ist really cute! And ahw <3 ’2.8 kilograms (6 pounds) of pure happiness’ So sweet!Hope baby, daddy & mommy are all ok. Best wishes for all of them!

      • L.S.R. says:

        abstinence is supposed to common in Catholic countries, which in theory should cancel out the need for birth control.

      • Amandinha says:

        Yo., your comment has more bullsh*t than the catholic church itself.

        "Birth control isn't as common in Catholic countries as they are in the States or Europe"? Are you kidding?
        Birth control is like Mc Donalds over here. Except you can get it for free.

        And, come on, I find it hard to believe that this girl, who comes from a rich family herself, would have a baby at such a young age if she was dating an unknown person. Accidents do happen. And so does abortion here in Brazil. But aborting a superstar footballer's accidental baby? That NEVER happens.

        Anyway… I'm not here to judge these too. They'll be fine. And, hopefully, so will the baby.

      • blablabla says:

        "Birth control isn't as common is Catholic countries as they are in the States or Europe. Birth control and abortion is a big no no for some oeple, so don't judge her if you don't know her background."

        oohhhhhh okay but having sex before marriage is not a sin????
        are you kidding me???

        catholics are soooooo "religious" but most of the young teenagers have sex …. can`t understand that sorry

      • Martia says:

        This has nothing to do with Brazil being catholic country or not…
        Don`t bring religion to this… Your comment is very prejudice.
        USA has even higher teenage pregnacy rates than in Brazil.
        Birth control is as common in Brazil as it is in Europe or USA.
        The girl was just being irresponsible like other teenagers in other countries like USA and Europe.
        And catholics in Brazil have modern thinking, they don`t follow everything that the Pope says.

    • Tony says:

      I was just about to say that. Baby Mama will never ever have to work in her life AGAIN!
      Nevertheless, congrats to the young parents. Wish you all the best.

    • Gladys says:

      Though none of us knows the circumstances, I have to say that 17 year olds are less likely to be gold-diggers than just young, in love, and stupid (and often they are with older boyfriends who don't like condoms and aren't thinking either). Seems like it's the 30 and 40-somethings who you have to watch out for (all sorts of lies fly when someone really wants a baby or wants to hold onto a person). That said, the little fella is adorable and I wish them well. Hopefully Neymar will contribute to the child-rearing duties and not just be the money-maker– though I guess 17 year olds have lots of energy.