July 2nd, 2012

Pitter Patter: The Clichys, Mario Balotelli & Raffaella Fico

As Gaël Clichy’s wife Charlene Curic demonstrates, at this stage of one’s pregnancy (i.e., more than 1 hour) shopping is the only acceptable line of work. Seen nonchalantly strolling the streets of St Tropez over the weekend, we give this pair of parents-to-be another 4 months until they’re fiscally responsible for stocking another being’s walk in closet. Other stork delivery bets from our peanut gallery?

In other Man City ‘baller baby making news, Raffaella Fico confirmed that she and Mario Balotelli are expecting a child together (the first for each). In an interview with Chi magazine, the 24-year-old says she called Balotelli the day before Italy beat Germany to tell him and “first he was silent. Then he said `you have given me the best news in the world.”’ Although she broke things off with Super Mario in April due to his lack of monogamy, Fico also predicted that he’ll be “a great father…and life partner.”

Enjoy/swoon/appreciate the baby bumps, Kickettes. And certainly don’t forget to congratulate both couples on their happy news!

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40 Responses to “Pitter Patter: The Clichys, Mario Balotelli & Raffaella Fico”

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  2. Anthea says:

    BAlotelli released a statement in which he said that he hadn't talked to the girl since they broke up, and when they broke up it was definitive, aka he has no intention to go back with her. He also said she didn't tell him personally and was stunned that she waited until she was 4 months to tell the news, and worst of all, to a paper. Balotelli is not the brightest one of course, but this girl has not a good fame either. If I were Mario, I'd go for a dna test.

    • mata says:

      Thank you, was wondering when someone was going to point out that first, according to an interview she herself gave shortly after the break up, he was the one who dumped her, not the other way around, and in fact she pleaded with him (via the press, yuck) to take her back, secondly, all the news about him being delighted about the baby was also coming from her talking to the press, and was not confirmed by him. He showed no signs of going back to her and was seen with another girlfriend in Poland/Ukraine. She also claims she "told" him about the pregnancy before the Italy/Germany game, but by this time half of Italy was already talking about her bump. This woman is seriously MENTAL. I'd go for the DNA test, and then a restraining order!

      • vieira4 says:

        Was he seen with another girlfriend? I missed that… (I spent most of the tournament in Malawi.)

        • mata says:

          Yes, but I should say "girl", the report I read called her a girlfriend but I don't supppose anyone knows whether she has has girlfriend status yet and she was not identified, just described as an attractive, tall, slim brunette.

          • vieira4 says:

            Thanks. I did a quick google and he was, indeed, spotted in Krakow with a stunning woman, but they weren't very demonstrative – he touched her hand a couple of times, that was about it! Goodness knows. Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy somehow managed to get a video of them.

    • vieira4 says:

      Yes. The press statement he put out yesterday (quite a while after this post appeared, hence why you are the first person to point that out) made all these points, and also expressed sadness that he had had to speak publicly about his private life, which he hates, but had been left with no choice. I was pleased to see (on Goal.com) that most readers appreciated the simplicity and maturity of this statement.

  3. Catie2838 says:

    I'm not really shocked by this news. Honestly, I think it was only a matter of months before one of the various ladies Mario hooked up with ended up pregnant. His type tends to wear the "fame whore" moniker with a weird sense of pride.

    Anyway, to take the glass-half-full approach, maybe this will be a good thing for Mario. Maybe this will force him to grow up. I imagine the situation with his birth parents and his love for his adoptive family will heavily influence his parenting, probably for the better. So, cheers to them.

    • Jenni says:

      Yes, I was thinking that being a guy who loves children (and does a lot of voluntary work with disabled children, very quietly) and has issues with his own childhood would make him likely to be a great parent, not a terrible one. Still, I hope he doesn't grow up too much. You can be a great dad, and still be fun! When Mario went out to buy an ironingboard and came back with a scalextric, a quad bike and a trampoline, I was reminded of a very good father I know who was sent by his wife to buy Lady and the Tramp on video, and came back with Lady and the Tramp on DVD, a DVD player and a new TV!

      • Catie2838 says:

        Hahaha that sounds just like my dad. And I agree about Mario, I don't want him to get too serious. But he does have that temper-tantrum streak that runs pretty rampant (although, he did put a lid on it during the Euro's so a well deserved high-five there). He just needs to calm it down and maybe take a few breaths, process a few thoughts, and then go on. Having a kid will certainly teach him the art of patience. Actually, in light of his more recent comments about the situation (wanting a paternity test and her deception, etc – which he handled with a very well worded statement, another round of high-fives), I really hope he does turn out to be the father. I can't imagine that kid being raised solely by Rafaella :|

  4. Jenni says:

    I said ages ago that I was going to give up on reading and commenting on Kickette articles about Balotelli, but sadly, I didn't. I see that most people here believe every single bit of tabloid gossip about him and are convinced that he's 100% evil. Do you really think he would be so loved, and defended, by those who actually know him if this were true? How can you unleash so much vitriol on someone who's about to be a dad? He and Raffaella have said from the beginning that they want a family. To me, they've always seemed very much in love, and if this causes them to work on a relationship that has potential instead of abandoning it at the first sign of trouble, so much the better.


  6. DebS says:

    Wait! She's showing THAT much and she's just now telling him she's pregnant?! Wonder if the timing had anything to do with his performance against Germany?

    Based on his alleged reaction,it doesn't sound like he was planning to have a baby yet. If that's so, has he not heard of contraception? I have to wonder if Mario thinks of her as a "life partner" as she does him? Entrapment anyone? I have to agree with others that I'm not too sure Mario is mature enough to handle being a dad.

    Congratulations to the Clichy's. Is this their first?

    • Jenni says:

      He's not the only person who hasn't heard of contraception. Two thirds of Americans and four fifths of Brits don't use a condom first time they have sex, and a recent report says that half of American adults aren't using them properly. Why pick on Mario?

  7. PinkLady says:

    Only someone like Balotelli could end up becoming the meal ticker for a woman like Miss Fico who tried to sell her virginity years ago…birds of the same flock….

  8. Kel says:

    Wow, Balotelli beng a dad.
    He cheated on her with vice girls right? Not the best situation to be bringing a child into tbh.

  9. xoWinnie says:

    *sings* "eighteen years, eighteen years, she got on of your kids, got you for eighteen years!" good luck with all that, Mario

  10. mybabyri says:

    oo forgot about Gael hope the best for them they look like a very nice couple.

  11. Catty Women says:

    Omg, what some wags will do for $$$$$, how can God allow Mario to giveth life at this stage of his life; that poor child. I hop mario parents stept in for the sick of the poor tiny beautiful, and innocent life inside that fico. However, congrats to the clichy family!

  12. mybabyri says:

    omg i dont believe it till i hear it from mario's mouth and why is she doing interviews she is a plain gold digger but not surprised knew that before the only thing i hope that the baby changes mario to be a better person and for them to raise it well they both have issues..
    I dont know but got to say i cant wait to see the babys fashion.. maybe the baby is lucky having mario as a father haha :)

  13. Jayy says:

    I can imagine the baby with a "Why Always Me?" bib.

  14. treguain says:

    Congs to them all,all the best and hopefully Balo and Fico re-unite and raise their kid

  15. aisling says:

    She has her meal ticket sorted !! I can't stand either of them. He is a tantrum attention idiot who has more money than sense and she is a just a plain gold digger.

    • Annika says:

      Do you know anything about him at all?

      • Lisette says:

        I do know something about him, and I agree with Aisling. Yeah, he's very good at football (when the spirit moves him) and he's had a fairly tough life. But he still behaves like an attention seeking idiot. It's not an either/or issue.

        • Jenni says:

          How much do any of us really know about him? Most of the media stories, good or bad, are made up. As I said elsewhere, most people who actually know him think he's great.

          One thing I don't understand is how most people here hate Balotelli, but love Cristiano Ronaldo. They obviously don't have a problem with unplanned parenthood, womanising, immaturity, egotism and diving on the football pitch, so why do they have a problem with Mario? It's acceptable for Man United fans, because it's normal to hate arrogant players when they're not in your team, but everyone else is a hypocrite.

          • Alex says:

            Cris does not do dumb things like Mario though. Just before the Euros started, Mario promised not to cause any trouble then proceeded on to say he would kill anyone that threw a banana at him. He is just an immature bastard. Ronaldo on the other hand has not done anything to stupid, he has raised his child well and stayed with one woman since the child has come. He seems like a much more mature and capable person than Mario Balotelli. Partly bcz Mario's just 21…dumb descion but Cris was much more ready than Mario is now.

            • vieira4 says:

              So Mario might grow up now. I don't think making a girl pregnant by accident when you're 24/25 is better than doing it when you're 21. If anything, an older person should have been more responsible.

              I also don't think 'just an immature bastard' is very fair. Balotelli seems like an interesting, complex character who occasionally does/says stupid things (and even if he doesn't, the media will make up stories so that it seems like he has).

    • mybabyri says:

      dont every footballer (or 90% of them)have more money than sense otherwise they wouldn't be marrying or making babies with these gold digging airheads… just saying…

  16. sarah says:

    seriously ?! mario is having a baby ?!
    he still cant take care of himself , so how can he raise a baby!

  17. sana says:

    she look 4 month pregnant.I can belive mario is going to be a father lol

  18. sana says:

    Finally Fico made her goal to marry a millionair.