June 12th, 2009

Pitter Patter: Nemanja and Ana Vidic


Congratulations are in order for Ana and Nemanja Vidic who welcomed their second son, Stefan, on May 27th.

Btw, we were away when this happy news broke, so apologies for the late update. (Of course, those who follow us on Twitter got the news the minute we had it in.) (Do you like our subtle plugs? They’re remarkably subtle.)

Anyhoo, Ana gave birth to a healthy baby boy in a private hospital in Manchester while Nemanja was in Rome for the Champion’s League final.

Now that is a definition of taking one for the team! And that is one little bubba destined for football greatness – and gorgeousness.

Ana and Nemanja got married on July 15th 2007 on Zlatibor and welcomed their first baby boy Luka in December of the same year.

In his New Year’s interview for Serbian Blic Nemanja revealed a few details about his personal life:

“I don’t have much free time and when I have, I like to spend it with my family as much as possible. We often take a walk to a restaurant, such as San Carlo, where we go a lot and have dinner. I love Italian food, although Ana, Luka and I sometimes go to a nearby Chinese restaurant as well.”

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19 Responses to “Pitter Patter: Nemanja and Ana Vidic”

  1. Missy says:

    If he’s half as cute as his brother he’ll be adorable

  2. aristeia says:

    Congrats! Adorable family– I can only imagine Stefan will just as adorable.

  3. Becca says:

    Arww :) x

  4. Villa*baby says:

    Awww, congratulations!:):) Those are great news! I wish them all the best! And Stefan is one of my favourite names.. Everything is great about this post.:)

  5. Berbie's Barbie says:

    Congrats to the Vidics!! Stefan will be as gorgeous as Luka. Hope we get to see the pics!!!!

  6. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Congratulations to all the family. No wonder Vida was a little distracted in Rome. Explains a lot really! Stefan is going to be a cute as his big bro. How can he not be?

  7. Congrats to them!!  Sometimes I wish all footballers were happy to sell their lives away to OK! Magazine, but it makes em happy when they stay away from it all.  Cute.

  8. Darcie says:

    if he’s half as gorgeous as his dad he’s a lucky lucky little boy. two more CB’s for manchester united tbh <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  9. Raina says:

    Congrats!  What a cute little robot family!

  10. Joanne says:

    Hey, the 27th was my birthday too!!

    No wonder his mind was elsewhere in Rome (the birth of his child of course, not my 23rd birthday!)

  11. ilovenemanjavidic says:

    aaaaaah!.. if hes half as gorgeous as his dad hes one lucky little boy!

  12. ferzie says:

    YAY…papa vida!!Congrats!

  13. HiL says:

    Congratulations!! what an amazing family, can't wait to see little Stefan.

  14. Dreamgirl says:

    All the very best to this lovely family. :D

  15. Anna (Frau Manuel Ne says:

    congrats!! *waiting for baby pics*

  16. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Congrats, Vidics!

  17. torres4ever says:

    Awww I bet Stefan will be gorgeous.Congrats to them!

  18. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbeloa) says:

    Awww, congratulations!

  19. Boston Red says:

    Congrats! No doubt little Stefan will be just as adorable as Luka :D