March 12th, 2008

Pitter Patter/Career Drama: Xabi & Nagore

image courtesy of KEYSTONE Press

Congratulations to Xabi Alonso and his fiancé Nagore, who celebrated the birth of a baby boy on Tuesday.

As most of you know, the nummy Xabs made the decision to stay in the UK with Nagore (after her initial weekend birth hopes went out the window) rather than travel to San Siro to play against Inter Milan in Liverpool’s Champions League game. This decision did not go down terribly well with the boss.

We’re well aware of the importance of team loyalty, and the ‘life and death’ mentality that goes with it – and we respect that – especially for a big game like this. But seriously, aren’t there certain incidences where one is allowed to take a personal day from the office? We count childbirth and sales at Selfridges as two major examples when one is absolutely entitled to take time off. But that’s just us.

Was Xabi right to choose to stay back with Nagore? Tabloid reports would have it that his future at the club is in question over this – do you agree? Would everyone feel differently about Xabi’s decision if Liverpool had lost the match (nice one, Nando)? And most importantly, when do we see the baby pictures?

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61 Responses to “Pitter Patter/Career Drama: Xabi & Nagore”

  1. barka says:

    i am really happy for you and your wife and i hope one your baby is going to be like his dad

  2. maryam says:

    congratulation for ur new baby boy he looks just like you

  3. test comment! <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="cool smile" style="border:0;" />

  4. brandy says:

    I think it is totally endearing that he chose his family over his team <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" /> Makes me melt….!

  5. Reds Robin says:

    Xabi Alonso has spoken of his delight at becoming a dad for the first time

  6. dani,,MrsHarryKewell says:

    feel free to join petiton to bring back harry kewell
    signed by

  7. dani,,MrsHarryKewell says:

    Congrats harry and sheree…

    Mrs Xabi did you read wot the . person put   <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="big surprise" style="border:0;" /> he sed harry rubbish <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="big surprise" style="border:0;" />
    come and say tht to my face mr/mrs no name
    god get some taste woman/man
    so come on then hu u support dot

  8. klyn312 says:

    He did the absolute right thing…


  9. sarabee says:

    She had a little girl! According to her mate Justine she was still nameless by the following Tuesday though! Lol! You would have thought they would have come up with something during the nine month wait!  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="LOL" style="border:0;" />

  10. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Awwwww, do you know what she had sarabee?? I reackon we should see these picture’s in OK mag soon enough.
    Congrat’s to Harry and Sheree! <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  11. sarabee says:

    Harry became a daddy again last Thursday   grin

  12. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Count me in dani, I love Lil Harry!

    The bring back Harry petition:
    Signed by;

  13. dani,,MrsHarryKewell says:

    im going to start a petition to bring back harry kewell x

    i think he was injured and isnt back to full fitness,,, ill happily oblige to help <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />


  14. Gigi says:

    The fact that this is even an issue is so unbelievably absurd.  Once again, if only men could go through half the things that women go through in life, I don’t even think that this would be an issue.  And Rafa missed his own father’s funeral.  Rather shameful, if you ask me, and you did, so there.

  15. lose that girl says:

    Ah..congrats to Xabi. He did the right thing and is the kind of man that Rafa could only wish to be.

    Family is everything. It’s not a difficult choice.

  16. Nic says:

    I hope its true—that this is all fodder for the tabloids… the only reason why i question it is because of how Rafa didn’t even return home when his father died. I mean, I understand you’re in the middle of a competition.. BUT like someone above me said before—FAMILY. Your father is hugely responsible for you being in this world. And there’s a reason why there’s an entire coaching staff and it’s not just left up to one person. I’m the daughter of a coach- though not on the same level—(god how i wish my father coached real footie in Europe! alas, no such luck lol), but i understand the pressures behind the job. I don’t know.. maybe I’m more old fashioned than I thought- but I feel like there are priorities- and your family comes first. And I think anyone else who has anything to do with the team would/should understand that.

  17. RedGirl says:

    Congrats Xabi and Nagore!! A boy…  and he comes from a footballers family. We should keep an eye on that wink

  18. tammyv says:


  19. Becca x says:

    Congratulations! <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

    How Can You Stop A Dad-To-Be From Going To the Birth Of His Own Child Just Because You Want Them To Play In A Game That You’ve Practially Won?

    That Just Out Of Order. And If He Sells Him Because Of That.. Then I Dont Know What To Say.

  20. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Because he’s been a bit pant’s Trainee wag! That’s the only thing I can think of!

    OK, you know what after reading through these comments I’ve realised I’m being a bit harsh and stupid!
    Maybe it’s because I don’t have or want children so can’t understand the importance of being there at the birth.  Anyway, I think Rafa is a family man and I don’t think he would have been to harsh about Xabi staying to be with his fag hag!  If Xabi was going then I don’t think Rafa would have a problem about telling him.  I need to stop getting so worked up when as someone above said it’s all paper talk!

    Jon?! That’s not very Xabi like?! Very dissapointed if that is the name. Not sure I’m ready to see the baby snaps yet either, my heart may just break.

  21. Bella says:

    Sorry, RomanM, we must have been writing at the same time!

  22. Niamh! says:

    OMG thats rafa’s problem!!! Xabi told him he wasn’t going to be godfather!!! haha

    I’ve heard from the xabi alonso forum that in a spanish paper the baby is called Jon!!! But thats Xabi’s little brothers name so i dunno if it is true or not……

  23. Bella says:

    First if LFC lost that match going in 2 up on aggregate, with the players they did have with them, then they have bigger problems than whether Xabi was available or not. He’s always great when the midfield gets disorganized, which it did a bit in the first half, but they can’t be in a position where only one person can do that and fortunately they aren’t.

    Second, Xabi stood up like a man to do what he believed to be right and take the consequences. It just increased my respect for him. He also thought he would be able to make it to the match after the baby was born (not sure of the timing re whether that would have been true).

    Third, we know not to believe the tabs about what anyone says or does, including Rafa and whatever conversation he and Xabi had. Its a crapshoot whether what you’re reading is completely fabricated holds even a grain of truth.

    During the post game interview, Rafa’s face broke into an undeniably genuine grin as soon as the reporter brought up the baby, before he even got out his questions about the rumors of strife. Rafa did say that they waited as long as they could before deciding who to bring. Rafa is a famously compulsive advance planner so waiting to make up his squad at all was probably a stretch for him. The press reports tell us nothing more about what’s really going on between them.

    The boys did great. Torres’ goal wasn’t just timely, it was a real beauty.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="grin" style="border:0;" />

  24. Robin says:

    I have a brilliant idea – Xabi should ask Rafa to be the godfather of little baby Alonso! Problem solved!

  25. Trainee Wag says:

    i know everyone is worrying about if xabi might lose his job at liverpool.. but i was just wondering why harry kewell hasn’t been playing for first team..

  26. RomanM says:

    The key words here are “tabloid reports.“ For all we know, Rafa told Xabi that he should stay because there’s nothing more important that seeing the birth of your child. But, that’s the type of speculation that wouldn’t make for good press, would it? No, much better to stir up things and put the manager and players on the defensive. You sell more papers with drama since the majority love to wallow in rumours, as evidenced by all the “OMG! Rafa sux! ILU Xabiiii!!“ BS that seems to be cropping up everywhere.

    The mention of Xabi’s child was the first thing that got a smile from Rafa in the post-match interview yesterday. Yeah, he certainly looked like a man put out with a star midfielder. 

    Even the slightest bit of football knowledge would tell you why Rafa couldn’t wait forever to make a decision. He has to think about more than a player’s fashion sense or stunning good looks.

  27. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    OK I understand that the birth of your first child is very important BUT when you have had a season such as Xabi has and your future is already uncertain when the boss says you are improtant to his game plan then YOU GET ON THE F*UCKING PLANE!!! I’m sorry but Xabi cannot afford to get on the wrong side of Rafa right now. He is lucky to be back in the team and he might have just thrown his chance away.
    Family does come first in most job’s but sport jobs are different.  They get paid an insane amount of money to play and when they refuse to go then I lose respect for them. It was a very important game and we needed him to play.  Clearly he doesn’t care about Liverpool as much as we thought.

    My comment’s have nothing to do with jealousy either, I’d feel like this about any player!!

    Anyhooo, we DID win!! So woo wooo!! I’m keeping everything crossed that Rafa has a heart and forgives him!! I couldn’t bear to see him go!

  28. Robin says:

    My code word was ‘family’!

  29. Robin says:

    I took the interview to mean that Rafa could not wait to know what his lineup was going to be, he needed to know who he was going to have available to play for the match and he couldn’t wait to see if she had her baby or not (these first kids can sometimes take a long time coming). It sounded much harsher when read in the papers than when heard.
    If Xabi had been a key player (Gerrard or Torres or Pepe) then of course he would have missed the birth in order to be available to play, but since LFC has quite a few good midfield players Xabi was ok remaining behind. And even if they’d lost, a loss cannot be blamed on one player missing the match. If he had been injured this wouldn’t even be news.
    Remember how Alex induced so Stevie could be around for Lexie’s birth? Obviously Nagore was told not to do that by her doctor (I’m sure it was suggested by someone at LFC).
    I think he made the right decision – you play football for only 1/3 of your life and only a portion of that professionally. The birth of a child? You’ll have that for the rest of your life.

  30. Trainee Wag says:

    yeah.. but harry has been playing for second team lately.. so i dunt htink rafa would mind

  31. Cherry says:

    I can assure you Rafa is not upset with Xabi. It’s all tabloid bullshit. All is well.

  32. Nic says:

    I think that Xabi not only made the right choice, but a sexy one too! haha. No, honestly though, I think its extremely incredible that he put all that on the line for his GF and his baby. It shows what a true MAN he is. And Rafa is just, well, a jerk. I almost wish Xabi would leave Liverpool and go to a team with a better manager who is more understanding and clearly a better person.
    I didn’t like Benitez before, and I really dislike him now.

  33. dani,,MrsHarryKewell says:

    yeh foster has a thigh injury but cud feature against derby !

  34. dani,,MrsHarryKewell says:

    last night after the game rafa said he cudnt wait and he had to make a descision on what to do with xabi.. whether to let him fly out or leave him behind.. and he left him behind <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="big surprise" style="border:0;" />

  35. The Fourth Official says:

    I think Foster is injured, that’s why our only alternative may be Heaton.  <TFO bites nails in worry>

  36. Johnna says:

    LOL TFO. Bring back Foster! Bring back Foster! He doesn’t need to go out on loan to get some playing time under his belt. Put him in against Derby, I’m pretty sure he’ll have an easy game. I always liked him better than Tomasz anyway.

  37. . says:

    Oh get a grip. There is no actual proof that Rafa set him an ultimatum or that there was a bust-up between them over Xabi’s decision (and where on earth do you get the idea that Rafa is about to sell him because of this, from the Sun? Seriously…). All we have is some media nonsense and a bunch of deluded idiots, who believe every word that is printed in the papers.

  38. The Fourth Official says:

    There *might* be one exception in this situation – where a player is absolutely vital to the squad.  For example, your #1 goalkeeper is injured, your #2 goalkeeper is on suspension, your #1 reserve GK is injured, and your #2 GK is your last alternative.  Sound familiar, Red Devils?  Tom Heaton, I hope to God you haven’t gotten anyone pregnant.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="LOL" style="border:0;" />

  39. MRSHARRYKEWELL,,hehe says:

    isnt harry kewells wife about to give birth aswell …. i wonder if rafa wud treat harry the same if he gave up a game to be at the birth…. i very much doubt it

  40. Portia says:

    Of course it’s alright if he missed the game.  His son was coming into the world, that trumps any game.  I can’t believe that was even a question.  Or that people were actually mad about it. How ridonkulos.

  41. Tracy says:

    I agree with what everyone said. I mean look at Arsene Wenger, he allowed Bacary Sagna to miss 2 or 3 games I think for the death of Sagna’s brother. Why can’t Rafa do the same for Xabi? Like what Fourth said, bad man management!

  42. ellen says:

    Congrats Xabi! can’t wait to see photos of the mini-Alonso wearing a liverpool shirt (well, a baby-kit raspberry)

    As for all the argument about his missing for the Inter game… it is quite interesting to see most married ppl and female fans are glad he’s stay for the birth of new baby; but there are also quite a number of ppl (even many LFC fans) were very harsh towards him.

    For me, I think Xabi did the right thing. But well, it seems Rafa didn’t like it at all. I respected Rafa, but if he sell Xabi for this reason, I would say: it is way too much to put your personal relationship with your player over football issue.

  43. The Fourth Official says:

    In 30 years, Xabi will not even remember what game he missed, but he’ll always remember the birth of his first child.  Very bad man management on the part of Rafa.  Mrs. Rafa should be kicking his ass.

  44. HoneyBee says:

    Rafa Benitez should buy himself a bigger shirt(you would thin with all that money he could find one),and get himself some heart.Well done Xabi,bubba is more important(can’t wait to see pics).Congratulations!

  45. I think it safe to say that he really made the right decision. Imagine the regret he must have had otherwise, missing the birth of his first son.

  46. dani,,MrsHarryKewell says:

    congratulations Xabi and Nagore cant wait to see the pics
    well done for choosing family over football there always going to be there football isnt
    im sure any other man wud of done the same
    rafa shud respect his decision and get over it

    Congrats again x

  47. Pavi says:

    I respect Xabi for choosing his family over football.  Even though he gets paid a lot of money to play football he probably would have looked back on his son’s birth with regret if he hadn’t been there…much like Petr Cech.  I think if Rafa sacks Xabi for this the fans will be outraged (myself included) because after all it is just a job.

    Congrats to the couple and I can’t wait to see the pics.

  48. Erin says:

    I absolutely guarantee that the media has created this “rift” over Xabi staying in Liverpool.  The birth of a first child is an understandable reason for him to stay back, and I’m sure Rafa agrees.  The media love to make mountains out of such molehills.

    That said, there have been a lot of rumors this season about Xabi going back to Spain after this season.  And now with a baby, I can see he and his girlfriend wanting to be near family.  I will be heartbroken, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him leave at the end of the season.  But it will not be over this media-created nonsense.

  49. hitzelle says:

    Congrats Alonsos-
    Anyone know the name!??!? I am dying to find out!
    [Also I think Xabi made the right decision, you wouldn’t want to be like Cech, full of regret having missed the birth of your first child]
    Oh Xabier, a baby boy! I sure hope he takes after his daddy =D

    P.s If any pictures are found, kindly post them ASAP! Would be utterly grateful
    Thanks ;p

  50. Johnna says:

    Well done to Xabi, I think. I’m sorry but football is just a job that they get paid for (and paid very well, I’m aware of that.) But everyone deserves to be able to take time off their job, and I think staying at home for the birth of your child is one of those times.

    And I hate the scousers anyway, so my opinion isn’t based on the fact that they won.

    Congrats to the happy couple though. And well done Xabi for standing up and being a family man above all else.

  51. Trainee Wag says:

    oh gosh.. im so scared he might get sacked! i mean.. he hasn’t been playing so well this season and Rafa isn’t very happy with him.. and to miss out a game like last night must have gotten Rafa madder :(

    but i cant wait till they post up pretty photo of the baby alonso!

  52. c9 says:

    The birth of his first child, I mean come on, where do we really draw the line question

    I know there were a lot of my fellow kickettes, that was looking forward to him playing on tuesday…but, hey, Liverpool did win cool smile

    Look, Nagore was even trying to give birth over the weekend so it didn’t interfere with the game, but GOD had other ideas for this baby, and it involved his father not going. Cut Xabi a break will ‘ya mad

  53. Danika says:

    I think Rafa was thinking at an excuse in case they would lose. If you re not human you cannot ask that to your players, its bad management but Rafa never was good at this.
    BTW According to some Spanish newspaper his son name is Jon, who is also his little brother name.

  54. LFCgal says:

    Harry has decided to do extra sessions for the reserves, to try and get back to full fitness, I think Rafa’s allowing him to do this and wants Harry to prove himself before he’s back on the first team scene

    Apparently, and this is pretty easy to believe given that Rafa used to always have a fond tone when speaking of ‘Xabi’ (most other players were just addressed by their last name), Rafa and Xabi were like father and son but Rafa, just like most LFC fans, has been disappointed with his poor form. He’d just got back to a some form with a run of games in the first team after his metatarsal injury and Rafa was understandably disappointed Xabi wasn’t travelling for a crucial match, but I doubt he’s particularly angry with him.

    However it does seem like their relationship has become more strained, so if Xabi goes, it won’t be because of this. Rafa’s very stubborn and just football mad – he didn’t return to Spain when his fatehr died during the world club championship and he expects the same commitment from his players. Xabi has the right to see his first child born though, and congrats to the couple!!

    Now Rafa, sign up Xabi Jr and kiss and make up with Xabi snr, then everyone shall be happy!

  55. lose that girl says:

    Yeah, where is Harry Kewell?

  56. lose that girl says:

    put it this way…if Xabi was to lose his place with Liverpool because he was there with his partner for the birth of their child and not at that match…well, I think he’s better off being away from that skanky manager than playing for him.

    Who wants to be employed by such a neanderthal?

  57. Personally I think this another example of inflexibility by Rafa over his rotation policy.
    I used to work shifts and if you needed to change shifts you just swopped with a colleague. All that needed to happen therefore was for Alonso to be allowed to swop his ‘shift’ on the rotation cycle.

    See – they really should have girls making these

  58. robin says:

    On the LFC message boards the majority of supporters are congratulating Xabi.
    And one guy said that Rafa said in his postmatch interview that Xabi not going was totally blown out of proportion and was not a negative on him at all. Idiot media – they sure love to make a mountain from a molehill.

  59. Sarah x says:

    Personally, I Thnk He Should To Be Able To Miss ONE Game For The Birth Of Him Son, It Only Happens Once.
    Family Should Come First And Rafa Should Understand That.

  60. . says:

    i know everyone is worrying about if xabi might lose his job at liverpool.. but i was just wondering why harry kewell hasn’t been playing for first team..
    Posted by Trainee Wag on 03/12 at 11:24 AM

    Because he is rubbish.

  61. kaya says:

    Well, *if* it’s true, I think Rafa Benitez should be burned at the stake…. at least in effigy. Seriously, there is no question a man should be there for the birth of his child. Not just the first, and I don’t care how much they’re making for a job… give the $12000 back for that lost day of work, idc. I was shocked that Petr Chech decided the game was more important than family. I don’t care if it’s the World Cup final… *nothing* is worth more than family.