April 27th, 2007

Platinum Becks

David Beckham has dyed his hair platinum blonde for a photo shoot with a magazine.  He kept his hat on firmly during training, even whilst his teammates were giving him stick and trying to pull it off. He only took his hat off for these photos taken by fans.


Well those are the stories circulating around. We’re not sure what the real deal is, but we do know two things.

1. His eyes look good.  That’s something positive about the situation…
2. For those of you who only change your hairstyle once every 6 months, for shame.  For shame.

UPDATE: Rumours have it that Becks has gone blonde, as has Posh, for an upcoming shoot with W magazine.

Link: Blond it Like Beckham


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11 Responses to “Platinum Becks”

  1. Cate says:

    Hmmm… OK. So we’ve got Frank’s thighs, versus Ronaldo’s thighs.

    Yes, I’m sorry. How could I have missed that.

  2. bianca says:

    well actually there never really was any competition between lampard’s and ronaldo’s thighs because it’s so obvious who would win:cris of course!lol

  3. kim says:

    ok. let me just say that becks was very, very hot. infact, he still is, even with that hideous new hair…but hotter than cristiano? not in this lifetime! nd lampard’s legs aren’t bad or anything, but they’re nothing compared to cristiano’s. please.

  4. bianca says:

    lampard?trumps cristiano?yes i have seen lampard’s legs and i think that’s just funny!lampard wishes!*sigh*i suppose everyone has their own opinion.i still think cris is 10 times hotter than beckham but then again that’s just my opinion.and i must add:cris is obviously the better footballer!

  5. Cate says:

    Thighs? Maybe, but Lampard trumps him anyday. Have you seen that man’s legs?

  6. kickette says:

    LOL Cate, be careful.. the Cristiano fans are hard core and will hunt you down if you imply he’s not the hottest man in the universe. That said, Becks will ALWAYS be number one on our finest five.  ALWAYS. 
    When it comes to a thigh-off though, CR wins hands down.

  7. Cate says:

    as hot as becks is, cris is obviously much hotter!


  8. bianca says:

    well the pics don’t look good but i think the hair looked great against athletic bilbao, he looked just as hot i think…but seriously how could BECKHAM look bad? and just a question:why is cristiano second on the finest five list?as hot as becks is, cris is obviously much hotter!

  9. Jenna says:

    Ugh. He looks like Neil Lennon and Adam Smith has a love child.

  10. Cate says:

    I think he looks good…

  11. Anna says:

    David what is goin on? first the strange haircut then the masive tatto and now the hair color?! everythink is alright?