October 10th, 2011

Portland Timbers: Fashion Forward For EarthTec

YouTube Preview Image

Having burned out our frontal lobes (and our lines of credit) in New York, London, Milan and Paris recently, we gulped when another video entitled ‘Fashion Week’ landed on our mousemats. Our nerves were no less frayed when we realised that said video was prefixed with the word ‘Portland’.

But don’t panic, Kickettes. For this ‘Fashion Week’ vid features Portland Timber’s players Mike Chabala, Rodney Wallace and Sal Zizzo espousing the virtues of environmentally friendly lifestyle clothing by EARTHTEC, while simultaneously interviewing models and mostly (4.41) looking manly and hot.

Your purses should remain unmolested.

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6 Responses to “Portland Timbers: Fashion Forward For EarthTec”

  1. viva chivas says:

    OH OH OH! I was there, volunteering at the door and later enjoying the view from the front row. Yay P-town and thank you Kickette! for the tip of the hat. The Earthtec clothes were very cute, very wearable I thought — on average better than what Adidas showed that night. That's Portland – Fashion Week included lots of wickaway and fleece ^_^. Love it!

  2. Arennitas says:

    Gotta love those Timber boys! Goofy as hell, but super cute. RCTID!

  3. Surly Wench says:

    Much love from the Rose City, where real men wear tights made out of recycled water bottles!!! Thank you, Kickette, for giving a little attention to the Timbers strutting their stuff. Zizzo, now that man has gorgeous hair.

  4. chavete says:

    I knew should have volunteered for Portland Fashion Week!

  5. Nettie says:

    Alert Kickette readers will recognize Mike Chabala for his immortal goal celebration against the LA Galaxy: http://www.kickette.com/mike-chabala-how-much-woo…