July 29th, 2010

Portsmouth FC: Not Much Left In Our Size

Nothing like getting to a Harrods 50% off shoe sale late, when the hardcores have been at it for an hour and folks are getting desperate.  Part “pin the tail on the donkey”, part rodeo, women and children are no longer guaranteed safety first. You know the drill.

Seeing Portsmouth FC’s upcoming season line-up on their website has left us with a sense of post-sale ennui. Much like discovering there are only clodhopper sizes in your favourite S/S butterfly Miu Mius when you know that lanky chick at the cash desk has smuggled the last pair in a human size behind the counter for herself, our emotions have transitioned into disbelief.

We’ve been contemplating if the club’s official Web site is just joshin’ with us or not, though after seeing Daniel Taylor’s tweet, we’re now creeping into the depression/regret/angst phase. While we’d rather say it ain’t so, we think this first team photo is legit.

Still, like every epic shoe sale there’s pros and cons to both of these situs:

Pro: The squad does have at least 11 players to field a starting squad/With annual sales, there’s always next year.

Con: Unfortunately, a goalkeeper doesn’t seem to be included in that mix as of yet / Annual sales only occur once a year. Damn you tall bish with the employee discount.

Chin up, Pompey supporters!

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8 Responses to “Portsmouth FC: Not Much Left In Our Size”

  1. Ryan says:

    I heard man city has 12 players to sell…

  2. Chi Chi says:

    my beloved Pompey FC! I am so sad, i still live in hope that one day we will return to the premiership, re-sign hot players, cause lets admit our squad was once full of hot totty! and re-lift the FA Cup. Hands down being at wembely to see us the lift the cup in 2008 was one of the best days of my life! it even beats buying my first pair of Louboutins! Truth!

  3. Claire the Forest Fa says:

    I have no complaints. This is just another boost for Forest.

    Knowing what Derby County are like, they'll lose to a team which doesn't have a goal keeper. lol. :D

    • Moomin says:

      Yes! Another Forest fan on Kickete-I thought I was the only one! I'm sad for Portsmouth, but hey, we'll take all the points we can get. That said, knowing our record they'd probably still beat us in the play offs, even without a goalie!

      • Claire the Forest Fa says:

        1. We've gotten rid of Newcastle and West Brom so it might be a little easier.

        2. We have a goalkepper that my dad actually thinks is good (So he must be REALLY good)

        3. As long as we come higher than Derby and the traitor (Kris Commons) then I'm happy :D

        Glad to know I' not the only one. *Air high-five*

  4. Very very sad for a club with a great history and tremendous supporters. :( That said, I hope Ipswich Town thrashes them in the Championship this season. :)

    • Chi Chi says:

      Bring it on!!! considering they are probably only 8 kickettes who support teams in the coca cola league we had better prepare to battle :-)

  5. n'aaww i hope they get sorted out and come back up too the premiership next season : D x