April 27th, 2007

Posh Links

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image: Life & Style

£4,000 a month posing as the poshed one, but spends about £70,000 a year keeping up with Victoria. We’re not math genuises, but isn’t that leaving you out of pocket by a good twenty-odd grand? Isn’t that money you could spend renting a small studio flat near Freddie Ljungberg and stalking the crap out of him instead?

Link: She’s Spend 70K to Look Like Posh

Fashion spot: Life & Style breaks down the coloured denim trend a la Victoria. Nice to see the gossip mags in the US are welcoming Victoria with open, camera-lens filled arms. The shot of Victoria in bright blue denim was taken when Victoria was out shopping in London with Gordon Ramsey’s wife, Tana. Who will be the next WAG spotted in neon orange jeans? Our money is on Coleen or one of the 2nd div WAGs.

Link: Life & Style Online

Victoria and David have gone bat shit over a Ralph Lauren press release that name drops their children Brooklyn and Romeo wearing the label’s Wimbledon jackets at the recent christening for Geri Halliwell’s daughter. And fair enough. They’re your kids, you should be allowed to trot ‘em out for publicity’s sake on your own terms, not the whim of some PR rep who will soon be filing her P45 at the dole office.

Link: David and Victoria Beckham ‘Apoplectic’ Over Press Release

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