June 30th, 2011

Product Shill: Javi Martinez, SOY Underwear

Images via bellazon.

Yes, alright Javi Martinez. You look insanely hot. We thought you might.

But, (and far be it from us to argue if you want to stroll around in your colourful SOY undergarments), plenty of footballers look uber hot during their skivvy shilling enterprises.

So whatcha bringing to the table that’s so darn different?

Oh. Ok. You have a rather fetching velour appearance track suit thing with a stripey sweater. Fair enough, you still look quite hot.


Action shot with test card panties? Yep, we still would.


Eek! Oh, actually it’s fine if you just focus on the smooth, glossy thighs.


Seriously? You’re testing our patience now. We may have to throw this over to the Kickette Committee for a decision.


Commenters? Gather, please. You have busy work to do.

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35 Responses to “Product Shill: Javi Martinez, SOY Underwear”

  1. Javi Martinez is one of the most handsome models for me, i love the shape of his face.

  2. Hahlah says:

    His chest is amazing. Not so sure about the glossiness of his legs though. HE'S HOT!!! And the last 2 pictures are horrendous.

  3. TuTu says:

    (idk if anyone else said this)

    Blue Steel?? lol

  4. mochara says:

    Yep he is incredibly sexy but what is that thing he's wearing in the 4th picture?! A onesie? Oh well at least he has a couple of nearly naked pictures to make up for it :)

  5. archerette says:

    Actually the owner of this Soy brands is javi’s friend. So he’s just helping. And… I don’t think he mind about the colour, bcos I found he wears pink, umh, Baby pink actually…

  6. IrishBlue says:

    Youtube found me a video of him looking muy gorgeous in a pair of glasses during an interview but I can't find it anymore…arrr. Please don't ask why I was looking at videos in Spanish when I cannot speak the language….Actually I'm pretty sure you all do the same! That accent….

  7. maria says:

    i wouldn't mind if that was the kind of test card that would appeared on my tv…

  8. Zahara says:

    javiiiii, omg…some of the clothes are ehh, but javi makes them look soo good!

  9. Iram says:

    is soy underwear even available in USA? I've never seen it anywhere – nor in the malls… is it considered a
    "designer" brand…like Armani or CK undies??

  10. Lotte says:

    Does men really wear pyjamases like that nowadays? Take'm off already, Javi. You clearly don't need them. :)

  11. Leya_S says:

    In the last few weeks, Javi (!!!!) has seriously been on my radar…
    He is all sorts of hot.

  12. Sasha P says:

    Personally, I prefer the video over the photo shoot itself. SO MUCH BETTER. He is all kinds of adorkasexy. ;)

  13. xoWinnie says:


  14. Says_who says:

    My goodness Javi! I'm not even going to comment on the questionable undergarments. Those well-defined hip dips, his six pack, his perky tush, and his eyes are just…so…*swoon and faints*

  15. Marina_Isabella says:

    This is old… old news are old, kickette.

  16. “Great line up. We will be linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.”

  17. chay says:

    He looks insanely uncomfortable in the first pic, and that awful outfit with the hot pants and the shirt with that awful pattern is just … run away!

    BUT … just like amber said, i would much rather focus on the curvature of his lower back in that lunge shot and how nice my hands would feel running along it. And despite the fact that he looks oh so uncomfortable in that first pic, woo hoo, I would run my hands all over that chest and ask him, "¿Sos? Pues … ¡soy!" and give him a huge wink :-D

    btw, these clothes are pretty heinous.

  18. justin says:


  19. Justin says:


  20. Justin says:

    Nice undies

  21. Louise says:

    He's just so hot and pouty. He would never wear such ugly pajamas if not under contract, I'm sure (and I read somewhere that he did the shoot because the company was from his hometown–adorable).

  22. Love Sergi says:


    Wow he is one hot piece of a**! I love me so Javi!!! I don't know if any of you have read this article, but I just adore him. And yes he is SINGLE! :)

  23. JA7 says:

    I gasped when I saw this. Thank you kickette, this is just what I needed after a day of some crazy rumours concerning arsenal players (like nasri to man city?!) Javi is seriously one of my major footballer crushes! Love him ♥
    *saves all pictures as a collage on my desktop* :D

  24. blitzenTO says:

    That second last one is hideous! It makes we want to rip it right off him. With my teeth.

    Or maybe that's the point of the design? :-p

    • balicious8 says:

      i just thumbs up because your comment is hilarious…makes me laugh xD

  25. Linda says:

    The cutest bit is that he actually admitted he felt so embarrassed while doing this shoot!
    He gives me a cuddling reflex… seriously! That is one hot spaniard

    • TFBlovesArsenal says:

      Hahaha, I thought he looked a tiny bit uncomfortable. It seems like it doesn't matter what he wears, he could be dressed in an elephant costume and still look completely adorable.

  26. IrishBlue says:

    Oh my…….I'm really not sure what to say……..wow. That is quite amazing. No amount of ridiculous pyjamas would put me off that body. Ohhhh look at those hands too…..excuse me for a moment…..OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ahem.

    And didn't he do well keeping a straight face while wearing that stuff? Well done Javi, well done.

  27. Shelley says:

    …..OK, the LUNGE shot freaks me out a bit, I'll just focus on the pants top photo instead….

  28. Shelley says:

    Love him! He's such an amazing player, with such a hot body. Like! Like! Like!!

  29. @HelenaKranjcar says:

    Think about it. He wouldn't be wearing anything if I got my hands on him…