May 20th, 2010

Product Shill: Jens Lehmann For… His Own Book

Are sportsmen single-handedly solving the world’s literacy problems? With the amount of books on store shelves penned by footballers, one would think so.

Der Wahnsinn liegt auf dem Platz’ is Jens Lehmann’s attempt at an autobiography, and we have absolutely no idea what the title means or if the pages in between the front and back covers contain words, hieroglyphics or paint by number puzzles.

We snark, but we do love Lehmann’s form of crazy, even if we suspect his book, much like many ‘ballers avec penmenship are just a big ploy to get close to the leading lady of reading, Queen Rania of Jordan.

Good product shill hand positioning, though.

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8 Responses to “Product Shill: Jens Lehmann For… His Own Book”

  1. [...] Lahm are favorites over Miroslav Klose for the captaincy. Jens Lehmann, aside from promoting his book, has thrown his support behind Manuel Neuer, the clear favorite over Tim Wiese and Hans-Jörg Butt [...]

  2. Jennifer Valentine says:

    Interesting title, a unique person with a well deserved autobiography.

  3. Pointer says:

    the title literally translates to “the madness lies on the pitch”.

    The meaning, however, would be along the lines of “the source of madness is the pitch”.

    Or, if it’s a play of words on ‘auf der Hand liegen’, which means ‘being absolutely clear’, it would mean soemthing along the lines of “madness in football is self-evident”.

  4. [...] what better way to enjoy myself than by looking at the following hilarious photo for the next five [...]

  5. Steph says:

    Though I'm not so familiar with german football player *coughs* austrianpride*coughs*,I surely know that he's quite a legend and an amazing goalkeeper.So congrats for your first book ,Jens!

    Well, the title says:" The madness lies on the pitch"

  6. GoonerGal says:

    Lol he's still pretty fit for a crazy old dude eh. Still one of the greatest keepers Arsenal ever saw though

  7. eleanor says:

    i'm so attracted to this man