October 1st, 2009

Supermodel Work! Sergio Ramos for Shangay

Sergio Ramos - he's so Shangay!

Images via Shangay magazine

On a day when our fall wardrobes still haven’t quite come together and our day jobs are interfering with our ability to shop for our fall wardrobe, there is only one thing to do:

Call on The Ramos to guide us through.

As you can see, he’s modeling. For a magazine called “Shangay.”

We know.

You don’t have to say it.

Side note: in this Vanitatis interview, Sergio talks about being in wub:

“Every year I go on vacation with my sister and they ask me if she’s my girlfriend. No, I’m not in love. I would like to have the feeling of being in love with the woman of my life but the moment hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll know how to recognize it when it arrives.”

Sergio Ramos we nub u.

Sergio Ramos - Sanjgay magshang

Link: Shangay.com

Via Venitatis / ONTD Football

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37 Responses to “Supermodel Work! Sergio Ramos for Shangay”

  1. Seya says:

    Yes yes YES please.

    Not a fan of the photoshopping here, but I know my bbe always looks good.

  2. Winnie says:


    this hair finally is FINALLY working!

  3. Maristela says:

    Argh. Fit perfectly with The Nando. :P

  4. Becca (mrs lampard!) says:

    What are we waiting for girls?
    surely one of us can make him fall in love!

  5. Kile says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. And THIS is why The Ramos is the funniest person ever.

  6. RONALIZA says:

    I'M SORRY SERGIO…but i have to say that U R UGLY..not always just in the pictures and to not hurt u i see your bicep WOW!!! i see him in the pitch looks hot but not in the pictures and i hate tattoos.u made me laugh guys (zoolander & tarzan).

  7. Lala says:

    Love all the Zoolander comments! Thanks for the laughs, Ladies!!!

  8. Amyy says:

    Tattoos and Biceps: Wow.
    That is all.

  9. Yuck. He looks terrible. Totally Eurotrash. Now if it was Nando on hte other hand, or even Villa or Ronaldo, I'd be going yummy..

  10. Katie says:

    He looks like the older brother from "The Wonder Years."

    I'm so not a fan.


  11. vienna says:

    don't like the first picture, but the other ones are HOT! Go sergio!

  12. Zatti says:

    i dont like his expression, but he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ella says:

    If I was casting a movie about Tarzan, he would be the lead. He’s really got a Neanderthal look about him. And yet, I still find him sort of attractive. Must be that body.

    • Jacob S. says:

      If you have ever read the books about Tarzan, written by Edgar Rice Borroughs, you would know that Tarzan is a higly intelligent english lord, who speaks english and french fluently!

  14. three_lions_are_cute-"MissyRed!" says:

    Still would like to know, how this little tattoo on his belly (and further down) looks like wholly!!!
    Second pic’s just… ooh… love Tattoos…
    Love The Ramos…

  15. aristeia says:

    Good thing you didn’t lead in w/ that 2nd pic. I needed to be eased in to that bicep/tat/sextastic sitch. *pants*

  16. mumu says:

    damm his fine

  17. MrsC says:

    excuse me while I pass out…

    F*CK that man is good looking!!!!

  18. Ooops. Blair beat me to it! (sorry, didn’t read back!).

  19. He would have been perfect for ‘Zoolander’.

  20. Lauren says:

    This guy does nothing for me, he looks so ridiculous… now, gimme Nando and I shall be satisfied.

  21. LoveLamps says:

    Oh mercy me! THE RAMOS is back and the biceps and tats came with him. Yummers!

  22. Dutchlovesvermaelen&Torres! says:

    Oh my good gosh, he’s too feminine for my liking esp his face…now torres on the other hand lol ;-)

  23. Baby Freya says:

    The first picture looks like someone superimposed his face onto a model's body but the others are good, especially the one with his shirt unbuttoned. :)

  24. Suzann says:

    These pictures are terrible. he has the same expression and the same terrible squint. It also looks like the colors are off– too much bronze or too much photo shop… something's off!

  25. Camille says:

    What does the tattoo on his inner bicep say? The Spirit of…? Quick somebody give me The Ramos tattoo low-down.

    • Carey says:

      Something about the spirit of those who died lives on, if I remember correctly. He got his inner biceps done as a tribute to the victims of 9/11 and the 3/11 Madrid train bombings.

  26. HiL says:

    He looks good! nice quote :P

  27. Blair says:

    Oh my lord. It's Zoolander.