July 19th, 2012

Product Shill: Smart ‘Soccer’ & Strippage From Adidas Football

Adidas football unveiled it’s latest innovation today – the micoach Elite system – which will track players physical conditions in realtime. As one of our staffers learned at the presser, Major League Soccer clubs will be the first to don these mini devices on their clothing.

There’s all these fancy bells, whistles and shiny things inside the compact piece of hardware – including a GPS tracker/locator. So essentially, if a player like Chris Pontius forgets to take off his sweaty kit upon arriving home after practice, that GPS will do your dirty work.


Alternatively, things could get sticky and sour real quick with this new system. Say if players swap shirts at the end of a match, and instead of following Orr Barouch back to his pad we get stuck trailing¬†Stephen Keel’s every step. That would suck, yes. But then again, it’s definitely a risk we’re willing to take in order to get our grubby hands on our own customised Kickette iPad.

Ok. Now that we’re done pretending our staffer actually paid attention to the well-suited men speaking at today’s presentation, we’d like you to watch the above video in which multiple ‘ballers are in various states of undress.

Keep a close watch on Brek Shea especially. Boy’s been keeping those cheese grating abs of his under wraps for far too long (0:02 – 0:06ish).


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  5. dfsg1991 says:

    Well, guess Brek Shea decided to uncover those abs after all: http://www.dallasobserver.com/2012-07-19/news/bre…